Chapter 87: Who Secretly Informed?

Dongfang Jingyue stood alone at the top of the peak. She watched the rain covering the sky without moving for a long time.


A group of clouds came down, and the darkness dispersed from the sky. Dongfang Jingshui, with his armor and scarlet mantle, was standing next to her.

He was still arrogant and devilishly awe-inspiring!

He rattled his fists with his steel-like arms and tiger eyes, he seemingly wanted to pierce through others’ hearts. Even though he was standing on the ground, it felt like he was a pillar planted on the peak — eternal for ten thousand years.

“Victory or defeat?”

Dongfang Jingyue accepted the white veil from her big brother and covered her supremely beautiful features that were capable of toppling countries and cities.

This veil was taken back by Dongfang Jingshui from Young Noble Flawless’ hands.

"The 'White Dragon Heavenly Sword' of Su Yun had reached the sixth level and his sword energy could turn into dragons. Earlier, we fought for more than seven hundred rounds yet couldn’t determine the victor.”

Dongfang Jingshui stood straight while arching his chest. The battle aura on his body did not completely disappear. He spoke again:

“We both felt that there was a huge change in Jing Huan Mountain, so we both stopped. Many ultimate arts were not used. If the time and location permits, then after eight thousand rounds, a victor can be decided.”

Dongfang Jingyue replied:

“I can’t believe this pervert is so strong. The ultimate art of Po Luo Country’s royal clan was indeed worthy of its pride. To be able to reach the sixth level of the White Dragon Heavenly Sword, he must have been directly taught by an extremely powerful Giant of Po Luo Country.”

“This extremely powerful Giant is a character in the legends, he might have fallen already. The rumors in the legends aren’t always true.”

Dongfang Jingshui gazed at all directions, between the gaps of mountains and rivers, as if he was searching for someone.

He looked everywhere, but he couldn’t find any traces of the person.

“Where is Feng Feiyun?”

Even though Dongfang Jingshui’s evil aura was boiling, at this moment, he was smiling. In front of the little sister whom he loved the most, he was always a lot meeker and obedient.

Dongfang Jingyue was surprised:

“How did Big Brother know his name was Feng Feiyun?”

Dongfang Jingshui took out a Flying Jade Talisman from his chest pocket and said:

“Not long ago, Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng sent me a message and told me everything that happened between you guys. He told me to mediate between the two of you.”

He also wanted to add:

“Why do you think so highly of this brat?”

But he swallowed his words because his little sister’s eyes were above the world. She naturally couldn’t be wrong.

“I can’t believe that damned old man was interfering in others’ business.”

Dongfang Jingyue bit her teeth and angrily glared at her big brother as she asked:

“Will Big Brother help him or help me?”

Dongfang Jingshui, seeing his little sister’s expression, thought that she was angry as well as shy. Thus, he was even more certain that the words of Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng were correct. It seemed like his little sister, who was normally like a glacier, really had a lover.

“I naturally will stand by little sis’ side.”

Dongfang Jingshui replied.

Dongfang Jingyue said:

“Very well, Big Brother has to go and bring him back here for me, right now. I have to bring him back to the Godly Capital’s Dragon Lake and put him into the prison. I will use eighteen punishments to torture him in order to appease the grievances in my heart.”

Dongfang Jingshui broke out in laughter. He knew that his sister was very thin-skinned and couldn’t easily admit that she had a lover which was why she used such a harsh tone.

“Isn’t that a bit too cruel? If a woman is too fierce, it would normally scare the man away.”

Dongfang Jingshui sighed.

“He dares to run away?”

Dongfang Jingyue angrily exclaimed.

“With my little sister watching, there is nowhere he can run to!”

Dongfang Jingshui teasingly said.

Dongfang Jingyue seemed to not understand the hidden meanings in his words. She stomped the ground and said:

“Then, is Big Brother going to help me catch him or not?”

“Haha, I can see that you don’t want to capture him, but instead, want to save him.”

Dongfang Jingshui burst out in laughter and the sound resonated up to the clouds.

“No way.”

Dongfang Jingyue denied.

“Dongfang Jingyue, this little brat is the son of the evil demon and has the blood of the evil demon running in his veins. He already became the prey of many experts from the Feng Clan. And not only the Feng Clan, but there are also many big powers in the Grand Southern Prefecture that want his life. These big powers do not want the Feng Clan to obtain the evil demon blood and refine the evil demon battle armor. Therefore, Feng Feiyun has to die. Currently, many cultivators are coming to kill him. If not ten thousand, then there has to be at least eight thousand.”

Dongfang Jingshui might be a little strange, but his heart was very meticulous. He said:

“There is only one way to save him, and that is to keep him in the same place as us. Little Sis ordering me to capture him, isn’t this simply saving him?”

The corner of Dongfang Jingshui’s lips arched. He felt as if he had seen through his little sister’s heart.

Even Dongfang Jingyue didn’t see through the reasoning behind it all. Maybe it was just like how her big brother said, that she only wanted to save his life and that she didn’t want to see him die under a sword, didn’t want his corpse left in the wilderness.

“How does Big Brother know everything so clearly? Could the one that secretly informed the Feng Clan be you?”

Dongfang Jingyue coldly glanced at Dongfang Jingshui with denunciation in her eyes.

Dongfang Jingshui had never been glared at by his little sis like this before. He couldn’t help but lament: a woman in love wouldn’t even recognize her own clan, ah!

He didn’t speak, there was someone else who spoke first.

“Such an amazing scheme, of course your big brother couldn’t perform such a deed. Only I, your second grandpa, could be so smart and used this move that could deal with everything.”

From the sky, a light quickly flew forward.

There was a shadow in the light, riding a flying beast.

This was an ugly old man with disheveled hair, riding a small mountain goat. The clothes on his body were a bit extravagant, but he hadn’t taken a bath for who-knew-how-many-years so it was filled with dust. Every two steps he took, a layer of dust fell onto the floor.

He was very skinny, just like the scrawny mountain goat revealing his bones. It was as if he was an old shepherd who just came out from a valley somewhere.

There was a tobacco pipe in his hand. With smoke coming out from his mouth, he created a circle of cheap tobacco smoke.

“Second Grandpa, why did you come to this Grand Southern Prefecture?”

Dongfang Jingyue stared at this old man in front of her and couldn’t hide the joy in her heart.

Compared to her Grandpa, this ugly old man before her was a lot more doting. From young till now, whenever she wanted something, Second Grandpa would always get it for her without hesitation.

This old man was a childish old man and always had fun playing with Dongfang Jingyue. Plus, this old man had an extremely high status within the Yin Gou Clan, even the clan leader had to be respectful towards him. Also, his cultivation was unfathomable.

“The once in a lifetime grand matter of Little Yue, this is the biggest thing in the world. Not to mention that the Godly Capital and Violet Firmament Ancient City are only separated by two hundred thousand miles, even if they were separated by two million miles, this Second Grandpa would still come here without taking any breaks to help Little Yue take care of this big matter.”

“Da da!”

The skinny goat slowly landed from the cloud. The ugly old man was still smoking his tobacco on top of the goat, and his eyes were squinted from laughter, revealing only a small gap.

Dongfang Jingyue’s heart jumped once and immediately asked:

“Then, the great sage that came to the Feng Clan and spoke nonsense was you?”

“Heh heh! This Second Grandpa did such a good job this time! I only went to the front door of the Feng Clan, heh heh, and that son of a bitch Feng Nantian immediately stood to the side. Afterward, I talked to him about the matter between the two of you. Can you guess what he said?”

Second Grandpa put down his tobacco pipe. It was as if, while telling the story, he was feeling very proud and even sprayed little spits all over the floor.

Dongfang Jingyue immediately tugged his unkempt hair and dragged him down from the skinny goat. She wanted to step on his face, twice.

“You truly caused me and Feng Feiyun a lot of harm. This was not helpful! You truly made things worse.”

Dongfang Jingyue gripped her fists, wanting to punch this old man’s face, twice.

The second grandpa became alarmed and quickly said:

“The heaven and earth are my witnesses, ah! This Second Grandpa did everything just for you, ah! Think about it, ah! Only by driving that brat Feng Feiyun to his death with nowhere else to go would he finally submit. At that time, you wouldn’t need to go after him, he would come and beg you instead. At this moment, all of the great powers in the entire Grand Southern Prefecture want his life. Only our Yin Gou Clan could protect him and save his life. Otherwise, there is only death.”

Dongfang Jingyue slowly released her fists and her fingers slowly loosened. She, once again, became a good girl and stood to the side as she gently nodded. She naturally felt that this old man’s words made a lot of sense.

She was no longer angry and, again, became elegant, quiet, and carried the aura of a goddess on earth.

“Hmph! Not right, ah! I have chased him for so long. I only wanted his life. He punched me once on the head. If I don’t get revenge, my heart will not be calm.”

There was a red blush on Dongfang Jingyue’s face, but it was hidden by her veil. Otherwise, if the other two noticed, her calm demeanor would be seen through.

“What? This damn son of a bitch dared to hit my little sister? Watch me cripple his two arms.”

Dongfang Jingshui became angry. The evil cloud on his body floated and directly became a black dragon light that flew towards Jing Huan Mountain.


There was killing intent all over his body as if he wanted to cut Feng Feiyun into ten thousand pieces.

No one knew the hot temper of her brother better than Dongfang Jingyue. If he truly found Feng Feiyun, to cripple his two arms — this matter, he was definitely capable.

She wanted to scold Dongfang Jingshui but it was already too late!

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