Chapter 865: Trouble Comes Knocking

Since the man of the hour has spoken, everyone else stopped bringing up the challenges. Everything became clear and in good order so Xiao Tianyue heaved a sigh of relief.

“Clang!” A bell sound emanated from the center of the city and could be heard everywhere.

The auspicious hour has arrived!

The bride was brought to the hall by many servants and ancestors of the Meng. The latter wore red robes, looking to be in good spirits.

Three old men from Firmaments came to greet them. They were from the same generation as Xiao Tianyue’s grandfather and came after hearing about the saintess. 

They sat in the highest location of the hall; their eyes were bright due to their frightening cultivation. They weren’t the city lord but still had extremely high status in this place.

Feiyun knew that Liu Suzi was about to start so he came up with a reason to leave. He then wore his armor and disappeared from sight.

He had promised Meng Taiyue that he would save Meng Lingyan. He didn’t trust Liu Suzi so he needed to do something himself.

Liu Suzi was deeper into the hall, shrouded behind a layer of mist. She glanced over at the servant section and noticed that Feiyun was gone.

At this point, the bride’s group has made it to the ceremonial area. The ceremony was about to start.

Liu Suzi smirked and pointed her finger forward. Someone in the crowd suddenly laughed and shouted: “Haha! I heard that the bride has a lover already but the young lord forcefully separated them, is this true?”

The entire hall quieted down. Everyone exchanged glances, trying to find the speaker earlier.

They became amused - just who was stupid enough to say this during a wedding ceremony? This was a blatant provocation.

“Who is it?” A senior from Firmaments stood up and began to calculate the previous event. He glared at the crowd, wanting to find the troublemaker.

“What are you looking at me for, I’m a good friend with the young lord.” The oldest son of the lord of Crimsonwood Domain became unhappy.

Xiao Tianyue shook his head, aware that it wasn’t this guy.

The young lord of Crimsonwood was exasperated. That voice earlier was very near him but when he turned around, there was no one there.

An ancestor from the Meng stepped forward and spoke with a cold expression: “The bride is innocent and pure, she and the young lord are a pair made in heaven. This ridiculous accusation can only be construed as a direct insult to both our clan and the young lord.”

Xiao Tianyue stood up as well. His sharp eyes could see everything. He walked closer to Meng Lingyan and grabbed her hand, using action to defeat the accusation. He turned back and smiled at the crowd: “Lingyan and I are in love, she is also as clear as ice and as clean as jade. Today is my wedding day, I’m happy to hear congratulations but if someone wants to cause trouble, I’m also more than happy to entertain.”

“No need to be angry, Young Lord. A few rats don’t want you and your beautiful bride to be happy, don’t pay attention to them.” Liu Suzi smilingly said.

Xiao Tianyue chuckled but still considered her the prime suspect. He focused his divine intents on her before continuing the ceremony.

“Bow to heaven.”

“Bow to earth.”

“Bow to the seniors.”

“To the bridal chamber!” The attendant in charge shouted.

“I heard Miss Meng Lingyan already had her first night yesterday, truly a passionate moment, and it’s not the young lord. Do you still want to join the fun tonight? You’ll tire the lady.” Another unfriendly voice sounded.

This one caused a bigger stir. Everyone stared at the young lord of Crimsonwood again.

Xiao Tianyue’s eyes flashed with murderous intent. His expression darkened.

“It’s, it’s not me, goddamn it, who is it?!” Crimsonwood Young Lord’s face was as ugly as can be as he tried to defend himself.

This comment was too much, akin to slapping Tianyue’s face. Remember, all the big shots came today and now, the whole thing was a mess.

His cultivation and mental fortitude were great but he still became livid. His head was about to catch on fire. The three old men of Firmaments were furious as well.

Whether true or not, the wedding was a mess already. The cultivators in the region would laugh at them. From now on, Xiao Tianyue would be known as a cuckold. His hat would be green in the eyes of others.

Firmaments City was about to become a laughing stock as well.

The Meng ancestors turned pale. If Meng Lingyan was no longer a virgin, their clan would be in serious trouble since the ceremony has finished.

This was akin to an emperor picking a new concubine. However, he found that she wasn’t a virgin. She and her entire clan would be killed; their properties confiscated.

Xiao Tianyue’s status was even more frightening than an emperor's. The Meng couldn’t handle his wrath.

“Mo Taijun, what the hell are you saying?!” An old man from Firmaments roared. Even Aqua Moon Saintess was here. They wouldn’t be able to forget this humiliation for centuries to come.

Crimsonwood Young Lord’s name was Mo Taijun. He became anxious and couldn’t defend himself.

The voice clearly came from behind him but there was no one there. It was as if there was a ghost.

“It’s not me… really, who is it?” His complexion turned red.

“It’s not him.” Aqua Moon Saintess was floating above; a sacred jewel hovered on top of her head. Her voice was wondrous. She glanced at the area behind Taijun then said.

Her words were absolute and no one dared to question her.

A senior from Firmaments took out a divine sword made from mud and stones. It was created by a Heaven’s Emergence expert.

The entire city could feel the power of this sword. The guests became serious. It looked like Firmaments wanted to find the person behind this.

“That’s the legendary Firmaments Sword?” One prodigy asked.

“No, just a copy.” A monk wearing beads around his neck answered. He had a sacred aura and jade-like skin.

His eyes seemed to be omniscient. He was a successor from an old temple; his status was only second to Aqua Moon Saintess. Others treated him with respect.

The senior who took out the sword nodded: “Yes, just one of the 87 copies. The actual sword is too strong, only meant to be used in an existential crisis.”

“Nonetheless, the copy is so strong. We can only create one every generation or so. There have been a total of 95 but 8 have been lost or damaged.” A different senior added.

The guests were impressed, thinking that Firmaments City’s resources and foundation were immense. It made sense because it had a pseudo saint before. These copies could cut down the stars above. What about the real thing?

The members of Firmaments wanted to show their might and distracted everyone from the disgraceful mess. That’s why they revealed the information regarding their divine swords.

“Boom!” The sword-wielding senior released its power. Sword energies engulfed the entire city.

Anyone hidden in the dark was forced out. More than ten were killed right away.

“Rats, you can’t hide from the sword energies.” 

These hidden cultivators were actually quite strong. Not all came to ruin the wedding and had other goals. Unfortunately, they were forced out right now.

“Shit, this city’s defense is something else.” An old beggar wearing a robe full of patches climbed out from below a platform. He wore short pants and had a carrying stick propped on his shoulder with a pouch wrapped around one tip. He immediately ran away.

He did an amazing job hiding and was unspotted, able to steal the gifts from the geniuses. He was having a good time eating the leg of a spirit beast beneath the platform. 

He didn’t expect a wicked soul who would disturb someone’s ceremony. Now, the seniors of Firmaments actually activated their divine sword and forced him out. He wanted to curse, thinking that he was innocent.

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