Chapter 861: Firmaments Young Lord

Feng Feiyun and the purple figure in his embrace felt great pressure.

Though the divine garments stopped the majority of the brunt, he still felt as if his back had just been struck by a hammer. This move would have killed him if he wasn’t at the first level of Nirvana.

“Leave it to me.” A pleasant voice sounded in front of him.

The purple figure shrouded by fog stretched out her jade-like hands and revealed a circular talisman.

She placed it on Feiyun’s back; it released tiny strands of light and wrapped the two of them like a cocoon.

“A Heaven’s Emergence talisman.” Feiyun was surprised. This talisman was created by a Heaven’s Emergence cultivator and had a strand of their power imprinted. This made it quite precious.

Only the ancestors at the Meng might have one and would treat them like treasures.

The assault was completely stopped by the talisman. The two of them were a thousand meters underground now.

“Your outfit is brilliant, made from mythical invisible silks too. I want it.” The purple figure’s breath smelled like an orchid.

“Not for sale.” Feiyun was wounded and focused on recovery.

The purple figure became irate and chose to heal as well.

Meanwhile, several thousand miles of land have been destroyed as if a heavenly tribulation had occurred.

A man in a white robe descended. His eyes were sharp and his brows were clearly defined. Feathers scattered around him; there was a red dot on his forehead. He looked just like an immortal.

The cultivators nearby gathered and kneeled before him: “Greetings, Young Lord.”

“Have we found Liu Suzi?” Xiao Tianyue posed with both hands behind his back and stared at the sky with radiance in his eyes.

“No sign of her within 100,000 miles. I’m afraid she’s…” A gray-haired old man said.

“Hmph, she has plenty of treasures and talismans. Can’t die that easily.” The man responded.

“Young Lord, your cultivation has improved recently on top of successfully learning Nine Firmaments Force. A Heaven’s Emergence talisman might not be enough to stop it. I believe that she was wounded in the spatial pathway first, being pursued by us worsened her injuries so your one attack is enough to eliminate her.” The old man responded.

Tianyue closed his eyes and used his divine intents to scan the vicinity including thousands of meters underground.

He didn’t miss a single speck of dust or stone. Unfortunately, not even a wisp of her presence could be found.

He slowly opened his eyes and said: “What a shame, I heard that she is beautiful with autumn water for skin and jade for bones. Her talent is at peak historical genius too, a strong woman. I wanted her to be my Yin Yang Sword’s sword incubator. Looks like I have to find someone else. Did anyone escape?”

“Rest assured, Young Lord. The plan was perfect. We killed all of her followers and Sir Canghai twisted the heaven’s eyes. The Calculating Division can have 100,000 wisdom masters and they still won’t be able to know that it was us.” 

“I won’t worry if it was Sir Canghai.” Tianyue tossed out a wormhole spirit stone and created a portal. 

All of them entered and returned to Firmaments City which was hundreds of million miles away. None of this had anything to do with them anymore.

Once Feiyun and Liu Suzi got back up, the presence of their pursuers was fully erased.

“So clean, there must be a master behind this who erased all the clues. They must be big shots.” Feiyun put away his divine garments and appeared again.

The area has been scorched; the lava has cooled off into rock. Not one blade of grass could be found.

“Obviously. Sir Canghai is among the top ten in terms of wisdom in Sixth Central. He twisted the heaven’s eyes so even if I had died here, no one would be able to figure it out.” Liu Suzi put on a purple robe with golden seams. She tied her hair into the style of a young noble, looking quite gallant.

Her pretty eyes beneath the perfectly curved eyebrows glanced over at Feiyun: “I owe you… wait, it’s you, half-demon.”

She quickly got far away from him and had nothing but contempt. She felt terrible after recalling how close they were earlier.

“Didn’t think it was you either, must be fate.” Feiyun touched his nose and smiled.

“That’s the last thing I want, you wretched half-demon. How did you survive when the Meng wanted to kill you?” She grimaced as if an ant was crawling on her. She hated him more than other half-demons.

“Shouldn’t have saved you earlier.” Feiyun didn’t like this arrogant person either, always looking down on who she deemed inferior.

He left right away, taking one step forward. It was as if he was walking on a large map; just one movement took him ten miles.

“Hey, watch your eyes. I am not one without principles, I have promised you land, slaves, and beauties. You’ll get it.” Liu Suzi turned into a purple ray and caught up with Feiyun. She walked with her paper fan out while gliding in the air.

“Keke, if you’re this amazing, how come you nearly lost your life?” Feiyun kept on running.

Her eyes turned cold after hearing this: “The opponents had a Heaven’s Emergence expert cutting off the spatial channel and killed my guards. This has been planned for a long time, hmph, I’ll definitely have revenge. Xiao Tianyue will die because of me.”

“Who is that?”

Suzi still kept a distance from Feiyun due to the perceived gap in status. She stared at him with disdain: “Don’t even know Xiao Tianyue, no wonder why the Meng got the best of you.”

“Very famous?” Feiyun didn’t care.

“The young lord of Firmaments, one of the six geniuses of the twelve southwest territories. The person who attacked us from above earlier was him. He’s strong enough to kill ancestors. You can cultivate your whole life and won’t reach one-tenth of his power.”

“You dare to get revenge on someone so strong?” Feiyun chuckled.

“Those who scheme against me will die.” The arrogant woman didn’t allow any disrespect.

Feiyun saw this during their previous meeting where she killed people from the Meng for bothering her.

“I don’t want the rewards, just help me with one thing. You must be somebody important given your arrogance, it should be easy.” Feiyun stopped.

“You want me to deal with the Meng for you? I’ll be clear, it won’t happen.” She also stopped.


“The Meng might be an ancient clan with 80,000 years of history but that’s nothing to me. Just one order is enough to annihilate them. However, to do so for a half-demon is not worth it. It’s easier to give you the previous rewards.” She replied.

“Why are you still following me then if you look down on half-demons?” Feiyun increased his speed tenfold and disappeared.

“I want you to help me with something?” She was strong and knew a great movement technique, allowing her to give up.

“Why should I help you? I’m not your servant.” He found this hilarious.

She didn’t care and kept going: “The Meng’s top alchemist, Meng Xingchen, has a daughter named Meng Lingyan, a historical genius. Xiao Tianyue liked her and was about to marry her as a concubine half a month ago. However, in order to ambush me, he delayed the marriage. Don’t you want revenge on the Meng? This is the best opportunity.”

Feiyun was tempted.

“If on the wedding day, Tianyue finds out that his concubine has already been taken by someone else, he’ll definitely go crazy. Who will he unleash his rage on?” Suzi’s eyes became bright.

“Nothing is crueler than a woman’s heart.” Feiyun chuckled.

“Don’t put it so crudely, this is called killing with a borrowed knife. And this is only a suggestion and it’s a bad one. If he finds out that it’s you, you’ll face his wrath. Be aware of the consequences, haha.” She laughed before disappearing into the clouds.

“A borrowed knife indeed. She’s using me to attack Xiao Tianyue, I’m using him to kill the Meng.” Feiyun stared in her direction and came up with a plan.

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