Chapter 85: Dongfang Jingshui

At this moment, Young Noble Flawless’ heart no longer belonged to him. A lifetime of playing with women’s hearts, a lifetime of godly talents, all of this was lost to the beauty of Dongfang Jingyue.

“What is your name?”

A long time later, Young Noble Flawless started to speak.

No one answered him!

At the end of the day, Dongfang Jingyue stared at the rain and didn’t have any positive sentiments towards Young Noble Flawless. Naturally, she didn’t want to say a word.

The white curtain of the palanquin was finally lifted, and Young Noble Flawless made his appearance. This was the first time he showed himself, and also the first time Feng Feiyun had seen his figure.

He was indeed an extraordinarily handsome man and carried a refined and gentle temperament. Strictly with regards to aesthetic appeal, only Feng Jianxue in a man’s disguise that day could compare to him.

However, when Feng Jianxue was pretending to be a man, she was more flirtatious and feminine. It was very different from the masculinity of Young Noble Flawless.

Young Noble Flawless was, indeed, without flaws. Each button on his clothes was quite intricate, and each action was filled with beauty, not leaving half of a defect.

When a man could maintain such perfection and also as rich as a nation with peerless cultivation, as long as it was a woman, then they couldn’t refuse him.

Feng Feiyun had been watching him and secretly nodded. This Young Noble Flawless was not something every man could reach. It even made him feel a bit insecure.

Young Noble Flawless gently waved his finger, outlining a curvy outline. The talented girl, Yun Er, who was standing behind him, stepped forward.

Yun Er was around seventeen. She was at the pinnacle of youth. Both elegant and gentle, she was gifted, especially with regards to the art of painting.

“Feng Feiyun, if you tell me her name, I will gift this girl to you.”

Young Noble Flawless pointed at Yun Er with a very serious attitude. No one could question the validity of his statement.

Yun Er stood between the two men. Even though she herself was a talented woman with the cultivation of the elder rank and possessed country and nation toppling beauty, at the moment, she was merely an item.

She had no complaints. Only, her pair of bright eyes quickly dimmed down.

She knew that she didn’t have any weight in Young Noble Flawless’ heart. She was not even equal to Dongfang Jingyue’s name, and she was simply nothing in his heart. She knew that, at this moment, there was only Dongfang Jingyue in his heart.

Feng Feiyun laughed and shook his head. With a little presumptuous air, it was as if he was laughing at the ignorance of Young Noble Flawless.

Young Noble Flawless continued to be extremely serious:

“Yun Er’s name is Ji Yun Yun, the favorite daughter of the Ji Clan’s clan master from the Godly Tiger Region. If you marry her, then you will become the son-in-law of the Ji Clan. Your future will be bright. If you could have the Ji Clan as your backing, then the Feng pursuers would be dreary and stop their chase.”

“Plus, Yun Er had only followed me for three months. I had not even touched her fingers so her body is absolutely pure.”

Young Noble Flawless seemed afraid that Feng Feiyun wouldn’t speak, so he made Yun Er’s origin clear.

Feng Feiyun naturally had heard of the name of the Ji Clan from the Godly Tiger Region. This was an ancient heritage for more than one thousand years. Its power was no less than the Feng Clan. They were a tyrant of one direction in the Grand Southern Prefecture.

Feng Feiyun shook his head and continued to laugh.

Young Noble Flawless was still very serious and waved his hand again. From the rain came two twins with identical looks. There was no spot on their bodies that weren’t beautiful. Anywhere they went, they would immediately be renowned.

They had soft and white skin, no different from milk. Such young beauties at such a ripe age were even better than immortals.

“Sisters of the Lin Clan, the two favorite disciples of the fourth elder of the Grand Development Immortal Gate. Their cultivations are at the early God Base and have an exceedingly high aptitude. They are enough to be in the top five within the younger generation of the gate. They are also virgins and have unquestionable purity — I will also gift them to you. Now, can you tell me the name of the young miss?”

With solemn eyes and friendliness, Young Noble Flawless also sent the two twins over to Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun finally couldn’t stand it and started to smilingly speak:

“Ji Yun Yun and the two sisters from the Lin Clan are indeed contemporary beauties. Even to the heroes of one direction, just to have some affection from any of these girls, they would be willing to even lose their lives. However… the woman behind me is also very fierce. Even if I wanted to give her name to you, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even be able to open my mouth before she kills me with her palm.”

“This damned Feng Feiyun is not wrong. Young Noble Flawless, don’t waste your time anymore. If you don’t retreat, then there will be someone here to beat you away.”

Dongfang Jingyue released a bright light from her hand. It flew towards the horizon like a shooting star.

This was a communication tool, a Jade Flying Talisman. Dongfang Jingyue had sent out a message. She clearly wanted to inform a certain someone.

The Yin Gou Clan was one of the four royal clans of the Jin Dynasty. They were definitely powerful and had as many experts as carps in the Yangtze river. Since such a big matter happened in Jing Huan Mountain, of course the experts from the Yin Gou Clan also came.

Even though Young Noble Flawless saw the Jade Flying Talisman leaving in the air, he was still relaxed and had no intention of leaving.

“There are not many people in this world that could chase me away. Who did you inform? Do they carry enough power?”

Young Noble Flawless said.

Feng Feiyun was also curious about this matter. Young Noble Flawless was truly formidable. Only talents at the same level as the eighth elder of the Feng Clan could have the qualifications to compete with him. Even though the experts of the Yin Gou Clan were numerous, those who reached the level of the eighth elder wouldn’t be many.

In the end, who did Dongfang Jingyue message to stop a master like Young Noble Flawless?

“If he comes, then the two of you will have an earth-shattering fight.”

The beautiful eyes of Dongfang Jingyue observed the sky and a glint of happiness flashed from within:

“He is here!”


An evil black light came from the far mountain towards this direction, like the black clouds dancing in the sky.

A source of killing intent surged in the air. Even though it was still ten thousand miles away, it made others feel like there was a heavenly army approaching.

This was absolutely a master.

Dongfang Jingshui stood on a twenty feet tall black cloud and stared at the far distance. The whole world was within his gaze. In the forest, his little sister was standing alone in the rain, looking towards his direction.

He wore a soft armor made from rhinoceros skin and had an outer coat made from a white fox that wasn’t tainted by any imperfections. A crimson robe was draped over his shoulders, fluttering with the wind.

The wind screamed a cold chill that permeated straight to the point, but it did not freeze his voluminous heart.

He was the big brother of Dongfang Jingyue, one of the Eight Grand Historical Geniuses of the Jin Dynasty, the number one expert of the Yin Gou younger generation. At eight years old, he could carry a giant cauldron; at ten years old, he started his Dao; at twelve years old, he began to cultivate the evil art; and at fourteen years old, his techniques reached grand completion and were filled with deadly evil energy. From then on, he was always victorious and never tasted defeat.

Dongfang Jingshui’s arrival made Young Noble Flawless feel a great pressure. This pressure, along with the auras of two similarly ranked masters, collided. Even though they haven’t fought, these two pressures were already fighting and killing each other.

Feng Feiyun inched closer to Dongfang Jingyue. Seeing the godly man filled with an evil aura in the clouds, he asked:

“Where did you find such a ferocious man? I can feel the evil aura on his body along with a dense killing intent. Without cutting down the heads of one thousand people, he wouldn’t be able to have such powerful killing intent.”

The evil aura surrounding Dongfang Jingshui’s body was also densely packed with killing intent, occupying the air. His gaze was enough to frighten a coward to death.

Plus, Feng Feiyun could also see a qi image from his body, the “Regal Supreme Physique”.

The breaths of the golden dragons and golden tigers that entangled in the air on top of his head were continuously roaring and turned into the aura of a king. This was the power of the Regal Supreme Physique. It could completely suppress any lesser qi image, like a king ruling his subjects.

“He is my big brother!”

Dongfang Jingyue said.

“Your brother? Could it be that water kettle head fella?”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng, of the Ancient Jiang tribe, had written a letter for Feng Feiyun to give Dongfang Jingyue’s brother at Violet Firmament Ancient City. This was so that he could resolve the grievances between the two.

However, back then, Jing Feng misunderstood that Dongfang Jingyue was chasing Feiyun because she was in love with him, so he had already sent a Jade Flying Talisman to Dongfang Jingshui.

Because Feng Feiyun lied and didn’t tell the truth, naturally, he didn’t dare to go find Dongfang Jingyue’s brother and the letter had always been stored on his body. If her brother didn’t suddenly appear now, then he would have forgotten about this matter entirely.

“It is Dongfang Jingshui, not a water kettle head. You should watch your mouth before him. Otherwise, he’ll slap your head away like a smashed watermelon.”

Dongfang Jingyue grumpily said.

Feng Feiyun also noticed that Dongfang Jingshui was extraordinarily devilish. He was absolutely not a nice person. At the same time, Dongfang Jingshui, who was standing on top of the clouds, suddenly gazed at Feng Feiyun.

It was only a glance!


Feng Feiyun felt as if there was thunder resounding inside his brain. It felt like his brain was shattered, causing him to be in a daze as he almost passed out on the floor.

Dongfang Jingshui gently nodded and devilishly smiled:

“This must be the little brat that Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng mentioned… Hmm… This vision is not too bad. First, kill, then I’ll deal with this matter later. Gotta help the clan before helping strangers. If little sis likes this man, then how could he escape? I could cut off his two legs, then carry him to Dragon Lake and make them have a wedding ceremony there!”

Because he stood in the clouds and the whistles of the winds and rains submerged his words, no one could hear his muttering.

Dongfang Jingshui’s eyes were filled with the lust for battle, as well as a sense of happiness.

If Feng Feiyun knew the thoughts of this Grand Historical Genius, he would vomit blood and curse that this fella was indeed a water kettle head.

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