Chapter 845: Half-demon Alliance

Meng Taiyue told Feiyun that many cultivators trained their entire life, gathered spirit stones, vied for status, and killed people not to chase after the illusory immortal path. They simply wanted to save enough to buy a mansion inside a domain city.

Most Enlightened Beings didn’t have enough to buy their own and could only stay with others.

This place was a holy ground for cultivation on top of being empowered by Meteoric Spirit Stones. People naturally wanted to be here.

If Feiyun were to cultivate in this place, his cultivation speed would be several times faster.

Thus, a mansion in the city represented status. Many daughters from the big clans and sects would truly consider this when finding a husband.

“Your opponent knows that you’re heading here?” Meng Taiyue called for a carriage. The two of them headed for the half-demon alliance.

The two drivers were at the fourth level of Heaven’s Mandate. This was a contested job in this city. People at lower levels weren’t eligible.

Why? Because this earned the drivers spirit stones on top of being able to cultivate in the city without being chased away by the guards.

Those without a mansion in the city could only stay one day each month before getting kicked out. The exception to this would be paying a large fee.

Feiyun looked out the curtain and saw an endless line of cultivators meditating on the streets. Some of them were Enlightened Beings.

Armored guards would occasionally come to chase people who have run out of time. Opposing meant death.

This was truly a competitive world.

“She can calculate where I’m heading, she’ll be here soon.” Feiyun was confident in Supreme’s abilities.

He pulled down the curtain and started cultivating as well. He didn’t bother using formations to reach the other domains.

If this half-demon alliance was capable, perhaps he would be able to borrow their power against her.

There were many prodigies riding spirit beasts along with dignified old men riding swords. They were powerful and had big backgrounds. This was especially true for the old men - strong enough to move mountains and oceans outside of the city.

These prodigies were lucky enough to train inside the city limits from a young age. Thus, their cultivation speed was faster than other people on top of having more resources. Due to the favorable circumstances, their cultivation was far higher than those from humble backgrounds.

This was the reason why people risked their lives to buy a mansion inside a domain city. They didn’t want their children to lose from the very start and eventually become servants.

Meng Taiyue told Feng Feiyun that half-demons weren’t allowed to fly inside the city regardless of their cultivation.

The carriage moved slowly but this city wasn’t that large. After seven spirit streets and two immortal ramparts, they made it to the alliance.

“Spirit streets” and “immortal ramparts” were built by formations, able to let someone move a short-distance through space. They were invisible so ordinary cultivators thought they were just moving normally.


Half-demon Alliance.

The building was relatively small with black bricks. It didn’t look special in this city.

The members looked different as well - some had scales, horns, long ears, or a hybrid body…

They had demonic blood, more or less.

“Big Brother Meng, I heard your clan successfully refined a ninth-ranked spirit treasure, everyone’s talking about it now.” A girl with two wings on her back came over, around the age of twenty - tall and thin, white skin and ample breasts, crimson hair.

She wore a third-ranked spirit armor; her eyes were especially bright and beautiful.

Feiyun just needed one glance to know that she has the blood of a Crimson Magpie. However, it was too thin. Nonetheless, she was still classified as a half-demon.

Her cultivation was actually stronger than Meng Taiyue. Several more followed her. They were strong but none has made it to Nirvana. They seemed to be friends with Meng Taiyue.

“That has nothing to do with me, I’ll be happier if our alliance can have a ninth-ranked spirit treasure.” Meng Taiyue had no love for the Meng. This alliance was his real home.

“Brother Feng, let me introduce you. These four friends are third-ranked half-demons of the alliance, they’re all quite strong.”

The girl with the wings was Ye Xiaomu, a peak ninth-level Heaven’s Mandate and a disciple from Arcane Ground. Her status was low there.

The other three were at the ninth level - Zhan Yueming, Li Lang, and Feng Wanxia. 

Zhan Yueming was the most exceptional among them, reaching the ninth level at thirty-seven. He was considered the top genius among the half-demons in Season.

After speaking with them, Feiyun found out that they had big sects behind them just like Meng Taiyue. This helped them reach their current cultivation level. They had some status and dignity, unlike their fellow demons who were inferior to slaves.

“Wanxia, take Brother Feng to Elder Mu’s place so that he can get a badge. We have an important matter to discuss.” Ye Xiaomu told the shy girl standing in the back.

Wanxia led the way for Feng Feiyun while the rest stood outside of the alliance. Xiaomu’s eyes became serious during their discussion.

Wanxia had sharp, long ears since she had the bloodline of a demonic dog lineage. Her eyes were sapphire with spirited eyelashes. She always had a smile on her face, revealing her white teeth.

“Brother Feng, since you’re joining the alliance, we’ll be family from now on. Forget about your sad past, I will beat up anyone who dares to bully you from now on.” She said.

She assumed that Feiyun was treated with contempt in the past, hence her consolation.

“If my bully is really strong, will you still help me against her?”Feiyun had a good impression of her and smiled back.

“If she is in the wrong, the entire alliance will help you.” Wanxia tilted her head and pondered before answering.

“I’m curious, why are there so many half-demons here?” Feiyun asked.

“Hmm, we have to start with the myriad-race battlefield. Humans capture so many demons and cripple their cultivation each year. The pretty demons would become sex slaves and the cycle of reproduction continues for generations. As time went on, the population of half-demons like us soared. Just in Season alone, we make up more than 1%.”

This was a large number. For many domains, this number had to be below 3% or the domain lord would be punished.

Weak half-demons were mercilessly treated. Many places had rules forbidding interracial marriage between humans and half-demons. Though this was shameful, the half-demons couldn’t do anything about it.

She took him to a floating cave with ripples flowing outward. 

‘A spatial cave despite the suppression of Meteoric, looks like there are experts here.’ Feiyun thought.

“Elder Mu, we have a new guy wanting to join the alliance, please help.” Feng Wanxia bowed.

“Little girl, are you sure? I don’t sense any demonic energy at all. Are you trying to get your lover to join?” An old voice came from the cave, playfully teasing her.

‘The geezer always treats me like a child, I’m not that young. He’s been thinking about marrying me off too. Don’t mind his nonsense, Brother Feng.’ She transmitted this message to Feiyun while blushing.

Feiyun nodded and could see that these two had a good relationship. This Elder Mu was probably not responsible for new recruits and should belong to the upper echelon.

He enjoyed this special treatment thanks to Meng Taiyue.

A wind wrapped around Feiyun and Wanxia and brought them up to a palace inside the cave.

This was a spatial gap; the palace had numerous stairs coiling downward. Inside were many half-demons cultivating, around 800 or so at first.

As they moved downward, they still saw more half-demons. It was hard to get a good count.

This place was quiet so Feiyun and Wanxia had to use their divine intents to communicate.

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