Chapter 844: Meteoric Spirit Stone

“Thank you for helping.” Meng Taiyu cupped his fist and lowered his head towards Feng Feiyun. He had both fear and respect in his eyes due to the guy’s cultivation.

Feiyun ignored the look of disdain from that young noble earlier. He tapped Mengyue’s shoulder and smiled: “I should be the one thanking you, Brother Feng. I probably would have died in Kalpa if you didn’t help me out.


Meng Taiyue stared at Feiyun because the guy was too different compared to their first meeting. Moreover, Feiyun’s cultivation was surprising too. An ordinary cultivator couldn’t save him from that young noble in the blink of an eye.

That young noble could easily kill an Enlightened Being.

“My name is Feng Feiyun. I’ve been looking all over for you at the market during the last two days.” Feiyun acted familiar.

“Why are you looking for me?” Meng Taiyue became curious.

“I was thinking that you could help me find someone.” Feiyun got straight to the point.

The Meng was influential in this area with numerous branches set up in the mountain range. They were much more effective compared to Feiyun alone since he was nothing more than a headless fly here.


Meng Taiyu had low status at the Meng but still had some influence at the market. He was quite effective and found seven pieces of information regarding Supreme.

Her beauty was still outrageous in Central, definitely kingdom-toppling. Moreover, her cultivation was strong too. Thus, there weren’t that many matches in this region.

All seven pieces were valuable but Feiyun didn’t bother looking at them. He immediately burned the paper.

Meng Taiyue was surprised and asked: “Are they inaccurate? Not who you’re trying to find?”

“She’s intelligent on top of being able to divine. I only want her to know that someone is looking for her. She’ll naturally know that it’s me and is on her way here right now.” Feiyun shook his head.

“You’re leading her here?” Taiyue said.

“She wants to kill me more than I want to kill her. Moreover, I can’t deal with her right now and must seek help. Brother Meng, do you know a formation here to cross through a domain or a territory?” 

“A few older sects have formations that can cross through a domain, the Meng has one too. However, Season doesn’t have anything that can cross a territory.” Tai Yue responded.

Feiyun slightly frowned. He wanted to lead Supreme to him and run away to Western Spirit Territory. The Evil Woman was there and could help him. However, it seemed like crossing through these territories was difficult. Just crossing a domain was tough enough.

“You can go to the capital of Season if you want to travel across a domain. There are public formations there. You just need to pay the right amount of spirit stones and you can move on. Moreover, there is a half-demon alliance there, you can join it and be perfectly fine as long as you don’t mess with the wrong crowd. The alliance can help you and if the opponent is weak enough, they’ll destroy them.” Taiyue revealed.

“Oh? A half-demon alliance?” Feiyun became slightly interested.

“Half-demons are weak already, inferior to even slaves. We can’t get any benefits without banding together, we just want a little respect and dignity, that’s all.” Taiyue said with a lonely expression.

From unity came strength. This was necessary especially for the weak. For example, an ant in the forest was the weakest and lowest entity. However, a million of them together became quite effective.

Feiyun suddenly felt Supreme’s presence. He didn’t dare to linger here any longer or she could capture him.

Meng Taiyue also wanted to go to the capital of Season so the two of them traveled to a palace in the market containing portal formations.

There were eighteen public formation portals. Three led to the capital of Season, the other fifteen led to the important locations of Season, such as Blessed Oasis, Godfall Desert, Eastern Sea Market…

These places were famous in Season, a hundred times far more prosperous than Jin.

There were guards protecting the portals. They wore shiny armors and had extraordinary cultivation.

The two paid the fee and came to a corner with a yellow formation. This place was packed with cultivators, several Enlightened Beings as well.

It occasionally flashed brightly with people coming and going.

“It’s him, he wants to go to Season City too.” Feiyun noticed a young noble wearing a purple robe. He held a paper fan with one hand and the other posed behind his back, looking cool and free. 

He was chatting with an old man. The latter acted respectfully and kept on bowing. He might be on his knees if there weren’t so many people around.

“A big shot indeed, killing people in the city without being caught by the guards or revenge from the Meng.” Feiyun said.

Meng Taiyue followed his gaze and became startled. He transmitted a mental message: “The old man talking with him is the number one expert of Celestial Market, Celestial Enlightened Being, the strongest within a million miles. I’ve seen him from a distance long ago. This young noble’s background must be frightening. Don’t let him see us again, he only spared us because of the disparity in status but one word from that old man can kill us a thousand times.”

Celestial Enlightened Being was quite powerful; his aura far exceeded someone like the heretical king.

Feiyun was smart enough to lay low. This was no longer Jin. That young noble killed a first-level Nirvana cultivator from the Meng with one hand. Feiyun couldn’t take him on right now.

The young noble entered the yellow formation with four powerful old men behind him. The portal flashed and they disappeared from sight.

“The Meng are blind as bats, to actually offend her. I wonder how many gifts it’ll take to quell her anger.” Celestial Enlightened Being heaved a sigh of relief and stroked his beard while murmuring.

Having said that, he slowly became ethereal before dispersing from the air.

“That enlightened being is a big deal, the old men from our clan always greet him with reverence. Looks like the clan is in trouble.” Meng Taiyue said.

The two then entered the portal and left the market. It didn’t take long before they reached the capital, the most prosperous city in Season.

The moment Feiyun got out, he felt a massive power suppressing him. His weight became dozens of times heavier; his spirit energy became shackled. 

Feiyun frowned, aware that it was a Meteoric Spirit Stone suppressing his cultivation.

Meteoric was ranked ninth among the stones. It came from outer space and was extremely rare. It possessed immense energy on top of being able to suppress cultivators. The ancient cities of the humans always prepared these stones.

There were two advantages in doing so. 

First, Nirvana cultivators were too destructive. They could easily destroy a city. Suppressing their cultivation meant peace and safety. Thus, two Enlightened Beings in the city could fight without causing unreasonable damage. 

Secondly, cultivation speed would actually increase under the stones’ limitations.

Meng Taiyue had a natural expression, clearly used to this suppression. It took a bit for Feiyun to get used to it. 

“This gravity is strong. Anyone below first-level Heaven’s Mandate probably can’t stand up.” Feiyun said.

“This must be your first time visiting a domain city?” Taiyue was surprised.

“How do you know?” Feiyun asked.

“The first requirement of entering is first-level Heaven’s Mandate.”

“Ah.” Feiyun looked around and saw that everyone was indeed in this realm.

First and second-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivators could walk around normally. They would be considered powerful experts in Jin but here, this was the basic requirement for entering a big city.

This place wasn’t as majestic and grand as Feiyun’s imagination. However, the items and materials were extraordinary. Even the roof tiles of a regular house were made from spirit steel. Each wooden door had numerous formations.

They needed to be made from special materials in order to withstand the pressure found here. Thus, the place resembled a holy ground for cultivation.


Author’s note.

Many readers have questions about the Nirvana realm so here is a general summary:

The majority of experts in Jin are at the first level of Nirvana.

The King of Abnormality, Yang World First Venerable, White Skin Ghost King, and Monk Jiurou are weaker second-level cultivators.

The heretical king and the empress are the top second-level cultivators. After using the dao heart method and swallowing Godfiend, the empress has reached the third-level, albeit the weakest type.

Spirit Palace Lord is average among the third level. Sacred Palace Lord is at the peak of the third level.

Only those at the fourth level and up are real masters. Why? Because from the fourth level on, they were qualified to break through to Heaven’s Emergence. Because of this, they were few in numbers.

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