Chapter 843: Celestial City

Meng Taiyue found an opportunity to release Feiyun from the beast pouch then left with the rest of his clan.

He didn’t say anything else from start to finish with Feiyun. He already took a great risk to take Feiyun out because if the others were to know about how he took a stranger along the caravan, his fate would not be pretty.

Feiyun’s cultivation had sufficiently recovered along with his wounds. He wasn’t in a rush to leave and stood outside of the market.

He saw more Grand Beasts coming from the mountain range. Meng Taiyue was only in charge of one.

“This Meng Clan is impressive, having twelve Grand Beasts with ores piling up like mountains. Looks like they should be a big shot here.” He stroked his chin.

He knew that Supreme should be close and needed to find her before leaving this place. Otherwise, it would be extremely hard to find her if she were to leave. Central was simply too large.

Perhaps he could borrow the Meng’s power. They were a top clan here in this domain named Season. They have been around for more than 80,000 years and had a strong foundation. Just one general from here could easily suppress a sect similar to Senluo Temple.

There were numerous clans, cities, special areas, and heavenly grottos in Jin. The majority was stronger than Sacred Spirit Palace; some older ones could easily destroy it.

From north to south of Season was approximately one immortal step or ninety million miles, ten thousand times larger than Jin.

Few knew about the exact location of Season with regards toCentral. They only knew that next to it were Fire and Tiger Domain.

Even ninth-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivators rarely left their own domain due to the sheer distance. They had a low understanding of their neighbors.

The mountain range Feiyun landed on earlier was named Kalpa, located to the west of Season. It had numerous resources and spirit beasts. Beneath the ground was a spirit vein along with precious ores and minerals. The Meng had more than ten mines in this mountain range. 

Feiyun found all of this out on the second day at Celestial City.

“So this is the sixth Central Dynasty of the humans, more prosperous than I thought. Just one domain is enough to support a sect hundreds of thousand years old.” Feiyun sat on top of a floating pavilion. He had a white scholarly robe on now, looking handsome and gallant. His eyes had a red tinge. 

He took his time enjoying the meat from a spirit beast along with fermented peach wine. These meals would be extremely expensive in Jin but were just regular food here.

It was difficult for him alone to find Supreme because that mountain range alone spanned for ten million miles.

“The Li found a Dragon Spirit Stone from one of their mines, they’re bringing it back here now with numerous experts.”

“Looks like whoever that treasure master is will be handsomely rewarded.” 

“Meng Xingchen recently refined a ninth-ranked spirit treasure, it’ll be the twelfth one here in Season. Looks like the Meng’s status will be one step higher since they have the best blacksmith here.”

“I heard about this too, the Meng prepared so many years and a sky-high amount of resources for it. This is the accumulation from dozens of generations.”

Feiyun heard many things while staying in this pavilion.

The city was located next to Kalpa Mountain Range. Many cultivators would visit here first before going to the mountains for adventures and training.

“Ignorant fools, you think Meng Xingchen can actually do it?” A young noble came in the door while fanning himself with a paper fan, looking quite free-spirited.

His voice was rather melodious and clear, not crude like a man’s should be.

Feiyun looked over and saw that he was young, around seventeen or eighteen. He dressed stylishly without being boisterous. His hair was also well-kempt. It was difficult to see his face due to a faint layer of illusory mist.

Feiyun didn’t bother using his phoenix gaze since that would be disrespectful and might anger the guy.

However, he took note of the guy’s hands - soft and white with long and delicate fingers seemingly carved from jade. Even his fingernails were painted with shiny colors.

Feiyun only knew one man with hands like these - Long Qingyang. This didn’t seem to be the case here so there was only one explanation.

He stopped looking at her and planned to leave. Unfortunately, a group of cultivators came in and blocked the entrance.

The leader was a man in bronze armor who shouted: “I heard there’s someone here who doubts our clan’s ninth-ranked spirit treasure. Stand up if you dare!”

They had a badge with the word “Meng” hanging on their waist. Meng Taiyue was also present all the way in the back. He had a calm expression, unlike the rest.

These men clearly overheard the speaker while being on the bottom floor. They needed to teach this person a lesson.

“That’s Meng Mujing, I think he has undergone one rebirth in Nirvana and has been here for 800 years.”

“A top ten member of the Meng in the city, that young fella is unlucky.”

“The Meng is now a top power in Season after gaining a ninth-ranked spirit treasure, they’re going to show their fang now. Opposing them meant courting death.

The cultivators in the pavilion weren’t panicking because no battle would break out. Otherwise, the experts in charge of the city would eliminate any troublemaker.

The young noble in purple smiled with disdain while waving his paper fan: “The Meng simply can’t refine a ninth-ranked spirit treasure, they simply managed to curry favor with Nine Firmaments. Meng Xingchen married his daughter to the young lord as a concubine, that’s why Nine Firmaments helped them with the refinement. I suppose that they made out like a bandit, trading a daughter for a ninth-ranked spirit treasure.”

The men from the Meng were furious. Meng Mujing had a white glow around him as he coldly uttered: “Lady Meng Lingyan and Nine Firmaments Young Lord’s love should be celebrated yet you spout these unsavory words, clearly intending on besmirching our clan’s reputation. Do you dare to go to a separate realm and fight me to the death?”

“Yes!” The cultivators from the Meng furiously shouted.

Meng Taiyue remained calm, completely nonchalant to the situation. He didn’t bother retorting because that young noble was correct.

“No need for that, you have ruined my mood so all of you will die.” The young noble threw his fan forward and shot out a ray creating gaps in space.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” The moment the paper fan returned to his hand, all the cultivators from the Meng were on the ground, dead.

The floor became silent outside of blood dripping down the ground. Everyone was frozen.

The corpses gradually turned into smoke and disappeared without a trace.

“Oh?” The young noble said before glancing over at Feiyun: “You’re quite fast.”

“Just average.” Feiyun chuckled and let Meng Taiyue down. He saved the guy with lightning speed a while ago.

“I will kill you for stopping me.” The young noble clearly had a big background and didn’t allow any disrespect, not even the slightest. Death was the punishment for doing so just like that group earlier.

Feiyun wasn’t afraid of the opponent’s aura. He calmly said: “He didn’t offend you earlier.”

“He did now.” The young noble said.

“He’s a half-demon, killing him will only dirty your hand.” 

The young noble’s brows furrowed. He touched his exquisite nose and said: “A lowly half-demon, I see, dirty indeed. But you have also offended me and must die.”

“I’m also a half-demon.”

The young noble grimaced and shook his head: “What an unlucky day.” He then turned and left this place he deemed unlucky.

Why did he not want to kill a half-demon? This was akin to an emperor needing to kill a lowly criminal. It was unbecoming and unsavory due to the disparity in status.

A half-demon was even more wretched than a criminal.


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