Chapter 842: Half Demon

The place was boundless with no end in sight.

“Rumble!” Something sounded like the footsteps of a massive monster came from afar. The ground started shaking while leaves fell off the branches.

Feiyun looked back and saw a fiery beast towering at 130 meters. It had eighteen chains coiled around it. When dragged on the ground, they easily crushed the large boulders below.

The beast had a full set of iron armor of immense weight. It left behind large footprints while walking through the area, breaking numerous hills in the process.

It was pulling a great carriage surrounded by black clouds. Who knows anything about the content?

An armored man wielding a spear stood on top of the beast’s head. His eyes shot out golden rays.

“A Grand Beast.” Feiyun stood on a peak and had a happy expression instead of fear.

He knew that the ancient human clans would have spirit beasts like these for material transportations. An adult could pull a mountain.

This meant that he should be in Central instead of the desolate wildland.

The man noticed Feiyun and pointed his spear at him: “Who are you? If you are here to rob the ore supply, then you should think twice. The Crimson Tiger guards of the Meng will come and kill you. 

Meng Taiyue knew that this man wasn’t here to rob the carriage given his sorry appearance. The guy was most likely lost here at Kalpa Mountain Range. However, the people from Crimson Tiger wouldn’t think so. They would kill first then say that the victims were bandits in order to earn more merits.

Taiyue has seen this plenty of times. He didn’t like it but it was better to keep his mouth shut. That’s why he told this man to leave before those men came.

Feiyun was looking terrible indeed with wounds everywhere; his clothes were a mess and had a layer of black on it from old blood. He looked more like a beggar instead of a bandit.

Though he was grievously wounded, his vision was still fine. He could see that the man was a ninth-level Heaven’s Mandate with a slight hint of demonic aura.

They were alike - both half-demons. It was amazing for a half-demon to reach the ninth level of Heaven’s Mandate.

Moreover, this man told him to leave instead of killing him - clearly a benevolent person. Someone like him would be a top dog back in Jin.

Feiyun deduced many things from one line. He then raised his voice: “Brother, I was betrayed by my companion and left here for dead, please show compassion and take me out of this wilderness.”

He paused for a moment and continued: “The truth is that I’m not completely human, my blood is half-demon.”

This place was dangerous and he was too weak. Meeting any beast would be a perilous event so he needed this man’s help.

Meng Taiyue was only a regular beastmaster at the Meng; his status wasn’t high. Sparing Feiyun was the most he could do. Taking him along wasn’t an option.

However, after hearing about Feiyun’s mixed blood, he felt sympathy because they were the same. He also knew what it was like to be abandoned by his companions and be treated as an outcast by his own race.

Half demons were weak, not accepted by both humans and demons. They were stuck in the middle and struggled to survive.

A wave of red light and loud stampeding noises suddenly came from the horizon. He stopped hesitating and took out a beast pouch, taking Feiyun inside.

A group of cultivator riding crimson tigers finally arrived from above just like auspicious clouds. They stopped in front of the beasts.

The group consisted of 500 men or so. They were the Crimson Tiger Guard of the Meng, a trump card of this clan. All of them were at the seventh level and up. The captain was actually a pseudo Enlightened Being.

Just one group of this battalion had five hundred Giants.

The captain had a tough and burly frame. He wore bronze armor with divinity in his eyes. A white-scale saber was hanging by his waist.

“Mong Taiyue, why did you stop? Do you know that you’re slowing down the fleet?” He uttered.

“Evil Dragon Valley is right in front, how dare I move ahead without your capable help, gentlemen?” Taiyue said respectfully.

The cultivators naturally enjoyed the flattery. Though they didn’t give a damn about Taiyue, they had no intention of making it difficult for him.

“Hmph, the useless mob from Evil Dragon doesn’t dare to rob our carriages. Stop lingering around, it’ll be your responsibility if we don’t make it to Celestial Market before nighttime. Go.” The captain said this but still led the way forward.

“They only dare to act haughty in front of their own, hmph.” Taiyue scowled before controlling the beast.

“I truly appreciate your kindness, Brother Meng.” Feiyun’s voice came from the pouch.

“Don’t thank me, leave when we get to Celestial Market. We’ll go our separate ways then.” Taiyue closed his eyes and started to cultivate with two True Mysterious Spirit Stones. 

Feiyun also did the same inside the pouch in order to heal his wounds. He asked: “You’re a half-demon too? Looks like the four-eyed owl race?”

Taiyue stopped and opened his eyes again. He answered: “Yes, my father is from the twelfth generation of the Meng. He has three wives and fifty-two concubines, my half-demon mother can’t be considered a concubine, just a slave.”

Feiyun also sympathized. His mother was just a servant and a half-demon; his status at the Meng must be lowly.

His fate would be far worse, inferior to a slave if it wasn’t for his cultivation talents and beast taming abilities.

In reality, many half-demons were inferior to slaves in this land. Meng Taiyue’s life wasn’t bad in comparison.

This wasn’t an issue on the human side. The half demons faced the same discrimination in the demons’ territories, perhaps even worse.

All in all, it was sad to be a half-demon in the present. Nonetheless, this demographic continued to grow.

“So what if you’re a half-demon? Half demons aren’t inferior at birth compared to others, Brother! Wake up and rise! Show those who look down on you your power, that half-demons can fight!” Feiyun encouraged.

Taiyue had a strong expression but eventually shook his head: “You’re wrong, half-demons are indeed inferior at birth, we can’t break through Heaven’s Emergence, we can’t reach the top.”

This was the reason why half-demons had an inferior status. It had nothing to do with their bloodline, only that they lacked true masters. 

“The others can’t reach the apex because they share the same thoughts as you, they gave up from the very beginning.” Feiyun said.

Taiyue’s eyes flashed as thoughts ran rampant in his head. However, this flash subsided quickly and he shook his head again.

There have been great half-demons in history but none could break the mold. This clearly showed that heaven wanted to keep their race down.

How could men go against heaven?

The Grand Beast moved quickly, traveling countless miles through this wilderness and eventually made it out.

Celestial Market could accommodate millions of cultivators. The beast stopped and slaves from the Meng came out to move the ores.

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