Chapter 84: Beautiful Fairy

Feng Feiyun’s will was very strong. Outside of romance, he had seen many things, so he calmly sat back, as if he became a statue.

“Your lute is not only beautiful but also able to kill. I am a bit unable to restrain my emotions and want to personally test two moves with Young Miss.”

Finished speaking, Young Noble Flawless immediately took action. A human shaped translucent shadow appeared on top of the palanquin. Like a giant wielding a large axe, it had battle armor on and had eyes like thunder.

Even though this was just a humanoid shadow, its battle intent was extremely tough. With one stomp on the ground, cracks immediately appeared.

Feng Feiyun immediately felt a great impact from an invisible power from the front. It almost knocked him far away. This power was too formidable.


He immediately stood up and slammed the Invincible Buddhist Staff into the ground, turning it into a godly pillar, and together with his body, he was able to hold his ground.

Two snow-white fingers from the palanquin protruded out, holding a jade talisman, and waved it in the air. The axe-wielding shadow suddenly swung his axe straight down to the ground.


Even though the giant axe was simply a shadow, it was able to split the entire tea house into two. The walls collapsed and the windows were shattered. Even the ground was left with a huge crack around seven zhang long and three feet deep.

There were many broken bits of wood on the ground and so many energy waves that issued howling sounds that it caused an ear-piercing pain.

Dongfang Jingyue’s white feathered wings appeared without any blemishes and the white robe on her body fluttered in the cold wind. She became even more charming.

She flew in the sky and her fingers danced along her lute. Then, she gently flicked once.


The Soul Assassin Tune flew out with a sound wave that pierced the air, turning the giant axe in the hand of the shadow into smoke.

The real fight had begun. The opponent, this time, was Young Noble Flawless. According to what Dongfang Jingyue said, this person entered the world of cultivation at the age of sixteen and had been famous for twenty years. Even though he was almost forty, his appearance was like a twenty year old man, and his cultivation was extremely frightening and difficult to deal with.

Even with Dongfang Jingyue’s cultivation, at best, she could only take ten of his moves.

“Bang, bang!”

The jade talisman in Young Noble Flawless’ hand released a white light and it weaved together into a round disc.

The body of the shadow became more realistic and the battle armor on its body emitted a blue light. It was like a true god had come into being.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes were sharp and found a bit of a clue.

The Invincible Buddhist Staff in his hand was used as a giant brush and he engraved a circular disc that was exactly the same as the jade talisman in Young Noble Flawless’ hand.

This was a puppet formation of the Feng Clan. Only Wisdom Masters or Blacksmith Masters were able to engrave something like this. In order to give it the maximum amount of power, even a fifth rank Wisdom Master would need six hours.

However, earlier, Feng Feiyun only needed one glance before engraving it on the ground. With more than hundreds of different magical lines, the laws and profound truths were extremely mysterious. It was to the point where even Young Noble Flawless himself would find it impossible to do.


This was the first time Young Noble Flawless’ tone changed. He was surprised by Feng Feiyun’s formation engraving abilities. Could it be that this little brat was hiding his cultivation?

Feng Feiyun’s entire focus was on the formation marks. He pointed his finger into the middle and softly screamed:


The round circular formation on the ground started to spin and emitted a light towards the nine zhang tall shadow. The shadow suddenly turned around, roared, and went towards Young Noble Flawless to kill.


Young Noble Flawless coldly snorted and crushed the jade talisman in his hand. He stretched his palm towards the front and unleashed a palm strike amidst the void. An invisible slaughtering power crushed the giant shadow.


Two lights flew out from the palanquin and headed straight for the sky. A giant palm from the horizon came crashing down and caught Dongfang Jingyue, who was hovering in the sky. Her white wings were immediately torn apart and her veil was also removed by the wind that blew towards the cloud palanquin.


Dongfang Jingyue’s glistening lips spat out a mouthful of blood. She had an astonished look in her eyes. She couldn’t believe that Young Noble Flawless’ cultivation suddenly changed and was able to knock her down from the clouds with just one move.

Feng Feiyun’s expression also became serious at this moment. The palm from earlier was dozens of meters wide, like a small mountain with a pressure capable of suffocating others.

Young Noble Flawless’ cultivation was on the same level as the eighth elder, or maybe even higher.

Feng Feiyun was a person who didn’t want to accept defeat. If it came down to it, he would use the fourth rank ancient pill that Monk Jiu Rou gave him and directly unleash the power of half a Giant, one punch with the power of millions of jin.

No matter how strong Young Noble Flawless may be, he was not at the rank of Giant. After eating this ancient pill, Feng Feiyun would definitely be able to knock out all of his teeth to the ground without any difficulties.

However, there was only one fourth rank ancient pill, and it was extremely precious. Unless it was a life and death crisis, Feng Feiyun would definitely not use it.

Young Noble Flawless gently caught the veil cloth, and slowly sniffed it, and became drunk with an inexplicable feeling. After a while, he took a deep breath and said:

“So sweet!”

Young Noble Flawless had seen many great beauties, including many saintesses from the immortal sects and talented young misses of the big clans, but when he saw Dongfang Jingyue’s face for the first time, it was difficult to look away.

This type of beauty shocked him to the core and gave him the feeling that his life was worth living. How could there be such a beautiful woman in this world?

This type of beauty was surreal!

Young Noble Flawless was a playboy, a romantic, a person who didn’t care for feelings yet possessed many hearts. He believed that he had been long immune to the charms of women; even if he saw goddesses in heaven, he still wouldn’t be moved by them.

However, at this moment, his heart was beating chaotically, like a rampaging ancient Qilin.

Who was this woman? Was she a woman from the He clan? No, she was not a woman, but an immortal fairy!

No one had ever impacted him so much. He almost lost his sanity. The moment his mind came back, his heart had no way to ever forget this face, this person, this woman.

He swore with his heart that even if he had to abandon all of his wealth — all of his women, as long as she would give him one glance, that would be enough.

This feeling became more and more powerful until he was no longer able to control himself.

However, the slender figure of Dongfang Jingyue was slightly slanted as she hugged her lute. Her celestial eyes only looked at the distant mountains in the rain and didn’t bother to give him a single glance.

Silence, silence, and even more silence!

The sound of the rain permeated the air even more. The raindrops falling on the leaves emanated “tick tack” sounds.

The beauties present were all peerless beauties with extreme elegance, but after the veil of Dongfang Jingyue fell down, their expressions became pale and very mediocre.

A crane amongst a flock of chicken, the bright moon amidst the empty sky — these were the expressions to describe this moment for Dongfang Jingyue.

Feng Feiyun naturally knew that there was no man in this world who could resist the beauty of Dongfang Jingyue, just like Shui Yueting that year. Even he who was a phoenix patriarch became infatuated after just one glance.

Dongfang Jingyue and Shui Yueting were so similar, they were practically the same type of people.

Not mentioning Young Noble Flawless, even the reincarnation of buddha would still grovel beneath her skirt!

“This is big trouble now!”

Feng Feiyun said.

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