Chapter 832: Begin

Bi Ningshuai swallowed his saliva and had a strange expression. He coughed twice and asked: “Umm, Brother Feng, these ladies are your helpers?”

Mo Yaoyao wore a fox fur coat on top of her thin silk dress. Her hair was decorated with several bright trinkets. She carried a cute pekingese, looking like a young noble on a tour.

Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess looked natural and spirited, gentle and beautiful. She had limpid autumn waters in her eyes and jade for her bones.

Luo Yu’er followed right behind her, looking bashful with a hint of fear when looking at Feng Feiyun.

Feiyun glanced at the girls and thought that nothing was wrong. He nodded in agreement: “Yeah.”

“Sigh, I had a bad feeling about this.” Ningshuai sighed then said: “My ten-year training is about to be over anyway, my cultivation will return so I’ll leave Jin, all of you can do whatever then, I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you.”

He clearly didn’t think much of these helpers.

“Don’t be afraid, I can deal with anything.” The turtle somehow made it to the top of the citadel wall. It took on top of a boulder and looked up straight at the sky, unmoving like a statue. 

“Please, you can only do something every millennium.” Ningshuai got up there and lifted the turtle up by its tail, spun it around twice then threw it.

Little Demoness couldn’t communicate with Feng Chi. They have lost communication after his fourth transformation. This disappointed Feiyun because that’s one fewer master.


The Evil Woman and Yao Ji finished the platform after three days.

The atmosphere became tense. The powerful cultivators could sense mighty auras crossing through the citadel. Strange figures appeared above.

This fifth transformation was known to everyone in Jin. After all, a corpse king of this level was horrifying. Both the royal clan of Jin and Sacred Spirit Palace would never let this threat come into being.

“Is she starting?” Feiyun asked while standing on the wall.

The area was filled with third-transformation corpses along with a great army. Their evil auras reached the horizon.

“Mmm.” Little Demoness brought a chair over and smiled at Feiyun: “Bro, have a seat.”

“Good girl.” Feiyun gently patted her head. The little girl has grown so much, only a little shorter than him now.

He sat down and flames appeared in his eyes as he gazed at the gray sky. He suddenly snorted: “Got here quite fast, huh?” 

He shot out two crimson rays, aiming 300 miles away from the citadel. A black figure was forced out. It paused in the air for a moment before running away with haste.

It had a ghastly miasma with images of hell and the golden river. Its chilling aura created a layer of frost everywhere.

“Still want to run?” Feiyun flew outside. Given his current cultivation, traveling 300 miles only took the blink of an eye.

“That’s a fourth-tribulation ghost king, are you suicidal?!” The turtle stood straight up and shouted at Feiyun with a duck-like tone.

The weakest ghost king at this level was comparable to a first-level Nirvana cultivator. Feiyun was only at peak Heaven's Mandate and shouldn’t be a match.

“Boom!” Feiyun took out the solar treasure and activated its divinity. It burned everything around him.

The ghost king stopped after realizing that Feiyun was the only pursuer. It let out a twisted grimace: “You’re finished!”

“Rumble!” It summoned ghost clouds that eventually took the form of a fiendish diagram. 

Feiyun easily destroyed it and sent the creature flying. This was Feiyun’s own power. He didn’t need to use the stone coffin.

“How can this be?! You’re not at the Nirvana realm!” The chilling aura of the ghost king was being destroyed by flames.

“I can take you down all the same.” Feiyun used the Blood-being Exalted Pot. Its power turned the world into a shade of red.

On the other side, the solar disk resembled a burning mountain, turning the world into a cauldron.

Feiyun used two fourth-ranked spirit treasures at the same time with incredible finesse. Mountains and rivers were torn asunder.

This was a battle at the Enlightened Being level - immensely destructive.

The turtle and Bi Ningshuai couldn’t believe it - since when did Feiyun have this power?

“This is insane, how can he be such a badass despite being a mixed-blood? To exceed an entire realm, hmm, he’ll be a top prodigy even in Central.” Ningshuai thought that Feiyun would cause quite a stir. The people there looked down on mixed-blood like him.

Feiyun seemed to have endless power and eventually suppressed the ghost king with his pot. He looked down and said: “It would only take one move for me to take you down if I were at the Nirvana realm.”

The ghost king had hundreds of holes on its body. It was a top dog, not expecting to be beaten by a weaker cultivator.

“The lord’s true form has come out, all of you will die.” It laughed and looked at the sky.

Feiyun had a bad feeling about this and saw a gigantic eye appearing above. It was entirely black, looking like a maelstrom.

“Nether Ghost Gaze…” He grabbed the ghost king and returned to the citadel with haste.

The eye above contained an enormous amount of energy, looking like a black planet. It wished to stop him from escaping.

“Your avatar can’t stop me, Boundless Lord.” Feiyun had to use his stone coffin, sending the eye flying.

He returned to the wall in the next second, finding himself to be invaded by one drop of miasma from the eye.

Ordinary Enlightened Beings would be corroded by this power but Feiyun only needed to use his golden energy for purification.

“Yours.” Feiyun tossed the ghost king towards Yao Ji.

She naturally accepted and turned it into a ghost pill, putting it away.

“Buzz.” A blinding pillar of light emerged from Immeasurable Tower. One could see it from thousands of miles away.

The corpse energy in Grand Southern started to flow towards the pillar.

A blood river underground had its flow reversed, resembling an earth vein. The destination was the citadel.

This was the blood of billions of people from Grand Southern. Their vitality and essence were flowing towards the Evil Woman.

The attackers could no longer stay calm. Ghost clouds blotted out the sun - an army of fiends and ghosts.

Among them were five insane auras - even stronger than the ghost king that Feiyun had taken down earlier.

The nether eye appeared again, looming above this army.

“Boundless Ridge is going all out this time.” Yao Ji had a smile on her face, completely fearless.

As for Monk Jiu Rou, he was mumbling something - probably complaining about being dragged into this mess by Feiyun.

The goddess had a calm expression. Nothing could affect her mental state.

“I sense one, two, three, four… way more! The five dynasties actually have this many experts?” Mo Yaoyao was excited and found a chair to sit down next to Feiyun. Behind her were three cute beasts.

Feiyun met them before - a scaled pig, a red rabbit, and a tiger with flowery spots walking on two legs. She seemed to like small animals.

The rabbit got along well with the turtle. It seemed to be honest and got tricked by the crafty turtle.

Feiyun was quite tense, not daring to underestimate his foes.

Suddenly, a frightening aura locked onto him, completely freezing him. This was akin to being hunted by a poisonous serpent.

A spear from eight thousand miles away shot straight at him. A top expert wished to end him from a distance.

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