Chapter 830: Immeasurable Tower

The tower reached up to the clouds, a hundred times taller than ordinary mountains.

Feiyun only clearly saw it due to being far away. If he was closer, it would just look like a mountain made out of bronze.

“The aura of Immeasurable Tower, she really brought it back here?”

Feiyun, Little Demoness, Bi Ningshuai, and Long Cangyue had trained in Wanxiang so they were familiar with this ancient aura.

It was both intimidating yet commanding sincere respect just like a god.

Initially, the tower was upside down. The entrance was on top while the upper floor drilled into the ground.

Now, the Evil Woman had somehow pulled it out and took it here. It looked muddy and corroded, perhaps from being buried underground for who knows how many years? The initial black color was now full of spots and stains.

“This is definitely a supreme artifact. Seizing it means being invincible.” Bi Ningshuai rubbed his palms together. Alas, he questioned whether he could take it away or not. He eventually gave up on this thought.

“Amazing. Just look at it, all the rust and damages. It must have existed for so long.” Yao Ji managed to suppress her aura and qi images with Feiyun’s help. Nonetheless, ghost energy still surged within her.

Only Feiyun knew that this was a sacred artifact. No, half of one because this wasn’t the whole thing.

30,000 years ago, the ancient scripture of Dao Ancestor was stolen. A saint from this faction activated the Immeasurable Tower and trapped the assailant.

However, someone of a similar level ambushed him along the way. This resulted in the tower being split into two halves. One of them fell down into Jin.

The three corpses of Xiao Nuolan managed to escape from this side. She was the one who told Feng Feiyun all of this, confirming the existence of saints in this world for him.

The thief in this case was obviously her. He even thought that this scripture was spread in Jin.

Perhaps the so-called Dao Scripture in Jin originated from this one. That’s why this little dynasty had so many heaven-defying cultivation methods.

The dual-cultivation and dao heart method from this scripture alone were supreme, definitely comparable to the top ones from his phoenix race.

Of course, this was mere speculation since it has been 30,000 years. The truth has been buried long ago. Only a few odd legends were left behind.


“Evil Woman, we know you’re powerful and lawless but you have stolen our tower. Heads may fall and blood may flow but we will not let you have it.” Numerous experts of the previous generation from Wanxiang surrounded the city.

More than half of all the tower lords were here. Bright lights engulfed the area.

The one who spoke earlier was an old woman wearing a robe made out of bamboo leaves and straw sandals. He had a carrying pole on his shoulder.

He shouted, revealing his yellow teeth: “Know that Wanxiang is not easily provoked. We have plenty of experts, enough to kill you.”

He was Lan Muqiao, the lord of Technique Tower. His seniority was actually higher than Transcendent Daoist and the previous Divine King.

These three competed for disciples in the past. Feiyun became the Divine King’s disciple; Ji Feng went with Transcendent Daoist, and Lan Muqiao took in Little Demoness.

Rumor has it that he used to be the palace lord for foreign affairs in Sacred Spirit, only second to the two actual lords. However, for some unknown reason, he left and joined Wanxiang to be an in-name tower lord. He spent his days leisurely, messing with both the seniors and juniors there.

He wanted to shout more but he looked up and saw the Evil Woman standing on the wall. He swallowed his words and ran for his life back to the formations of Wanxiang.

The Evil Woman looked incredible in her white dress. She said: “Immeasurable Tower doesn’t belong to Wanxiang in the first place. I’ll kill whoever tries to take it from me.”

The seniors from Wanxiang cursed this woman. She clearly took it from them but made it sound like they were the robbers right now.

Feiyun sympathized with the seniors because she had taken his stuff too in a brazen manner.

They met again after she took his Daomization Stone but she acted as if she didn’t know him. Next, she wanted to take his spirit vessel as well.

He thought that her title should be “Evil Bandit” instead of “Evil Woman”.

Sure enough, the seniors of Wanxiang were furious. Transcendent Daoist flew out by riding a yin yang diagram beneath his feet. He had three lotus flowers above him and had a righteous appearance. He said: “Evil Woman, you’re an accomplished cultivator so how can you be so shameless? Do you not mind being ridiculed by the world?”

“No.” She nonchalantly said, not even bothering to look at him.

“You…” The daoist turned red.

“You’re also a cultivator, a daoist as well. Why do you want to seize my tower?” She asked, going on the attack.

“I’m, I’m the bad one here?” The daoist didn’t know how to vent in this case, nearly imploding.

“Don’t blame me for not reminding you all. Come one, I’ll kill one. Come all, I’ll kill all.” She added.

Feiyun could see that the battle was about to start so he flew up and landed on the wall. He told the seniors in the distance: “Feng Feiyun greets you, tower lords and seniors.”

Little Demoness, Bi Ningshuai, and Long Cangyue also landed on the wall to greet them.

The Evil Woman recalled her murderous intent and left, no longer caring. She trusted Feiyun to take care of this.

Feiyun could be considered the most gifted disciple in the last few centuries of Wanxiang. Moreover, he maintained a respectful attitude towards the senior despite his meteoric rise in status and cultivation. The seniors were quite happy with him.

“Feiyun, why are you with her?” A man whose skin had a golden luster jumped up the wall and laughed while patting Feiyun’s shoulder.

Other seniors came up to talk with the group as well.

“First Brother, this matter involves the life of billions, I have no choice but to work with her.” Feiyun put on a solemn expression.

This man was naturally the Martial Tower Lord, the first disciple of the previous Divine King - Zhang Badao.

The other tower lords became interested right away and patiently listened.

“This is related to the incoming calamity?” Badao’s brows furrowed.

The stars have changed and many could see an incoming calamity to this land. Moreover, it was coming fast too.

Feiyun looked up at the sky and put on a sad expression. He nodded and said: “Yes, this tower will be very useful, perhaps able to show its power and stop that evil being.”

“Who is this evil being?” Transcendent Daoist asked.

“Yama, the destroyer of Buddhism’s golden age. He’s returning for the second time, stronger than before and with rage this time. The five dynasties will turn to ashes. Perhaps only the Evil Woman… and the tower will be able to stop him.”

He was spewing half-truths in order to stop the seniors from attacking the Evil Woman. Plus, if she could finish her fifth transformation, she might be able to stop Yama’s other half with the help of the tower.

Of course, the most important thing being her agreeing to do it in the first place.

This woman didn’t care for anything outside of cultivation. Even if she had the power to stop Yama, she might not take action without provocation from Yama. She didn’t mind the death of others.

Finally, Feiyun’s wily tongue was able to convince the big shots from Wanxiang. They withdrew and said that they would bring this up again after the calamity.

Before leaving, the Spirit Treasure Tower Lord, a princess of the royal clan, stared at Feiyun for a bit. She wanted to say something but stopped and left along with everyone else.

Feiyun watched them leave, then gazed through the clouds to reach the stars above. The changes were even clearer now - the sign of the apocalypse. Yama’s corpse might be very close now.

“I hope she’ll be able to finish the fifth transformation in time. We should be gone from Jin too, or who knows if we’ll survive this.” 

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