Chapter 83: Human Lives are as Valueless as Grass

The rain continued to fall like pearls outside of the window, accompanied by the soft sigh of Young Noble Flawless.

Young Noble Flawless — self-proclaimed to be a romantic and extraordinarily handsome. Of course, it would be too shallow to only talk about appearances. How could his fame today only come from his face and extraordinary wealth?

“No woman has ever rejected me in this world.”

He once again sighed, making it three times in a row.

Dongfang Jingyue’s expression was still calm, like a beautiful flower, and she said:

“Young Noble Flawless, you are matchless in talents. Even though you are humble, your fame had soon reached the entire cultivation world of the Jin Dynasty. You are known as the nemesis of contemporary beauties — a sentimental yet heartless romantic.”

“You have also heard of my name?”

Young Noble Flawless was a bit cheerful.

“Of course I have heard of it. Your name had already been engraved in the Life and Death List of the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace. The six big grand powers had combined together to spend a large amount of money as the reward. Your life is very valuable.”

Dongfang Jingyue replied.

Feng Feiyun didn’t expect Young Noble Flawless’ status to be so great. He couldn’t believe that Flawless provoked all six grand powers to want to kill him. It seemed like the lifestyle of this fella was rather bad. Maybe he charmed the wife of a sect master of a big sect, or maybe he slept with the number one wife of a grand clan.

However, the words of this damned grandma Dongfang Jingyue couldn’t be completely trusted. She was very clever and cunning. Maybe, these words were only meant to scare Young Noble Flawless.

The rain became lighter, as light as strands of silk that were mixed with the cold wind, causing the cloud seat of the palanquin to swing back and forth.

Young Noble Flawless was still sitting on the palanquin as he arrogantly laughed:

“Not bad, not bad. My name being engraved in the Life and Death List, this was truly a bit outside of my expectations. However, even though the assassins of the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace might be strong, not many of them are actually able to kill me. Unless a few ancient gods of death personally take action, I will still be able to play with ten thousand flowers, and ten thousand flowers will wither.”

“Play with ten thousand flowers and ten thousand flowers will wither! These words are the slogan of this Young Master. I’m afraid Young Noble Flawless does not have such high skills.”

Feng Feiyun smilingly said.

“Oh! Brother Feng, it seems like you have a big problem with me. Could it be that you want a competition?”

Young Noble Flawless asked.

Feng Feiyun replied:

“So be it, what will be the method?”

Young Noble Flawless exchanged:

“If Brother Feng claimed to play with ten thousand flowers, and ten thousand flowers will wither, then I will send out six beauties of the water tribe. Their ages will not exceed sixteen and they will all have superb talents and looks. If you can turn them into withered flowers, then I will believe you.”

He gently swished his sleeve and six slender blue shadows flew out from the rain. They seemed to melt into the water; they held slender silver chains with the movements of sword auras.

The silver chain was as thin as a needle, but one lash was enough to split a ten meter long fish into halves.

Feng Feiyun had already experienced the power of the young women around Young Noble Flawless. Each and every one of them was ferocious and a hard-to-deal-with character. At this moment, the combination of the six girls from the water tribe was extraordinarily brutal, sending killing intent everywhere.

The six were sexy and charming. Their bodies only wore a small low-cut blue scaled robe, revealing half of their twin peaks, teasing others.

Their legs were exceptionally slender and long. They were delicate and jade-like and filled with flexibility and elasticity.

The raindrops dripped down from their white skin. With the fragrances and their body temperatures, it caused Feng Feiyun’s entire body to be encompassed by their sweet allures.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

But at this moment, Feng Feiyun was not allowed to admire the flowery scene before him. The six silver chains were like six poisonous vipers that carried spirit lights along with murderous intents. It was truly fierce and ruthless, causing the space to be covered without a single gap.


Feng Feiyun shuttled between the six water tribe girls. His footsteps rapidly transformed and suddenly, he let off a palm, causing the clothes of one of the cute girls to be shattered, revealing the snow-white flesh underneath.

This scene truly could make others blind and be lost in a daze!

If it was someone else, at this moment, they would no longer have the will to fight. They would have held this girl and have the urge to press her down and have a grand battle of three hundred rounds.

Even though Feng Feiyun’s willpower was strong, but at this moment, he was also affected; his battle power was lessened.

This could be the result that Young Noble Flawless wanted to see.

‘Women should fight against women. A man like Feng Feiyun mixing with women, his heart must be panicking.’

Dongfang Jingyue knew that if Feng Feiyun continued to fight, he would reveal his awkward appearance. At that moment, if the six water tribe sexy girls took the initiative to take off their clothes, then this perverted guy would directly throw away his armor and weapon. Then, it would affect the morale.

She was not very confident in Feng Feiyun and decided to take action herself.


The sound of the lute appeared and created thunder that covered the sky, freezing all of the surrounding rain. Then, it turned them into blades of ice and screamingly rushed forward.

The killing song of Dongfang Jingyue was quite powerful. Feng Feiyun was afraid of being hurt, so he immediately retreated and flew back into the tea house.

‘This damned grandma clearly didn’t trust me and had no confidence in me.’

Feng Feiyun angrily glanced at Dongfang Jingyue. Even though he was indeed a bit lustful earlier, but ask oneself this: to be surrounded by six stunning beauties and buried beneath the fragrant sea, how could any man’s blood not boil?

This was human nature! Only a eunuch would be calm under this kind of scenario.

However, Feng Feiyun only glanced at the white flesh in front of that girl’s chest a few times and Dongfang Jingyue already noticed the situation and swapped with him. It was as if she was afraid that he would become perverted and lose in the hands of the six girls.

The lute melodies of Dongfang Jingyue shook the mountains, causing the winds to fly and the rain to condense into a surge of chilling murderous cloudy aura in the air.


The sound waves were mighty and filled with killing urges. They quickly minced the dust and mud on the ground, dicing the six iron chains in the hands of the six water tribe girls into hundreds of pieces and struck them flying away.

“Bang, bang…”

The six girls with high cultivations all bumped into the maple trees, breaking them down. They were all covered by the leaves and had blood dripping down their bodies.

The six stunning beauties became six bloodied humans, and they couldn’t stop shivering on the ground. Their smooth white skins were completely minced without exception.


They were all coughing blood and couldn’t stand up from the ground.

Could sweat broke out on Feng Feiyun’s forehead as he carefully looked at Dongfang Jingyue, who was very nonchalant. He lamented that this damned grandma was too ruthless. Sure enough, women were always vicious against other women.

Especially beauties against other beauties. They would definitely be ruthless without emotions.

The rain kept on pouring down on top of the six water tribe girls. Because their skins were completely minced, under the curtain of the rain falling down, it was no different than pouring salt over their bodies, causing them to tremble even more as they started to weakly whimper.

However, the only thing they could do were to roll up their bodies and nested within the leaves. They essentially couldn’t stand up. It was apparent that Dongfang Jingyue’s melody gravely wounded all of them.

Even Feng Feiyun found this a bit unbearable, but Young Noble Flawless and the other girls only watched from afar. None of them came to help these girls, or to apply medicine for them, or even help them stand up and cover them with umbrellas.

This was truly too cruel.

Feng Feiyun couldn’t watch this and said:

“Is Young Noble Flawless so heartless that he would even ignore girls that had followed you?”

“The beauties of this world are like the renowned generals; we shouldn’t let these beauties see old age. Beauties will fade away one day, and at that moment, they will no longer be beauties, and no longer have the qualifications to stand by my side. If they are already withered, then let earth return to the earth and ashes return to ashes.”

The voice of Young Noble Flawless was very calm. It was apparent that this was his truth. Yuer, who was standing next to the palanquin, also said:

“There are only beauties next to my Young Noble from the past till now. At this moment, they have been disfigured under the melody and are no longer beauties, so they are not qualified to follow my master any longer.”

Feng Feiyun wanted to say something else, but he stopped. After all, even the women were saying these words, so even if he interjected, it would only be redundant.

He looked towards the maple trees again. The six exquisite beauties were now bloody messes and soaked in the rain. They were dying while all of their prosperity and glory were leaving them.

Perhaps, before today was over, they would die in this scene under the leaves falling from the sky and be eaten by wild dogs, leaving behind only the bones and messy hair.

Beauties will always have unfortunate lives. Even the most beautiful would always become partners with the earth — no one could help them. This was their choice and this was the result.

The lives of women were as valueless as grass, but wasn’t it even worse for the lives of men? If Feng Feiyun didn’t have enough strength to force Young Noble Flawless back today, then his death might be even worse.

There is no need to pity other people. First, one should pity themselves.

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