Chapter 829: Worm-hole Spirit Stone, Ghost King Scripture

Feng Feiyun might have a smile on but he was actually surprised inside. He only needed to glance at the badge once to realize that it was made from a Worm-hole Spirit Stone.

This was ranked twelfth among the stones, equivalent to one million True Mysterious Spirit Stone.

The continents had numerous wormholes that were invisible. Only high-level treasure-seeking masters could find them.

A few of these wormholes actually had spirit energy and crystals containing the power of space. The crystals were extremely rare and flowed through the ocean of space. The masters could excavate them from the holes.

They contained enormous spirit energy, a million times more than the lowest-level spirit stone. They came to be known as Worm-hole Spirit Stones.

A few large clans grasped the mysteries of space and could use these stones to establish certain coordinates. Whenever their disciples faced danger, they could use these spatial paths to be teleported tens of millions of miles back. This served as an emergency card when necessary.

Of course, crossing through space in this manner required immense energy the longer the range. Doing so two or three times would deplete a stone’s internal energy.

Thus, those who have these stones on them were truly big shots with a capable backing.

“War Faction.” Feiyun memorized this name.


Another three days passed. Long Cangyue and Yao Ji finally finished their session and had tremendous breakthroughs.

Long Cangyue took ten drops and reached peak ninth-level Heaven’s Mandate. She started learning the laws of Nirvana.

Yao Ji took in 567 drops. The ghastly fog and smoke around her turned into a ghost citadel. Below her was a river of blood and bones.

She had a hard time suppressing the rise in cultivation so she couldn’t recall these images into her body.

As the aura reached its limit, the weakest of the bunch - the Ji sisters - were paralyzed on the ground. Feiyun needed to help them stop ninety-percent of the pressure.

He himself found this unbearable. Yao Ji looked like a true ghost king coming into being, wanting to destroy the world.

“Keke, Sir Bi, I thought you were a badass? Why are you crawling on the ground now?” The turtle was having a great time looking at Ningshuai.

It was knowledgeable enough to tell that Ningshuai’s badge was special. It simply decided to feign ignorance just like Feng Feiyun. Otherwise, the thief would be unbearably annoying.

“Your father’s cultivation is suppressed, otherwise…” Ningshuai wanted to say that he could take on ten pieces of trash like Yao Ji but he thought twice about it. Even without his seal, he might still lose to her so he swallowed his words.

He cursed this woman for being so devilish, becoming so strong at this shitty place. This was truly heaven-defying.

“So greedy, can’t even suppress her aura now.” Feiyun shook his head.

“The specter path is arduous, you can only blame yourself for having so many Buddhist essences. I have no choice but to go as far as possible. See, now I'm finally getting interest from my initial investment.” Her hair fluttered in the air; her waist as thin as a tempting snake demon.

“You need to suppress your aura and qi images first.” He said.

“I want to but the ghost energy inside me expanded to an insane level due to my increase in cultivation. This is peak fourth-tribulation specter level, I need at least three years of consolidation to suppress them.” She still looked happy and beautiful despite the rampaging aura.

Just several days here were equivalent to two thousand years of cultivation.

“Are you saying that you’ll reach the fifth level soon?” Feiyun was stirred.

Bi Ningshuai and the turtle heard him and felt the same way. 

A fourth-tribulation and a fifth-tribulation specter were fundamentally different despite being just one level apart.

A fourth-tribulation specter immediately gained the power of the first-level Nirvana realm. This would increase with time and effort.

As for one at the peak level? There wasn’t a unified consensus on its power. This pertained to the specter’s talents and original ghost soul.

Most of them at this peak level were only comparable to a third-level Nirvana cultivator. However, a few were talented with special souls, capable of slaying seventh-level Nirvana cultivators.

Thus, the battle potential in the same realm had an immense range.

Of course, the fifth level took it to the next level.

In a small area like Jin, a fourth-level specter could be considered a ghost king. In Central, a fifth-level specter was still considered a ghost king.

This was also the case for the Corpse Evils at their fourth and fifth transformation.

Yao Ji shook her head and said: “I don’t know, only a few specters will be able to transform and give birth to a ghost soul source, maybe one in ten thousand, so the probability is low. I need to stabilize my cultivation before I can come to a conclusion.”

Feiyun pondered for a bit, recalling his old memories. Certain things resurfaced and he said: “I have a Ghost King Scripture from a sixth-level ghost king. It’ll help you create a ghost soul source.”

Bi Ningshuai suddenly laughed while holding his stomach: “Sixth-level ghost king? A scripture too? Hahahahaha! You’re killing me! As if you would have something like that! Haha!” 

Feiyun kicked a pebble from the ground, aiming perfectly at Ningshuai’s mouth and it got stuck there.

“Really? A scripture… from a sixth-level ghost king?” Yao Ji couldn’t believe it.

She was the Yin Mother but didn’t have a cultivation merit law. The only way for specters to grow in her world was to devour the others.  The majority of specters actually believed that this was the only cultivation path.

“Yes.” Feiyun touched her forehead with his finger. The fingertip became bright and the light entered her.

She closed her eyes as profound ghost runes appeared in her mind. A forbidden scripture slowly took form in there.

Her lips curled into a smile - this was indeed a divine art for specters to cultivate.

Ningshuai and the turtle saw her expression - this was all the proof they needed. Their eyes nearly left their sockets in astonishment.

Why did Feiyun have this scripture? Because this ghost king was Feiyun’s sworn brother. They were enemies who became friends.

Unfortunately, a conflict started later on because of one reason - Feiyun wanting to get married.

Other brothers would feel happy for the guy. However, this ghost king disagreed. He felt that Feiyun was still too young and shouldn’t do it so soon.

Moreover, they would become distant as a result. Most importantly, he shouldn’t get married to a lowly human.

All these reasons made the ghost king unhappy. He announced that if Feiyun were to get married to a human, he would immediately kill her.

That’s why the friends became enemies again and fought on sight, wanting to knock the teeth out of their opponent. This reason was a little ridiculous.

‘I should have listened to him.’ Feiyun recalled his old brother after these memories came back.

He shook his head - this was the distant past of a previous life. No need to think about it again.

He also handed Yao Ji an art that would allow her to recall her aura and qi images. The group then took the spirit stones and left Heavenly Kingdom. They appeared at the Evil Woman’s citadel once more.

Feiyun immediately sensed an immense aura. He stared towards that direction and saw a mighty pagoda at the center of the city. It had amazing divinity and its light engulfed the whole city.

This aura… did she actually dig it out of Wanxiang Pagoda?

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