Chapter 827: I Want The Yang Soul Holy Embryo

The strand of life-death law contained boundless information and knowledge on top of untold perils. One needed to exercise prudence in order to understand and conquer it.

Though Feiyun had done so before, he still trod with caution. He gestated it inside his mind first, letting his own aura infect and assimilate with it. This would make the submission easier in the future.

Just grasping this law like he did today was an incredible achievement. Other geniuses might not be able to do it after several hundred years.

All in all, a pseudo Enlightened Being was still in Heaven’s Mandate realm.

The Buddhist essences inside his body became fully saturated once more. This session was short, only around two days or so.

He opened his eyes and came out. Long Cangyue and Yao Ji were still cultivating.

Yao Ji, in particular, had a massive qi image - a colossal nether citadel floated above her. The three hundred drops of essences have been fully absorbed. Her skin became whiter and resplendent. Each inch of flesh was seemingly carved from divine jade.

She stood there and turned the clouds in the region into darkness. Nether energy surged for three thousand miles. This became a land of the ghosts - quite a frightening scene.

“Such a powerful breath.” Feiyun narrowed his eyes while staring at the Yin Mother. He had underestimated her in the past. She needed to be strong in order to reign the masters in her realm.

“Leave, everyone, she is my… friend.” Feiyun landed on a ridge nearby and told the gathered group of spirit beasts.

Her nether energy was just too thick so it alarmed the powerful spirit beasts in the kingdom. They might have attacked her already if they didn’t see Feiyun there as well.

The majority followed his order. Some little ones still stayed behind and stared at Yao Ji with curiosity in their eyes, having never seen this type of cultivation before.

The disciples of Beastmaster also came; each of them as pretty as ever. Wu Qinghua was in the front. She had an annoyed expression as she commented: “Another lover of that devil, just a ghost girl, what’s there to look at?”

She left right away. The younger ones from Beastmaster didn’t want to anger her and stopped watching. They went back to the balcony of their Buddhist shrines.

“Hey! Who are you calling my lover? I’ll make you one too one day!” Feiyun shouted towards the clouds.

“Whoosh!” A spirit sword looking like a white dragon dashed downward and breezed by his neck. It circled back and returned to the clouds.

Feiyun touched his neck and felt a little cold. If he didn’t sidestep fast enough early, it might have actually cut him.

He ran over to the cliff hidden in the clouds and shouted from the bottom: “Little Qinghua, why are you still so tempestuous, learn how to play nice in the future.”

He left right away in order to not actually provoke her. It would be too problematic.

He then saw the Ji sisters not far from there. Their eyes were still muddled since they have only finished with their training session recently.

Just one drop of Buddhist essence pushed their cultivation to the limit. They turned back to their original form - long blue hair and white eyes. Even their eyelashes were blue and shiny. Their skin was as white as snow without a single blemish. A faint blue radiance surrounded them.

Their figure was delicate yet voluptuous in the right parts. Their cute yet sexy belly button could be seen. One couldn’t help wanting to grab them by the waist.

Feiyun was never good at resisting women. Now, the image of a threesome popped in his mind but he quickly used his Buddhist energy to regain clarity.

His demonic blood was the thing causing this. The demons always had this evil affinity since birth.

Some considered sex to be as essential as meals. They required it daily, or even several times daily.

A few special species would gain cultivation the more they had sex. Thus, they chose this path in order to reach the source of the grand dao.

This also displayed a fundamental difference between demons and beasts. A beast might become extremely mighty yet it still wouldn’t be able to take on human form.

This wasn’t the case for demons. They could eventually possess a humanoid form and their cultivation speed would increase even more.

Because of this special ability, the majority of demons considered themselves to be superior to men and beasts, that they were the noblest existences.

‘It’s a good thing I cultivate Golden Silkworm or all the disciples from Beastmaster might be in danger.’ Feiyun smiled.

“Don’t come over here.” Ji Xinnu and Xiaonu became afraid because they could see his devilish smile just now.

Feiyun tidied his robe and tried his best to salvage his image. He put on the friendliest smile and said: “I just want to ask you two one question.”

The girls felt that his goal was definitely impure. His eyes just now resembled a wolf gazing at two sheep. Though he had a Buddhist glow around him, he still looked like a fake gentleman.

“What is it?” Xinnu didn’t have a big prejudice against Feiyun and asked. Her shiny, pink lips pursed prettily.

Feiyun took out the two lamps refined by Ji Haotian, one blue and one red. They contained unimaginable power after a full activation.

“This is the only thing your father left to you, each of you should take one. When facing danger, add one drop of blood into it. It will absorb your blood and release a power far beyond your cultivation. Once you two get stronger, you might be able to use your blood to summon a colossal Yang God for protection.” Feiyun put on a sad expression.

The two girls had a heavy heart as they accepted the lamps. Though they hated Ji Haotian, he was still their father. The tie of blood wasn’t easily broken.

“Since I’m giving something so precious to you, shouldn’t you repay me with the Yang Soul Holy Embryo?” Feiyun finally revealed his foxtail.

“Asshole, I knew you had ulterior motives! So dirty!” Ji Xiaonu’s sad expression turned into anger as she gritted her teeth.

On the other hand, Xinnu turned red and lowered her head while biting her lower lip.

“How is this dirty? I helped you two get revenge and I’m not asking for you to pay me back with your body. It’s just one treasure yet you refuse? Didn’t we have an agreement already?” Feiyun said.

“What agreement? We gave you the Eight Arts Volume and you helped us get revenge. Now we’re even.” Xiaonu pouted.

“You still owe me for these two lamps. You can’t use that embryo anyway but I can use it very effectively.” Feiyun’s face turned dark.

“They were given to us by our father, it has nothing to do with you.” Xiaonu said.

“He handed them to me. The only reason why I’m giving it to you two is because I see that you don’t have any defensive weapon.” Li Qiye posed with both hands behind his back and gazed at the sky.

“No way!” Both sisters shouted in unison.

“Why not? Your father actually left you two to me too because your blood is the only thing that can activate the lamps’ power. If I want to use the lamps, I’ll have to protect you two forever. He’s quite a wily man, and he certainly cares a lot about you two. That’s why he found such a strong backer in me. Well, in a sense, he tricked me into this.” Feiyun smiled.

He was right. Ji Haotian gave him the lamps solely for this purpose.

These lamps were comparable to a fifth-ranked treasure once fully activated. This was definitely unbeatable in Jin but Feiyun wasn’t interested in them.

On the other hand, he actually wanted the holy embryo from these two sisters. Keep in mind that even a saint in the legends might not be able to create this cultivation entity.

If this embryo was known even in Central Dynasty, it would still cause a storm. Feiyun didn’t give up and wanted to take this embryo at all cost. Only a fool would let it slip by.

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