Chapter 82: Inexplicable Feelings

The rain was still streaming down outside of the window. The misty fogs remained vast and indistinct.

In the mountains, only the moving and beautiful sounds of the lute could be heard, like a song of the angels.

Dongfang Jingyue was in front of the window while holding her red lute. Her slender fingers gently jumped back and forth on top of the strings and played the “Sleep in the Rain” tune, bewildering people.

“In the calm evening, the chaotic fogs flew everywhere~ Suddenly woken up from a tranquil sleep, it was the misty wind under the moon again~ Strolling leisurely under the vague starlight~ The queen of the night in the lonely desolace, the temple in the north lasting forever~ Crystal clear drop after drop came down with the sweet fragrance of the rain~ The flowers were silenced, and he still had not slept~”

The sound of the lute was wonderful, but her singing voice was even more charming!

Feng Feiyun’s eyes became blurry and his deep black pupils became more drowsy. His head became heavy as if he wanted to fall deep asleep within this song.

The “Sleep in the Rain” was a song that hypnotized the will of others!

Dongfang Jingyue was softly singing while gazing at Feng Feiyun, who was gradually passing out. Her alluring pair of eyes smiled like two crescent moons.

However, just when she felt that her grand deed was accomplished, along with gusts of wind breaking, there came the sound of a flute playing in the rain. There were many people coming closer, they were all masters. Especially the one playing the flute, that one was particularly powerful. Their cultivation must be unfathomable.

Her lute suddenly became chaotic and Feng Feiyun shivered before he came into being. In his heart, he shouted that it was a close call. Earlier, if he was really mesmerized by Dongfang Jingyue’s lute, then wouldn’t she be able to do whatever she wanted?

Feng Feiyun couldn’t help but cover his own body as he shot an unfriendly gaze at Dongfang Jingyue. If this damned grandma took advantage of when he was sleeping and indecently assaulted him, then he would really have lost too much.

“Jing Huan Mountain is indeed a heavenly ground with talented characters. In such a deep mountain, one can find such a supreme sound of the lute. If this Young Noble isn’t wrong, then inside must be a peerless beauty.”

A palanquin, with a seat made from white clouds, approached from within the rain. Below the seat were paddings of faint mists and on top of it were brightly colored flowers, swaying in the wind. The flute sound inside the carriage was unending and added to the mysterious atmosphere.

The seat made of clouds on top of the palanquin didn’t fall down. It was carried by four supreme beauties towards the outside of the tea house.

The cultivation of the person inside the palanquin was exceedingly high. This person exerted a powerful aura that encompassed the surrounding radius of a few zhang. Even the rain and winds couldn’t penetrate it.

“This voice…”

Feng Feiyun felt that the voice of this person was very familiar. So, he slightly glanced to the outside. He saw that it was not just a palanquin with the seat made of clouds and four beautiful women, but in the far distance, there were also countless graceful figures. All of them were young and lovely, like the flowers blooming in the rain. It was a feast for the eyes.

There was only one person in this world that could have so many women following him!

Young Noble Flawless!

Dongfang Jingyue was obviously very upset. After all, she almost succeeded in mesmerizing Feng Feiyun. Only god knew why, half-way through, this Young Noble Flawless appeared. Who on earth was this crazy person appearing at a time like this?

“The sound of the lute from earlier was the most beautiful music I have ever heard in my life. Even our national champion of music would not necessarily be able to compete with Young Miss. This Su Yun has a great gift. I only want to discuss musical principles with you on a sunny day.”

Young Noble Flawless’ hand protruded from the palanquin and signaled once. An elegant girl immediately went over with a silver tray. She then walked into the wooden tea house to place the gift in front of Dongfang Jingyue.

To have so many wonderful women following him, Young Noble Flawless must be someone well versed in the hearts of women. Therefore, whenever he took action, it must be extraordinary. It had to be something that Dongfang Jingyue couldn’t refuse.

As long as he could personally stay by Dongfang Jingyue’s side for one day and one night, he was completely confident in making Dongfang Jingyue fall in love with him and only him.

He was absolutely confident about this because he was Young Noble Flawless — perfect without any flaws!

On top of the silver tray was an ancient bamboo slip. It had the words, “Non-Mortal Murderous Night”.

The bamboo slip was extremely old — faint and ancient. There were places where insects left their traces, leaving behind tiny holes. They represented its rich history of hundreds of years.

“Non-Mortal Murderous Night, isn’t this the heavenly musical manual that the Sacred Spirit Palace lost five hundred years ago? One of the three grand heavenly musical manuals?”

Dongfang Jingyue’s elegant brows slightly furrowed. She felt a bit surprised.

She was the descendant of the Yin Gou family, what treasures in this world could she not obtain?

She originally didn’t care about this gift Su Yun offered, but after she saw that it was the musical manual, “Non-Mortal Murderous Night”, she couldn’t help but feel ecstatic inside.

The voice of Young Noble Flawless came again from the outside:

“Earlier, from the sounds of Young Miss, I could faintly hear the rhythms of the Sacred Spirit Palace. Could it be that Young Miss had learned at the Sacred Spirit Palace? Plus, your cultivation is not low either. Could I have said something wrong?”

The beautiful eyes of Dongfang Jingyue became even more surprised. This person was so perceptive! Then, she replied:

“You are not wrong.”

“Then it is all good. This ‘Non-Mortal Murderous Night’ was accidentally taken by me from a predecessor. It seems like the item will return back to its own.”

Young Noble Flawless eloquently said.

Young Noble Flawless was indeed an expert at picking flowers. Earlier, he said that if Dongfang Jingyue was to accept his gift, then she would have to stay with him for one day and one night to discuss musical principles. However, right now, he was using the guise of returning an item to its original owner and left the treasure in the hands of Dongfang Jingyue so that she would take the bait.

If Dongfang Jingyue accepted it, even if it was an item returning to its original owner, she would also be accepting Young Noble Flawless’ request to accompany him for one day and one night.

If she didn’t accept it… This was a peerless musical manual and a particularly supreme technique in the cultivational world to boot. It was truly able to make people not willing to let it go.


Feng Feiyun immediately waved his Invincible Buddhist Staff and suddenly struck in front of him, breaking the silver tray into many pieces. Of course, the musical manual on the tray was beaten into bamboo dust.

Just like this, a supreme musical manual, one of the three grand heavenly manuals of the heavenly musical repository, was made completely extinct in this world.

This scene caused even Dongfang Jingyue to be shocked. Was this damned Feng Feiyun crazy? This heavenly item was destroyed by his single staff strike and became dust. This was truly a waste of the heaven’s treasure.

“You thug, do you know that your one staff strike just turned the wealth of ten ancient cities into oblivion?”

Dongfang Jingyue did not know why Feng Feiyun was so impulsive.

Feng Feiyun sat down again. He touched his Invincible Buddhist Staff and vainly chuckled:

“Haha, was it that valuable? Sigh, I didn’t know! How about I give you another manual in the future?”

“Hmph! Even with ten reincarnations, you wouldn’t be able to buy that bamboo slip. Oh heaven, the Non-Mortal Murderous Night just disappeared in this world.”

Dongfang Jingyue sighed softly. She felt a bit lost on the inside.

Feng Feiyun didn’t feel guilty at all. In fact, it was surprisingly refreshing. He picked up his chair and sat in front of the wooden house’s door. Then, he placed his Invincible Buddhist Staff horizontally and domineeringly said:

“Young Noble Flawless, this girl inside the house is already my woman. You shouldn’t have any ideas about her. Otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?”

It was as if Young Noble Flawless already knew that Feng Feiyun was inside. It was just within his expectations.

“Cough cough. Otherwise, I would not let you take a step inside this door.”

Feng Feiyun didn’t know why he wanted to be involved in this matter, but he always felt that if Dongfang Jingyue became intimate with the pervert Young Noble Flawless, his heart would be very uncomfortable. He definitely would not let something like this happen.

Dongfang Jingyue was still sitting next to the window with her white robe covering her body, like a charming immortal goddess. She was a bit interested in Feng Feiyun’s childish behavior, and she understood a little bit in her heart.

Her eyes became bright with some enlightenment. She softly spoke for the first time:

“You can’t stop him, his cultivation is ten times higher than yours.”

The voice of Young Noble Flawless came from under the rain. He closed his eyes in enjoyment and intoxicatingly mumbled:

“The voice is so sweet and pleasant and capable of carrying a spirit outside of this mundane world. I truly cannot restrain myself any longer. For such a beauty, there is no one in this world that could stop this Su Yun from meeting her.”

At this moment, Feng Feiyun felt even more uncomfortable. Why did this damned Dongfang Jingyue speak at this moment? Wasn’t this the same as deliberately seducing this Young Noble Flawless to commit a crime? Now, it seemed like Feng Feiyun was the one trying to split apart two lovers.

This depressing feeling was quite complex and made Feng Feiyun angry and upset. This feeling was hard to explain. It was as if something that belonged to him was being stolen away by someone else right in front of his eyes.

Could it be that he inadvertently already liked this damned Dongfang Jingyue? No, this was impossible. Feng Feiyun began to suppress his emotions.

And while Feng Feiyun was very depressed, Dongfang Jingyue began to speak again as she smiled:

“Young Noble Flawless, you misunderstood. I wanted to say that he truly couldn’t stop you, but if I also joined, then this would not necessarily be the case. Feng Feiyun, if we join forces, what level would our battle capability be?”

Feng Feiyun slightly glanced at her and saw her smiling back. He immediately knew that he was played by her earlier, but this was not a problem. This damned grandma had even more personalities than his imagination, causing Feng Feiyun to be a bit surprised.

“This… If both of us fight together, then it would absolutely be heaven frightening and earth shattering, and capable of causing the gods and devils to be in fear. If god stops our path, slay god; if buddha stops our path, slay buddha. Young Noble Flawless, you should know that this will be difficult and you should retreat ahead of time.”

Feng Feiyun crossed his legs while he sat in his chair. He kept on spinning the Invincible Buddhist Staff in his hand with a satisfied expression. At this moment, if Dongfang Jingyue could sit on his lap, it would be perfect. It would absolutely cause this Young Noble Flawless to vomit blood from anger.

However, this was only Feng Feiyun’s thought. With the proud personality of Dongfang Jingyue, to be able to say that she would fight alongside Feng Feiyun under this dire circumstance was her bottom line.

This woman simply wanted to say that they would fight together just to scare Young Noble Flawless away. In the end, Flawless was just too powerful. Even she wouldn’t necessarily be able to block ten moves from him. So, she wanted to borrow Feng Feiyun in order to make Flawless give up.

She naturally heard of Young Noble Flawless’ renowned name and was extremely wary of him. On the contrary, this Feng Feiyun was currently giving her an endearing feeling. This sense of familiarity was a bit inexplicable.

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