Chapter 812: Big Transaction

The royal clan has been developing in this area for thousands of years. There was no lack of enemies but also allies. For example, the dragon palace, Wanxiang Pagoda, Yin Void Cave…

The Yin Gou as well.

This clan had deep ties with the royal clan. In each generation, its clan master would marry a princess.

The generational imperial tutor would usually be from the Yin Gou as well. The other three clans also had these types of marriages but they weren’t as close.

All in all, the three clans normally opposed the royal clan while the Yin Gou had its back.

“Clan Master, there is someone wanting to have an audience with you. He has the badge of the Grand Chancellor.” An old servant stood respectfully outside.

The chamber was bright with songs and dancers, seemingly a banquet for an esteemed guest.

Both the music and the dancing techniques were superb.

There was indeed a guest here. The clan even invited the Flower Empress, Feng Miaomiao, from Blissful Flower Palace. This place became the number one location for gentlemen after the destruction of Beauty’s Smile and Supreme Beauty Palace.

Feng Miaomiao immediately stopped playing the zither after hearing the message. She was adored by the prodigies in the capital but didn’t think that she was on the same level as the Grand Chancellor.

Clan Master Dongfang Hanlin, Dongfang Jingshui, and several prestigious old men were present.

Hanlin’s brows furrowed slightly in rumination, potentially thinking about the goal of this visit.

There was already a big shot from the royal clan here. Now, a messenger from the Grand Chancellor too?

Long Chuanfeng stroked his beard and smiled: “I heard the new chancellor is quite capable. I’ve been wanting to meet her for a while but no chance. Clan Master, do you want me to leave for a bit?”

“No need, you’re not an outsider. Dongfang Quan, invite the messenger in.” Dongfang Hanlin ordered and started talking about the recent battles with the Divine King again.

When Feiyun was outside, he could already sense Long Chuanfeng’s aura. The latter noticed him as well.

This was the awareness of top experts. They could recognize each other without meeting in person.

Feiyun didn’t expect to see him here but didn’t try to hide it either. He didn’t change his appearance and walked straight into the chamber.

Most members of the Yin Gou were surprised to see him. The girls from Blissful found this strange - why did these lords have this expression after seeing this youth?

They have seen too many prodigies. This guy was only handsome and didn’t warrant such a strong response.

Feng Miaomiao stared curiously at him with shimmering eyes.

“Your disciple greets you, Master.” Feiyun walked to Chuanfeng’s front and bowed his head.

The Divine King’s disciple? Why would he be a messenger of the Grand Chancellor then? Feng Miaomiao found this more confusing.

Chuanfeng had a complicated look in his eyes while gazing at Feiyun - appreciation for his skills, regrets, and certain helplessness hid deep inside.

“You’ve done well, my disciple. Go have a seat.” He said.

Feng Feiyun has done many things for the royal clan yet was still banished in the end. Others would have rebelled but Feiyun didn’t do so.

Chuanfeng knew that it wasn’t out of fear but rather respect for his master.

Feiyun found a place a bit lower. A pretty girl with a zither sat in front of him. She greeted him with a smile.

“Feng Feiyun greets you, Clan Master.” He said.

The dancers and singers became frightened right away after hearing his name.

Feiyun was quite famous right now, enough to stand on the same level as the clan master of the Yin Gou. However, all girls were afraid of him, viewing him as a villain.

The atmosphere in the chamber became strange. Dongfang Jingshui got up and left by himself.

A high-ranking elder spoke before his clan master: “Feng Feiyun, you dare to come here alone? Are you not afraid that we’ll take your Golden Silkworm Scripture?” 

Feiyun exuded a powerful aura of Buddhism. It turned into a halo and nearly suffocated that elder, forcing him to the ground.

Everyone became startled, realizing that he has grown stronger after learning the scripture.

He stopped intimidating them and withdrew his aura: “No one can stop me from leaving, that’s why I’m here.”

“Virtuous Nephew, Old Fourth was only joking. That scripture is a source of disaster, not a blessing. We don’t want this hot potato in our hand.” The clan master laughed and alleviated the tension.

“I’m here today to ask for a favor.” Feiyun revealed.

The clan master was surprised and glanced over at Chuanfeng: “What a coincidence, you two are here to rob us completely.”

“Blame yourselves for being so rich.” Chuanfeng said freely.

Feiyun understood Chuanfeng’s goal right away. The army had returned to the capital and abandoned the outer regions.

The next battle was going to be one of attrition requiring resources. That’s why he was here.

Chuanfeng handed a list over. Feiyun didn’t know the content but knew that it must be about spirit stones, pills, spirit grass, weapons, and mounts…

The Yin Gou was ancient and had a rich history of wealth. Its resources must be unimaginable.

The clan master raised his brows after seeing the content. It wasn’t a small amount.

Feiyun started contemplating. The Yin Gou will definitely satisfy the royal clan’s demand since they were allies. Moreover, protecting the capital was beneficial for their clan too.

Feiyun still needed 1,500,000 more stones at least. Who knows how much this clan would have left after helping the royal clan?

Time was of the essence then. And fortunately, he had room to negotiate since it was his master and not someone else from the royal clan.

Feiyun sent a mental message to the two. They stared at him in unison. The clan master then told everyone to leave, leaving just the three.

“Virtuous Nephew, you wish to do business with our clan?” The clan master became curious. A merchant like him never said no to potential business.

“I want to trade other resources for spirit stones.” Feiyun got straight to the point.

The other two became curious.

“The capital is actually lacking materials and resources, not spirit stones. How many do you need?” The clan master said.

In war, spirit stones could only be used to prepare formations. The clan had plenty of stones since they could make more than one thousand spirit stones per auction.

“1,500,000.” Feiyun revealed. He picked a more conservative number since saying 2,000,000 might shock them.

They were still shocked anyway.

Keep in mind that Jin’s national treasury didn’t have this amount right now. Chuanfeng wrote down 2,000,000 on his list but that was for the war effort.

Feiyun alone wanted 1,500,000? That’s too ridiculous.

“I know the majority of the formations at the capital are empowered by the dragon stone so there is no need for stones. I don’t need the high-level ones either, just the three lowest types. If you can get me this amount, I’ll trade you the equivalent pills and grass.” He elaborated.

The Dragon Spirit Stone was ranked tenth and had plenty of energy. It was equivalent to a hundred million True Mysterious Spirit Stones.

That’s why Jin actually didn’t need spirit stones. Only new formations would require them.

Both the clan master and Long Chuanfeng understood this. They just didn’t know why he needed so much. Could he also give enough resources back?

“It’s enough to buy 150,000 millennium grass roots, it’s an insane number.” The clan master thought that Feiyun was capable. Alas, this should be impossible.

Spirit grass was rarer than spirit stone, especially the older ones. There was no way he could muster so many.

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