Chapter 811: The Situation At The Capital

The group was no longer here but there were traces of them. Feiyun believed that they have been hiding here for a while.

The experts from Yin and Yang World on top of Peakless Lord might be after them for the various treasures. Hiding in the capital might be safer than anyone else despite the circumstances.

He left the mansion and wanted to see the current situation on top of gathering information about Supreme Goddess.

It was quite tense since all the formations have been activated. There were troops guarding every street. Royal cultivators presided over the formations in case of spies and enemies working from the inside.

Internal sabotage was difficult due to the layers of guards.

A battalion consisting of several hundred soldiers escorted carriages containing pills. The commander took out a badge and said: “We are under the order of Winged Marquis to bring these pills towards Porter Pass.”

“Let them through.” A cultivator watching the formation on this street took a look at the badge and released the formation.

“Porter” was one of the nine main passes or gates to the capital.

The capital has been around for more than six thousand years. There were a total of nine passes leading to the gates and seventy-two strategic towns in the vicinity. Each had plenty of defensive methods.

Right now, the coalition armies have been blocked outside of these towns, unable to break through just yet.

As for the nine gates, each was watched by a heavenly marquis along with their camp’s seniors and ancestors. 

“The royal clan isn’t too bad.” Feiyun turned into a wind and passed through the deactivated formation. The cultivators guarding that formation didn’t have a clue.

He followed the escort battalion and made it through seven streets. He didn’t come out of the capital because he noticed something else along the way - a mansion as large as a fortress.

It had plenty of floating palaces and guards - the mansion of the Grand Chancellor.

Soldiers came and went. Some came to report while others left to carry out orders.

He rubbed his chin and snuck into the mansion without alerting anyone.

Yao Ji sat in her study room, reading military information.

“Senluo is doing quite well, ten different routes against ten towns and nearly got through. The emperor should have sent experts as reinforcement, no need to worry about them.” Yao Ji put down a letter and reached for the next.

After the return of the previous emperor and the empress, Yao Ji no longer commanded the army. Her responsibility became administration and dispatch. 

The moment she held the envelope, she suddenly raised her brows with a flash in her eyes. “Leave, I wish to rest.”

The maids and guards both inside and out left.

Feiyun was now sitting in a red jade chair with his legs up. He smiled at the beauty: “Your Excellency, you look quite intimidating in an official uniform, nearly scaring me down on my knees.”

“As if a feeble girl like me can make the famous son of the demon kneel. I should be the one on my knees.” She revealed an enchanting smile. Her complexion was as white as a pear flower. Her voice was lovable and tender like a helpless lamb.

“Are you the Yin Mother or not?” Feiyun put on a serious expression and took out the ghost bottle.

“Yin Mother? What’s that, I’m just a young lady, do I look that old?” Yao Ji slowly leaned into his embrace. Her jade hand wrapped around his neck as she whispered: “You jerk, I’ve already given you my most precious thing and treasure, how can you still suspect me? Fine, I’m really the so-called Yin Mother, an old ghost, I’ll eat you now.”

“You ate me long ago, haha!” Feiyun put away the bottle and said: “It’s fine if you don’t want to admit it, I’m not here for that. I just want to know where the empress took the soul.”

Yao Ji became serious and said: “The empress brought Supreme Goddess out of the capital fifteen days ago. She had a duel with the heretical king, the ancestor of rakshasa, and the father of the barbarian king. She hasn’t returned yet.”

“What? Those two are here too?” Feiyun was surprised.

Monk Zhi Zang explained to him that these two were the top dogs of Jin, on the same level as the empress. They were the top master of Rakshasa and Qian Dynasty, respectively.

The empress was decisive indeed, challenging all three at once. Not even the Grand Sovereign of Long would dare to do something like this.

“Why was she so confident? One against three?” Feiyun said.

“Well, if she didn’t stop them, the nine passes would have been taken down by now.” Yao Ji nodded.

“But why did she bring the soul with her?”

“I’m confused about it as well. Supreme Goddess’ soul has gathered a fair amount of worship power but it’s still too weak. It’s meaningless in a battle of this level.” 

He became worried. If the goddess’ soul were destroyed, then all of the blood he had gathered wouldn’t be able to revive Nangong Hongyan.

“Where did they meet?” He asked.

Suddenly, rapid footsteps sounded outside. A messenger reported: “Grand Chancellor, the empress has returned.”

The two inside became surprised and glanced at each other.

“For how long now?” Yao Ji asked.

“Just now. And another message on the battlefront, Heavenly Gate, Heavenly Pillar, and Heavenly Mountain Pass have fallen. Three marquises died as well and the emperor has given an order to abandon the seventy-two towns and passes. The army will retreat to the capital in preparation for the siege.”

“Got it, leave.” She ordered.

The footsteps eventually trailed off.

“What do you think about this?” She took a deep breath and had a serious glint in her eyes.

“This must be the empress’ plan.” He said: “She led the three experts away in order to buy time for the royal clan. The big shots there knew that they couldn’t overextend themselves to protect the outskirts. There must be a reason why they delayed it for a month.”

“True, everyone could see how futile it was for Jin to try and protect those towns.” She nodded.

“The empress is quite interesting.” He chuckled.

“Don’t tell me you want to get closer to her? Oh the great demon’s son, you better be careful, she has your woman right now. It might be a trap.” She smiled.

“I’m not interested in her, give me a badge that can go through the large formations since I have some businesses.” He said seriously.

“That’s easy since I’m in charge of internal affairs. You’ll be safe as long as the empress doesn’t catch you.” She took out an iron badge with her personal seal. No one could duplicate it.

“I have to enter the palace to see the empress, plus, I’ll ask about Little Sister Supreme too.”

“Little Sister?” 

“Haha, I’m older so I’ll be the Big Sis for sure.” She winked at him before tidying up her outfit and erasing his presence.

“Good, I’ll wait here tonight, hopefully you’ll return with some good news.”

She walked towards the exit and added: “The previous Divine King is out.”

“Master…” He leaned back on his chair.

Even the strongest cultivator would have a master. Even the strongest cultivator would only have one life.

The previous Divine King was Feiyun’s master and saved his life. He didn’t care for the royal clan, his master was the sole exception.

“Let’s go to the dragon lake first.” He decided to go to the Yin Gou Clan.

His goal here was to gather spirit stones. Once he had enough, he would go find Supreme Goddess’ soul then leave the capital.

Of course, he would go say goodbye to his master as well.

As for Jin? He didn’t care for it at all.

The dragon lake was heavily guarded with activated formations. They have recalled all of their experts as well.

He sensed several monstrous auras in the area. An Enlightened Being could die by trying to enter this place.

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