Chapter 810: Tenth-ranked Spirit Treasure

The five garments together weren't just wearing all of them at the same time. They gradually fused together and became one.

Scale-like runes emerged on the top and exuded a draconic aura.

“Raaa!” Roars emanated from within his body.

“Screech!” Next came the screech of a phoenix, sharp and stirring.

This was an armor made from phoenix skin and dragon scales.

However, it was divided into five sections, or rather, broken into five garments - Firebird Gown, Nine Doves Gown, Regal Dragon Robe, Invisible Cloak, and Nalan Buddhist Robe.

The phoenix skin had dragon scales woven on it. Invisible silk strings were used for the inner linings. The creator employed both Buddhist and daoist techniques, evident by certain images and runes.

Thus, it could be used as both a battle armor and a stealth device. 

This was the finest workmanship consisting of incredible methods and exceedingly rare materials.

“This… is my skin…” Feiyun’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

The skin felt so familiar because it belonged to his previous life.

Why? How?

Shui Yueting found someone to craft this divine garment?

No, that can’t be. The five garments have been around for several thousand years in Jin now. My skin couldn’t be there.

Plus, there was no way she would let it be lost in Jin given her cultivation, unless it was deliberate.

But why would she do this? There’s no reason to.

Feiyun found his rebirth to be even more confusing. There was only one way to figure this out - find Shui Yueting.

Meanwhile, he had exited the portal and heard Yama’s laughter: “I knew you would come out, die!”

A claw filled with evil energy came straight towards Feiyun’s head.

He summoned a scorching flame in his palm and blew Yama flying, causing the creature to hit the wall of the bottle.

“Hmph, I don’t have time to play with you.” He recalled the gigantic Buddha portal then flew out of the bottle.

“Impossible, how did you get so strong!?” Yama’s voice came from inside.

After he entered the chaotic expanse, a bloody palm immediately came for him again. It was so many times stronger than the current Yama.

Feiyun’s body disintegrated then a new form emerged - a gigantic phoenix with dragon scales instead of plumage.

It was as big as Feiyun’s previous life with wings spanning nine thousand miles. Of course, just this piece of skin was far from matching his old power, not even 1/100,000th. This was still enough right now.

It had the aura of a ninth-level Heaven’s Emergence phoenix.

“Let’s see what you are!” Feiyun’s voice was dreadful. His eyes were as big as a lake. Even an Enlightened Being would be frightened by them.

The bloody claw in the stone coffin immediately escaped.

“I see, a pool of blood gaining sentience.” He could see everything in the coffin now.

He took out the bottle and spoke to Yama: “This stone coffin must be the artifact from your final rebirth?”

“Who the hell are you?!” Yama realized that he had underestimated Feiyun.

“Amazing, seven rebirths before reaching Heaven’s Emergence. The blood in this coffin is yours, left behind after the seventh rebirth. Unfortunately, the blood gained its own sentience and made this coffin evil.”

“You know quite a bit.” Yama gritted his teeth.

“Hmm, Destruction found this coffin from the grave, looks like it used to be your weapon? Let’s see what rank it is.” Feiyun continued.

The phoenix skin improved all of his abilities.

“Oh? Comparable to a tenth-rank spirit treasure? Not bad at all, not bad at all. It’s a shame that the rank is too high to be useful right now.” He quickly assessed the coffin’s power.

Given his current cultivation, third-rank spirit treasures were the most suitable. Fourth-rank was pushing it. As for fifth? It’s possible but he would definitely expend most of his spirit energy. The gain didn’t make up for the loss.

For example, he could use the spirit vessel for two hours, and only its traveling ability. He couldn’t activate any of the others.

To elaborate, a pistol was most likely the deadliest weapon for a child. He would be able to kill other children wielding a saber. However, giving a nuclear warhead to him would be useless despite its actual potential. The weapon had to fit the user.

Nonetheless, this coffin could prove to be useful. It easily destroyed the First Venerable and could imprison stronger characters.

This was a massive prison. Someone like the heretical king might not be able to escape.

If Feiyun wanted to come out, he would need to tame the spirit of this coffin first. In this case, the evil blood.

This particular evil spirit was quite capable. Feiyun might not be able to defeat it with his new armor. However, his aura alone suppressed it.

There was one easy and direct way to do so - using his spirit vessel. This was a sacred artifact, the king of all artifacts. The latter would need to bow before it like loyal subjects.

“When were you born?” He found it and asked.

“I gained sentience three thousand years ago.” The blood condensed on his palm.

‘Yama probably didn’t expect his leftover blood from the seventh rebirth to do this, refining the coffin into its body.’ Feiyun could open the coffin now on top of some other basic powers.

He came out of the coffin and immediately took off his garment. He grabbed a bunch of spirit stones in order to recover his energy.

The garment allowed him to be exceedingly oppressive. Alas, it used up too much spirit energy.

That brief interaction with the evil spirit nearly sapped all of his strength.

“I still need to cultivate more. Can’t rely on external power, that’s not a long-term plan.” He calculated that he could wear the garment for around ten minutes. As for that phoenix form, three minutes at best.

This was quite good already because just one minute could change the tides during a perilous moment.

“I still shouldn’t use it unless I have no other choice.” He was still quite strong in Jin. He could easily escape from the weaker Enlightened Beings now.

“Hmm, where am I?” He finally looked around and saw nothing but darkness.

He was inside a hidden room. After coming out, he realized that it was Long Cangyue’s mansion.

The turtle, Bi Ningshuai, Long Cangyue, and Little Demoness were nowhere to be found.

He heard chariots rolling along with the armor clanking of a marching army. The formations inside the capital have activated.

Each house all had a tiny one; the street had medium-level formations, the larger areas had many more.

The royal clan had prepared this for thousands of years. The capital served as an impregnable fortress.

He couldn’t see through all the formations, the same with his divine intents since there were too many layers. It stopped at around a hundred miles or so.

This was already impressive. Others wouldn’t be able to see past a single one.

He didn’t know the battle’s current state. However, since these formations were still around, it showed that the capital was still standing.

“Can’t believe they carried this coffin into the capital. I really do have pigs for teammates.” Feiyun looked up into the sky and sighed.

He felt that they were throwing him into an abyss of danger. Even Endless Land would be safer right now.

This was akin to him falling asleep in a carriage. Once he woke up, he found that he was stuck in the center of a battlefield while the drivers were nowhere to be found.

He noticed a tablet nearby and finally read the words - “Here lies Feng Feiyun.”

So it turned out that he wasn’t inside a hidden room. That was actually his grave. Moreover, this tablet was a used one. Whoever erased the previous characters did a crappy job. 

They simply stole an existing tablet then polished it for a little bit before adding his name.

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