Chapter 81: Nine Doves Sacred Gown

The rainy night made for a chilling atmosphere. The world seemed to be engulfed in a silky steel curtain.

Leaving behind deep footprints on the muddy ground, someone was hurrying through the night. In the front was an endless darkness, and one could only hear the sound of the cavalries and vehicles quickly moving ahead.

In the sky resounded a loud bird!

Feng Feiyun was standing on top of a peak as he watched wave after wave of cultivators come out from Violet Firmament Ancient City. They were the elites of the elite. Even the extreme masters were part of the groups.

“It seemed like the secrets of Jing Huan Mountain were spread to all of the city, and all of the big powers were alarmed.”

Violet Firmament Ancient City was the center of the Grand Southern Prefecture. The first rank powers, like the Feng Clan, numbered more than five and accounted for half of the entire Grand Southern Prefecture.

Once these forces were alerted, the entire prefecture would be in turmoil. There were no exceptions.

Feng Feiyun wore the Na Lan Buddhist Robe. One hand held the Buddhist Jade Bead while the other held the Invincible Buddhist Staff, with the Infinite Spirit Ring on his finger. His whole body was adorned with treasures. He felt a tremendous power surge through his body. Like this, he would even dare to fight against a big power.


A group of nine chariots was pulled by nine spirit deers in the sky and they rushed towards the horizon.

A big banner was on the bronze chariot and had the words, “Feng Clan” written on it. It was led by the eighth elder and a few extreme experts of the Feng Clan.

Feng Feiyun stood on the nearby mountain and clenched his fists. He really wanted to block the chariots and kill some people, but his reasoning told him that this was not the right time to be impulsive. The bronze carriages contained a powerful killing intent; there might be an expert of the Giant rank inside.

To dash forward would be the same as rushing into a trap.

The nine bronze chariots slowly went away and turned into nine small dots that eventually disappeared in the horizon.

Feng Feiyun directly jumped down from the mountain and followed the group of chariots towards Jing Huan Mountain.

The rain did not stop, but the sky was becoming brighter.

When morning came, the giant mountain slowly appeared in the far distance amidst the rain.

Arriving at Jing Huan Mountain, even though it was still far away, one could still see the lights that came from the mountain. There were also a few powerful presences of Giants, causing others to feel suppressed.

“The heavy rain soaked one’s clothes and permeated all the way to the heart. Will Customer not stop by for a cup of tea?”

The sound of an old man rang in Feng Feiyun’s ears.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun noticed that deep inside the forest was a wooden cabin. A flag on top of the wooden house had the word “Tea”.

Because the rain was too heavy and the mist was too dense in this area, he didn’t notice the tea house earlier.

At this moment, he was following the nine bronze chariots of the Feng Clan, so naturally, he was not in the mood to sit down and drink tea. However, after discerning the voice of the old man, his expression became pleasant as he turned around, only to see the old man standing in the rain while smiling at him.


Feng Feiyun couldn’t help but exclaim, but then he quickly shut his mouth. He went up to greet the old man and ecstatically said:

“Grandpa Liu, why are you here?”

This old man was the housekeeper of Feng Feiyun’s mother, Housekeeper Liu.

Wasn’t Housekeeper Liu in Spirit State City right now? Why was he here? It was as if he was at this place just to wait for him.

“This old servant naturally is here to find Young Master. I have been waiting here for you for the last two days.”

Housekeeper Liu signaled for Feng Feiyun to enter the wooden house. This was a place he used for shelter and doubled as a secretive spot, away from others.

Housekeeper Liu brought forth a hot pot of tea and poured Feng Feiyun a full cup.

After drinking the hot tea, he could feel his entire body warming up.

Feng Feiyun placed down the tea cup and asked:

“Grandpa Liu, where is my father at the moment? Did the law enforcement hall send many experts to suppress my father?”

Housekeeper Liu smiled:

“Master has left Spirit State City. The people from the law enforcement hall won’t be able to find him.”

“Where is he going?”

Feng Feiyun felt more at ease.

“He… He probably is already at the Yu Lou Passage.”

Housekeeper Liu slightly sighed and said:

“Young Master, you could be considered an adult now, and your cultivation is enough to deal with one direction. Master can finally do something that he should have done a long time ago, in peace. The road ahead is entirely up to you.”

The Yu Lou Passage was one of the eighteen gates at the border of the Jin Dynasty. The moment one exited the Yu Lou Passage, they would no longer be in the Jin Dynasty’s territory. Where was father trying to go? And what was he trying to do?

Feng Feiyun guessed that this matter would definitely have something to do with the mother that he had never met, and there was a hidden story behind it.

“Grandpa Liu, don’t you also have to go?”

Feng Feiyun lifted his head since he heard the intention of departure in Housekeeper Liu’s words.

“Of course I also have to go. The only reason I wanted to meet you one last time is because I want to explain a few things to you.”

Housekeeper Liu was quite unwilling to depart because he was the one who watched Feng Feiyun grow up. He even considered Feiyun as his own grandson.

He poured another hot cup of tea for Feng Feiyun and slowly spoke:

“Your mother left behind a sacred robe for you when she was still alive, the Nine Doves Sacred Gown. It was meant to be a memento for you, but it was stolen by the unfilial Feng Suiyu. After hearing this news, Master immediately knew that it was going to be a big deal and he especially commanded me to kill Feng Suiyu and recover the Nine Doves Sacred Gown, but I came too late.”

“Feng Suiyu had died in my hands already.”

Feng Feiyun continued:

“Is my mother really dead? Is Mother really an evil demon as well?”

Feng Feiyun really didn’t have any prejudice against evil demons. After all, he was a grand demon in his past life. Even if his mother was a demon of one direction, he didn’t really mind it. The only thing he cared about was whether or not she was alive.

Housekeeper Liu followed his mother, even before her marriage, so he definitely knew her origin very well.

Housekeeper Liu’s old eyes gazed towards the far horizon as if he was contemplating about something. A while later, he finally said:

“Your mother is such a character: she had gone through four grand tribulations. How could she die so easily?”

“Four grand tribulations!”

In his mind, Feng Feiyun was extremely shaken.

Housekeeper Liu assumed that Feng Feiyun was too young and didn’t know what the four grand tribulations really were, but he didn’t know that Feng Feiyun’s knowledge was very broad. After hearing about the four grand tribulations, Feiyun was quickly frightened.

This was not an ordinary grand character. Feng Feiyun’s heart was churning as if he was struck by a godly thunder. Characters of the four grand tribulations rank… Even him in his past life heard about them but had never seen any.

“Where is my mother now? And who on earth is she?”

Feng Feiyun quickly asked.

“I can’t tell you these things right now. The first thing you need to do is to take the Nine Doves Sacred Gown back, this item originally belonged to you.”

Housekeeper Liu earnestly continued:

“Half of the blood flowing in your body is human while the other half is demonic. In your future path of cultivation, you will meet one grand tribulation. Only the Nine Doves Sacred Gown will allow you to surpass this difficult tribulation.”

Feng Feiyun asked:

“When will this grand tribulation come?”

“When the evil demon blood in your body awakens. Both your power and the disastrous effect will increase within your body. If you cannot surpass this disaster, you will die on the cultivation path and become a rotting corpse.”

Housekeeper Liu clearly had other important things to do, so after he explained these things, he left the teahouse and disappeared in the rain.

“Feiyun, the future road below your feet… How you choose to walk it is entirely up to you…”

Housekeeper Liu was getting farther and farther away, and his sound became fainter as it finally dissipated.

Feng Feiyun sat in the teahouse. His thoughts were complicated. For his mother to be able to break through four grand tribulations, who was she?

Why did she leave behind the Nine Doves Sacred Gown? Could it be that she guessed that in the future, he would also have a tribulation? Why did she leave if she knew that there was a tribulation coming? And why did she disappear in this world?

The Nine Doves Sacred Gown, an Evil Demon Battle Armor!

How could he take it back from the hands of the Feng ancestor? It seemed like he could only focus on his cultivation. Outside of brute force, there was absolutely no other way.

The wind continued to blow under the thunders, and the rain became heavier and heavier!

“In the wilderness and drinking tea alone, you are acting way too leisurely.”

Outside of the door was a peerless beauty. She was holding a lute and had half of her face covered. Who else could it be but Dongfang Jingyue?

She wore a white gown and stood in the rain but she was not wet. The white veil that covered her face was embroidered with a little butterfly — very lifelike — as if it was flying in the rain.

Her arrival brought along an elegant fragrance. She smilingly gazed at Feng Feiyun, as if she wanted to steal his soul.

Her eyes were naturally erotic. No, forget her eyes, even a single jade finger of hers was enough to easily enrapture the souls of men. However, she was not able to steal Feng Feiyun’s soul.

“To be meeting you in this wilderness, I don’t know if we are destined or I am just unlucky.”

Other people would be ecstatic to randomly meet a stunning beauty and it would show on their face, but Feng Feiyun couldn’t help but sigh and almost thought about directly breaking the window to run away.

“Listening to the wind and rain alone in this tea house is a bit too desolate! Young Noble Feng, would you be willing to let this lowly maid play you a ‘Sleep in the Rain’ tune?”

Dongfang Jingyue sat next to the antique window frame and used a bamboo stick to prop open the windows. The outside had fresh grass, swaying in the wind and rain. The raindrops hitting the windows created even tinier splashes.

With her white gown, along with the crimson lute, she sat by the window.

At this moment, she resembled a painting. Feng Feiyun was in a daze and gazed at her. It was as if he was watching Shui Yue Ting again for the first time!

At that time, it was a beautiful painting, something capable of causing others to be intoxicated in a dream.

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