Chapter 808: Beauty In The Mountain

Feng Feiyun asked Wu Qinghua to take care of Nalan Xuejian. She was probably here in this valley too.

Her lifespan was deteriorating at a rapid rate. Even a multi-millennia spirit fruit only stopped her spirit energy from dispersing. She could only rely on herself to regain her youth and lifespan via cultivation.

He didn’t wish to interact with the disciples from Beastmaster right now and continued heading up the peak.

He was greeted by complicated formations. Their runes floated in the air, virtually invisible and unnoticeable. Touching one would result in a lightning attack.

“Boom!” A bolt as thick as a bowl nearly hit Feiyun’s hand. That would have severed it.

This formation was beyond the means of an ordinary Enlightened Being. It had an offensive edge instead of just defending the temple within.

“How strange, such a powerful formation in the outskirts already. Formation-crossing Lotus platform.” He spread his palm and golden light condensed there. They turned into a floating lotus platform with numerous runes flowing on the surface.

He jumped on the platform and crossed through the formations before making it to an alchemy garden.

This garden was situated in the middle of the peak.

“Ten-thousand-year Goldenstring Grass.” He saw a yellow spirit grass looking like a long vine. The leaves were as large as palm-leaf. It looked like it was made out of gold.

This was a priceless material capable of making ninth-ranked pills.

Even fifth-ranked pills were extremely rare in Jin. Sixth-ranked pills only existed in the ancient scrolls. A ninth-ranked pill? That’s the stuff in the legends.

There wasn’t just one either. He saw three of them at this age. Others were younger at several millennia.

This was only one corner of this garden. Other formations existed here as well so Feiyun followed the right pattern.

He noticed more incredible treasure - sixteen roots at ten-thousand-year-old.

“What a place! Who was the master of this temple?” Feiyun became emotional.

He would have taken everything if he actually needed them for cultivation.

“There’s someone here.” He suddenly sensed the aura of a human in the garden, very recently too.

The humans in the kingdom were dead long ago. So a disciple of Beastmaster then?

No, the strongest among them was Wu Qinghua. She shouldn’t have been able to break the defensive formations.

He followed the aura across the garden and saw a thicket of spirit trees. He crossed through it to head to the very top where the temple was located.

He then saw a girl in green with a white veiled hat. She sat in the temple and used the energy of the seven-colored lamps to cultivate what seems to be a profound Buddhist scripture.

He immediately recognized her. ‘Why is Xuejian here? Oh, Monk Jiu Rou must have taken her here. It’s indeed a great place to cultivate.’

She finally finished cultivating and gathered her energy back. She left the temple and picked a few rare grass from the garden - a four-thousand-year blood pungens, three-thousand-year violet ginseng…

These grasses had a gentle medicinal effect, perfect for her current state. Using higher-level materials right now would have an adverse result.

Unfortunately, the violet ginseng was playing hard to get. She tried to pull them up like a turnip to no avail.

It has connected to the earth vein by this point, rendering the task quite difficult.

“Boom!” She finally got it out but lost her balance from using too much force. She fell backward onto the field and became covered in grass.

“Ha-” Feiyun nearly burst out laughing.

She angrily got up and murmured something before moving on to a spirit spring. She used the water to wash them.

This particular ginseng was one foot long and almost had a humanoid form.

She then sat down by the spring and began biting just like a rabbit eating a turnip.

She felt better and became engulfed in a violet radiance with a sweet fragrance. She seemingly became an alchemy herb herself.

She put down the remaining half of the ginseng and pulled up her sleeves then started playing with the water.

This spirit spring was used to water these precious grass. Just one sip could increase a mortal’s lifespan by ten years.

Feiyun got closer, standing on a stone bridge nearby. He picked up a rock and threw it towards the spring.

“Splash!” Water splashed all over her.

“Ah, who is it?!” She looked up and saw Feng Feiyun through her white veil. The guy was laughing at her misery.

She trembled and bit her lips; her hands awkwardly rubbed her skirt. She ran towards the shrine and didn’t forget to grab the half-eaten ginseng with her. She didn’t want to see Feiyun right now.

Unfortunately, she ran straight into his chest.

She clutched her veiled hat tightly and turned away, angrily shouting: “Don’t look!”

“I don’t see anything.”

“Your heavenly gaze can see through my veil!” She became worried while her forehead ached from the contact.

“I won’t use it without your permission.” He touched her shoulder.

She became frightened like a little rabbit and ran into the temple then closed the door. She stood with her back against it.

“How do you know I’m here?” Her voice sounded youthful compared to their last meeting. It seemed like both her cultivation and lifespan have increased quite a bit thanks to this place.

“I’m, I’m only passing by.” 

“Oh, just passing by.” She sounded disappointed.

“How’s your cultivation recently?” He changed the topic.

“Not bad.”

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll go on ahead.”


“Okay.” He glanced at the temple one more time before leaving. 

He walked up the spring to reach the peak. There was an extraordinary shrine up there, floating in the air. Perhaps he would be able to find some powerful weapons inside.

He checked out the formations and destroyed a few of them before noticing something.

He glanced back and smiled: “Come out.”

Nalan Xuejian unwillingly came out from behind a boulder. She lowered her head and said: “The monk said not to go up the peak. He himself can’t destroy the mighty formations up there.”

“He can’t but I can.” Feiyun seemed confident.

He had methods of breaking formations created by Heaven’s Emergence experts. These formations were relatively dangerous but not unsolvable.

“Why are you here? The monk said that big events are happening outside, Jin itself might not exist afterward. Are you not worried about… Supreme Goddess?”

Feiyun remained silent for a bit before telling her the truth about recent events. He then smiled: “It’s not that I don’t want to leave, it’s because I can’t.”

He moved on with her following right behind him. The two took two days and broke twenty-seven formations at the Enlightened Being level before reaching the shrine at the top.

Some of them were awfully dangerous and injured Feiyun. One even rendered him unconscious.

“When will you stop acting cool?” Xuejian told the injury-ladened Feiyun.

He smiled and used his Buddhist energy to instantly recover: “I’m not acting cool. See, are we not at the peak right now? I believe there is something special in this shrine, maybe a supreme Buddhist weapon.”

“Since when did you cultivate Buddhism?” Her eyes lit up.

“Oh! I’m an idiot! How can I forget this, Golden Silkworm Scripture is incredible, maybe it can heal your injuries and give you back your youth in no time at all.” Feiyun’s eyes lit up as well.

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