Chapter 797: Dragons Started Devouring

The Regal Dragon Robe covered Long Luofu’s soft, jade skin. Her brows were long and exquisite. She wore a phoenix crest with ribbons draping down her shoulders. A golden belt could be seen on her waist, serving to accentuate her curves.

A group of palace maids followed behind her, holding screens and lamps.

“Leave!” She ordered with authority. The maids and female officials kneeled before leaving.

Her eyes turned cold with murderous intent after recalling the meeting just now. Each curvy eyelash seemed to be turning into swords.

She returned to her chamber while thinking about potential countermeasures, completely lost in thoughts. She didn’t notice the missing pieces of her chamber.

“Who?” She felt a ripple coming behind a curtain and saw the shadow of a man.

She finally noticed that her house has been stripped of everything. Her fury intensified.

An emperor’s chamber being infiltrated? This was intolerable.

“Long Luofu, long time no see.” Feng Feiyun lifted the curtain with a golden decree and smiled.

Anyone else addressing her by her real name would have been suppressed and imprisoned, waiting for a date to be flayed. However, she saw his face and recalled her energy.

“Feng Feiyun, you’re quite audacious to come sneaking into my chamber.” She scowled.

She didn’t ask how he got in here because she knew that he was capable of doing so.

Feiyun sat down on a random chair carved from millennium wood and threw the decree down next to her leg: “Acting so unfamiliar after becoming the emperor, huh.”

She remained proud with her head up high, revealing her snow-white neck. She exuded an exceptional aura. She didn’t need to pick up the decree to know the content since she was the one who wrote it.

“Feng Feiyun, you know that a king not from the clan must marry a princess. Your fiancee is dead so you’re no longer qualified to be the Divine King. The royal clan is always strict with its rules.” She was still as beautiful as ever while her aura had become stronger.

“Princess Yue is still alive.” Feiyun smirked.

“What did you say?” Her eyes narrowed.

“I told her to leave, that’s why you got the throne so easily.” He snorted.

Her murderous intent became denser.

“If you’re thinking about killing her to avoid further complications, forget about it.”

“You came here to tell me this?” She calmed down.

“Would you believe me if I say that I’m here to visit you?” He shook his head.

“Feng Feiyun, do you think I’m still the old princess? No, I am the Jin Emperor, the supreme of this region. You can’t come and go as you please here.” She unleashed her golden aura.

A suppressive draconic wave rushed towards him.

“Kneel!” Feiyun shouted. The Ascension Platform in his dantian became dazzling. Luofu’s soul there trembled and this affected the real person.

She couldn’t separate her soul like Long Jiangling and shuddered with fear.

She lost control and got on her knees with great indignation and unwillingness. Her pride as an emperor all but shattered.

Feiyun raised her chin and stared at her red lips before giving her a kiss. “Don’t think I miss you or anything. You started conspiring against your allies the moment you obtained power, I’m not interested in a woman like you. I’m just keeping you alive because you’re still relatively useful to me.”

“You!” She gritted her teeth.

“I just wanted to have a talk but this escalated. Stand up, I guess I need to give you some face since you’re the Jin Emperor now.” He let go and sighed.

Her body trembled as she slowly stood up, feeling powerless. She had imagined him kneeling in front of her countless times. Who would have thought that the opposite would happen.

Her imperial aura accumulated over several years has been defeated.

“You can’t treat me like this.” She had a complicated gleam in her eyes.

Though she had just kneeled earlier, her nobility returned as she sat next to him. Each action brimmed with regality. This was something only found in a true emperor. Others couldn’t copy it.

“You play nice and I’ll play nice, okay? I’ll show you something.” He smiled.

A fireball appeared in his palm. Within was a ghost with a powerful aura, screaming and shouting.

“What is it?” 

“The mysterious assassin who tried to kill you during your coronation.” 

She turned cold again. This assassin nearly killed her. She had ordered plenty of manpower to find this person to no avail.

“Boom!” She crushed Li Bashan into smokes and said: “You think this assassin alone is enough to trade for the goddess’ soul? I’ll tell you the truth, I am no longer in possession of it. You told Yao Ji to take care of it but when the empress took it when she came back, catching Yao Ji off guard.”

She was smart enough to realize his goal after calming down.

“How do you know I told Yao Ji to keep an eye out?” 

“Do you think I’m blind and deaf? I know what’s going on between you two, and that she’s isn’t a disciple from Yin Void. Her true identity is more terrible than your imagination.” 

“Looks like I have underestimated you. Keke, Long Jiangling, you’re forcing me to go all out.”

“The empress doesn’t actually care about you given your current power. She took the soul away in order to stop the incoming dragons.” She sneered.

“The dragons have started devouring the sky?” 

“Multiple armies have been attacking the eight main gates of Central Royal. Three billion martial troops have been nearly routed, their blood flowed like the rivers for 200,000 miles. It’ll be perilous within ten days.”

She didn’t hide it from him because it wasn’t a secret at all. News of this would definitely sweep across the capital tomorrow.

‘No wonder why the officials and generals came tonight, so the eight gates will go down. This has only happened once before in the history of Jin.’ He contemplated.

Central Royal Prefecture was the foundation of Jin. The eight gates going down meant that Jin was half-way finished.

He retained from gloating because this wasn’t good for him either. He worried about a potential attack from Yama during this crucial moment. How could they stop him?

“Three billion troops actually lost? The enemies are quite fierce then.” 

“Right, the strongest twenty-three powers are Senluo, Nalan, Xiyue, Beiming, and the other dynasties with the exception of Wu, the farthest one from here. The other three want a bowl of soup too. Then we have the three big sects from Earthchild, Lifeless and Nether Realm, your Feng Clan, the corpse caves from Northern Frontier Prefecture. Those are the main ones, there are ten thousand or so smaller ones rebelling too.”

“As the saying goes, everyone wants to push a falling wall. The other three dynasties too? Seems like Jin is done for.” He rubbed his temples.

He felt that the Sacred Spirit Palace must be the driving force behind this coalition.

“You want to join too?” 

“Nah, I don’t like pushing a wall, pushing you is much more interesting.”

She recalled what happened in her carriage back then and became frustrated. She wanted to explode but her soul was under his control.

Going against him right now was asking for trouble.

“Take off your clothes!” His expression suddenly became serious.

“...” She became tense from top to bottom, thinking that she would rather die than to obey his perverted demands.

“Do it or I will. You should know that I don’t go easy on girls.” Feiyun repeated while looking at the dragon robe and Luofu’s voluptuous figure.

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