Chapter 796: The Emperor’s Personal Chambers

This thief was quite capable, roaming freely about in the imperial palace. He had stolen from Sacred Spirit Palace before as well.

Feiyun never saw him in action outside of running for his life when pursued by Xie Honglian. The guy’s cultivation shouldn’t be that high which makes all of his feats even more impressive.

“Aren’t you captured by Xie Honglian? How did you get out?” Feiyun activated a stealth formation in order to hide the area near them.

An armored patrol walked by a while later. Their radiant armors automatically served as lamps.

Above were beast riders on patrol as well. They had spirit mirrors capable of spotting hidden intruders. Of course, these mirrors weren’t enough to see through Feiyun’s formation.

Ningshuai flicked his hair in a cool manner and said: “No chains in this world can bind me, not even the great formation of Sacred Spirit nor the grasp of heaven. Really now, I can go wherever I want. I was thinking that if I could steal some of the emperor’s clothes… Okay, okay, her stuff is yours, I’m not interested in that twisted girl…”

“You’re interested in the treasury.” Feiyun smiled.

“I’m interested too.” The turtle peeked out and added.

Bi Ningshuai’s expression changed. He rubbed his nose before coughing awkwardly: “Mmm, I think the prettiest lady at Jewel Palace is dancing tonight, I’m gonna go get a drink there.”

“Go for it, I’ll be going to the palace and tell Long Luofu that someone wants to steal her undergarments.” Feiyun patted the guy’s shoulder and told him to leave.

Ningshuai’s legs suddenly trembled and he pretended to cry: “Don’t play around with me like this, you’re not the motherfucking Divine King anymore, why do you give a damn? I just want to go sight-seeing through the treasury, that’s all, just a friendly tourist, why are you so rude to a tourist, where are your morals?!”

Feiyun took everything he got from the Grand Tutor’s mansion last time. This naturally pained him to no end. 

This time, he prepared for a while before heading to the imperial palace’s treasury only to meet Feng Feiyun again. He felt that all of his spoils would be taken away.

“I know that things have been hard for you so how can I bear to snitch? I just want to ask one thing, how many spirit stones have you stol-, gathered in recent years? Just out of curiosity.”

“Just out of curiosity, really now?”

“Do you think I don’t have enough money? You can throw a mountain in front of me and I still wouldn’t care.” Feiyun placed his arm around Ningshuai’s shoulder like a good friend.

“That’s true.” Ningshuai nodded since he knew that the guy had robbed the underground gambling hall.

That amount was enough to make him salivate so he stopped worrying: “Money has been tight for me, I only have 100,000 spirit stones in my pouch.”

Feiyun took a deep breath. Tight? That’s more than the reserve of many older sects. Just how many graves did he dig up?

He remembered that the guy was poor during the previous auction at the capital. He gathered quite a bit in the last few years.

“That’s it?” He sneered like a rich man looking at a beggar.

Ningshuai couldn’t handle the contemptuous glance and arched his chest: “Well, that’s just half. I actually have close to 200,000, keke!”

“Really?!” Feiyun put on a frightened expression.

“I’ll turn into a worthless turtle if I’m lying.” [1]

The turtle’s expression soured, thinking that Bi Ningshuai didn’t see it clearly.

“Perfect, hand all of it over right now.” Feiyun’s expression became serious.

It was Bi Ningshuai’s turn to grimace. He stared deeply at Feiyun before turning to flee.

Unfortunately, Feiyun caught him and pressed him against the wall.

“Feng Feiyun, you beast! You think it was easy for me to gather these things in the last few years? No, I toiled and risked my life! Now, you want to take it all away!? Just kill me then!” Bi Ningshuai had tears all over. He eventually closed his eyes, seemingly ready to die.

“That’s fine, I’ll die too if I don’t gather five million stones. Go down there first and wait for me.” Feiyun said.

“Wait! Wait! Why do you have to get so many stones? All of the ore mines in Jin being emptied still won’t yield this number.” Ningshuai stopped him.

“The Evil Woman wants to try for the fifth transformation and demands it.” Feiyun didn’t hide it.

“I see, that witch, she’s improving so fast. What a monster.” Bi Ningshuai’s expression changed: “I’m gonna be honest, I was just lying with you, I don’t have 200,000… stop, stop, FINE, I do have them. I’ve never seen someone as barbaric as you.”

He eventually handed over his stones - a total of 170,000. He knew that if he didn’t hand it over to Feiyun, the Evil Woman would eventually come to find him. His life would be at risk then.

“So you’re also scheming for the stones in the national treasury?” He had a pained expression as if he had just fallen into a manure pit. Tears were still streaming out.

“Of course.” Feiyun nodded.

“Good, then you can go by yourself! I’m going to Jewel Palace for a drink with the ladies.” Bi Ningshuai turned to leave.

Unfortunately, Feiyun dragged him back while he shouted in protest: “I don’t want to go there anymore! I want to drink with my beauties! Just a law-abiding drinker who doesn’t participate in those criminal activities… I’ve changed. Now, I just want the pleasure of the mortal world… Sigh…”

Feiyun still forced him into the palace. The two of them divided up their tasks. Bi Ningshuai and the turtle went to the treasury while Feiyun headed for the auspicious main palace.

He was very familiar with its layout on top of being good at formations and having the invisible cloak. He didn’t have any trouble moving through the area.

He saw several officials under the protection of troops heading deeper into the palace. A while later, another two Marquises.

He hid behind the pillar of a building and saw the streams of officials and generals. ‘It’s late already, why are they coming now? What the hell happened?’

A female group came over with the leader dressed in the Chancellor’s robe. She was as pretty as can be with the perfect figure - Yao Ji.

She had become the Grand Chancellor of Jin. Other female officials walked behind her so she looked like the moon surrounded by the stars.

Yao Ji slightly glanced over at Feiyun’s hiding spot. A glint of surprise flashed in her eyes. She immediately looked away and continued on.

‘There’s really something off about her, her cultivation is insane. She saw me through the cloak, can she really be the Yin Mother?’ Feiyun became cautious.

If Yao Ji could see through the cloak, then the previous emperor and Long Jiangling should be able to as well.

He suppressed his curiosity and didn’t go to the main hall to the palace. He took a long way around to reach the inner chamber of Long Luofu. She wasn’t there due to the meeting in the hall.

He took off his cloak and walked around the beautiful palace built with spirit stones. It didn’t have a majestic aura and resembled the bedroom of a maiden, only grander. The spirit energy here was dense enough to nearly take a liquid form.

He noticed an imperial decree that hasn’t been sent out on her cultivation platform. He sat down there and took a look.

Coincidentally enough, it pertained to him. It said that Feng Feiyun didn’t marry a princess so he was no longer qualified to be the Divine King. She wished to dismiss him from his position.

It was written half a year ago. Luofu clearly hesitated in sending this out for half a year.

Now, it didn’t matter because Long Jiangling had banished Feng Feiyun from the royal clan. This decree was no longer necessary.

“Long Luofu, you thought about dealing with me half a year ago already? Haha, who gives a damn about being the Divine King?” Feiyun smiled and tossed the decree to the side.

He then checked out the cultivation platform. It was made from a large Five-grains Spirit Stone, comparable to 8,000 regular spirit stones.

‘Not bad.’ He didn’t shy away from taking the platform away.

He then took everything else from the inner chamber. Even the bricks were made from spirit stones so he took it. A pillar too, the same with her bed.

He pretty much got everything for a total of 20,000 stones, not a bad amount.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps came from outside. Long Luofu has returned.

1. This expression doesn’t work well translated. The characters mean turtle, but in this sense, it is usually used as cuckold, son of a bitch, bastard.

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