Chapter 795: To The Palace

“You’re dirtying that gown by wearing it.” Feiyun thought that only Nangong Hongyan could use it, no one else.

“Raa!” Li Bashan’s roar caused the ground to quake. Half of the princess manor unturned into lava. Bricks turned into fiery stones as a spear soared through the sky like a blazing dragon.

Ji Shen’s blood banner also exuded a blinding radiance. It turned into an evil diagram and channeled the yin and yang to release an extreme ray.

The two of them were pseudo Enlightened Beings. Li Bashan was infinitely close to being an Enlightened Being in terms of firepower due to the Firebird Gown.

Feiyun leaped up into the sky and unleashed a twenty-sevenfold attack with his rod, crushing Ji Shen to the ground; its body exploded.

However, since it didn’t have a physical form, it quickly re-manifested in the air. Evil runes came out from the banner and shot out more rays to suppress Feiyun.

“You’re courting death.” Feiyun used the ghost bottle that sent out numerous dark runes. A terrible swallowing force erupted, wanting to devour all yin creatures.

Ji Shen and Li Bashan’s expression darkened. Ji Shen dodged and threw another Venerable from the Yin World towards the bottle to eat the blow. It then stabilized its body by pinner its banner to the ground.

Four more Venerables were devoured by the bottle next.

“Haha! The gown can stop the bottle, you’re dead, brat!” Li Bashan’s spear skirted Feiyun's hand, causing his sleeve to burn.

Feiyun snorted and shook his sleeve to extinguish the fire. He then appeared in front of Li Bashan; his seven phoenix bones formed a rotation, allowing him to unleash a punch containing the roars of both dragons and phoenix.

“Boom!” Bashan unleashed a fiery palm strike, wanting to face Feiyun head-on.

Unfortunately, the moment its hand touched Feiyun’s fist, a massive power engulfed it. Next came the sounds of bones breaking.

Bashan got blown away and smashed a series of palaces with sparks flying everywhere. It shouted in astonishment: “How can this be?! You’re an Enlightened Being?!”

“I don’t need to be an Enlightened Being to kill you.” Feiyun slightly frowned and looked at his hand. His sleeve was burnt to a crisp; his skin slightly charred. 

He rushed towards Bashan with the rod in one hand while using the other hand for defensive measures against the fiery spear.

Three Venerables used their strongest techniques in order to stop him.

“Boom!” He didn’t bother looking at them and simply waved his hand. A massive energy wave strong enough to cause ripples in the air blew their arts back at them.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” The three were reduced to ashes.

“Who the hell are you?!” Li Bashan and Ji Shen regrouped and channeled their power to the limit.

They were mighty masters yet still lost repeatedly after several moves. They actually felt dread right now.

“Still don’t know who I am? Keke, it’s fine to let you know. My last name is Feng.” Feiyun laughed.

“The demon’s son, Feng Feiyun.” Li Bashan instinctively took one step backward; many in the Yin World have heard of this title before.

“Both the heretical king and the Yang King want to kill you, no wonder why you’re so strong at the ninth level, capable of taking the two of us together. A Supreme Giant, I see.” Ji Shen knew more about Feiyun because several beings from the Yang World stronger than it have lost to Feiyun.

Just twenty years of age yet already so strong. Numerous lords felt immense pressured by his growth. He had the potential to become a legendary figure in this land.

“So I’m famous in the Yin Yang Worlds too.” Feiyun chuckled.

“A Supreme Giant can still lose.” Li Bashan’s flames intensified. A pair of wings grew on its back and its power rose again.

It spewed out a wave of flames as the first attack.

“It’s useless, I’m invincible in the absence of an Enlightened Being.” Feiyun appeared above Bashan and stomped on the creature’s back; his hand then grabbed one wing and ripped it off.

A specter like Bashan could still feel pain from the dismemberment.

“Boom!” Feiyun crushed its head and took off the Firebird Gown before sealing it with a fire formation.

This formation turned into a fireball floating in his palm.

Bashan struggled and cursed in the formation but it was useless.

Feiyun pondered for a bit before speaking: “You still have some uses so I’ll keep you alive for now.”

The remaining three Venerables and Ji Shen saw how easy it was for Feiyun to defeat Bashan and became frightened. They started trying to escape from the manor.

Feiyun threw out the ghost pot and captured all of them. They became Yama’s food inside, a sad and gruesome way to go.

The experts from the Yin and Yang World have been routed utterly.

“Brat, your cultivation improved quite a bit in the last few years.” The turtle tried to curry favor.

Feiyun ignored it and went up to Long Cangyue: “You have Yama’s left eye?”

She was afraid of his current cultivation as well. She thought she had improved immensely but he was still faster.

But I’m a dark treasure master! I can absorb others’ power, this is as fast as possible for cultivation. Can he do the same?

“The Ji obtained Yama’s eyes 1,500 years ago. The most excellent successors in each generation would get these eyes. I’m lucky enough to be chosen this generation and got the left one.”

“Give it to me.” 

“Why?” She stared deeply at him, wanting to see his intention.

“It won’t be long until Yama’s corpse returns to this land. It’ll destroy everything on top of finding the missing parts. It’s not safe for you to keep it.” 

“You will be targeted with it too.”

“I have my method.” He paused for a bit before replying.

Cangyue told herself that she really shouldn’t trust the man who caused her mother’s death. However, she still chose to remove Yama’s eye from her own and handed it to him: “The right one is in Ji Feng’s lunar eye.”

Feiyun put away the left eye then said: “The Yin and Yang Worlds are attacking the Ji for the Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record, Spirit Treasure Scripture, and the Yang Soul Taiji Trigram.” 

She became worried and wanted to run back to the Ji Clan since it was her home.

“I must visit the imperial palace first before going with you to the Ji.” He said.

“You want to find that bitch?” Long Cangyue naturally hated Long Luofu so she became annoyed at him.

“Just business.” He said while looking at the imprisoned Bashan with a smirk on his face.

Feiyun didn’t want to visit the palace right now due to the circumstances but he had no other choice. He must take away Supreme Goddess’ soul because the royal clan could use it against him.

Secondly, he wanted to make a deal with Long Luofu regarding the Regal Dragon Robe. He must obtain it at all costs.

Rumor has it that the five divine garments together could make one untouchable. Feiyun had three right now, just missing the dragon robe and Nalan Xuejian’s Buddhist robe.

He didn’t wish to be invincible, just strong enough to deal with the incoming perils. 

He moved Long Cangyue into the Heavenly Kingdom then put on the invisible cloak to move into the imperial palace.

The gates were shut with an imposing aura. Ordinary cultivators would be forced down on their knees.

He didn’t recklessly rush in because the palace was different now. The previous Jin Emperor might have gotten out of his training; Long Jiangling might be back as well along with the other experts.

The invisible cloak alone might not be safe enough.

“I sense several suffocating presences. This royal clan is mightier than it seems, definitely the strongest among the five dynasties. We should leave.” The turtle stretched its head out of Feiyun’s shirt; its eyes rolled around nervously.

“Shut up.” Feiyun pushed its head back down before scouting the walls.

He saw someone using a hammer and chisel, seemingly trying to secretly break the formations on the wall to infiltrate the palace.

Another friend, it seems.

“I see you, thief!” Feiyun went up behind the guy and whispered.

This scared the crap out of the crouching youth. The guy shuddered and stammered: “I’m, I’m not trying to steal from the national...treasury… oh fuck, it’s you, I nearly pissed my pants just now.”

Bi Ningshuai got up from the ground and wiped off the sweat on his forehead. He nearly became impotence from that scare just now.

Infiltrating the palace was a serious offense. Once caught, they might actually castrate him - a far worse fate than being impotence.

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