Chapter 79: The Person in the Prophecy


Feng Feiyun suddenly inserted his Invincible Buddhist Staff into the ground and created a golden explosion that shook and churned the land.

Under this strong impact, the twins couldn’t stand upright and were struck away by Feng Feiyun’s two palms straight into the wine reservoirs, showing a scene of debauchery.

He condensed energy together on his fingers and pointed them to shatter Yun Er’s brush. Then, he easily grabbed her two hands.

The Invincible Buddhist Staff directly pressed against her soft jade neck. He only needed to exert a little strength for her neck to be pierced through.

There were still many beauties present. They wanted to make a move but hesitated because Yun Er was being held as a hostage by Feng Feiyun. At this moment, many of them encircled him and had killing intents, but no one dared to take action.

“Young Noble Flawless, will you appear now?”

Feng Feiyun raised his voice.

The golden palace was still silent for a long time. Only the clearly audible sound of wine dripping inside was heard.

The beautiful eyes of Yun Er lightly flashed. Even though she was captured by Feng Feiyun, she was not the least bit afraid. She smiled and said:

“If you think you could use me to threaten Young Noble, then you thought too highly of my position in Young Noble’s heart.”

Yun Er’s beauty was supreme and had an extraordinary cultivation. Her aura was also rare in this world. Even in a place with this many beauties, she was still considered one that stood out. Feng Feiyun definitely did not believe that she was not important in his heart.

However, this time, he was wrong. Young Noble Flawless was not only romantic, but he was also heartless. His woman was captured by another man yet he didn’t even say a single word; he was completely indifferent.

In the end, Feng Feiyun couldn’t actually kill her, so he directly released her. He walked towards the golden palace and said:

“This time, I didn’t come here to fight. I only wanted to make clear of one thing…”


The voice of Young Noble Flawless came out from the depths of the palace and it stopped Feng Feiyun in his tracks.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun was standing in front of the golden palace’s gate as he stopped there.

A while later, Young Noble Flawless said:

“A person wearing a monastic robe yet not one of the buddhist faith. One hand holding a staff yet isn’t the owner of the staff. It seems like you are the person in the prophecy. Your name is Feng Feiyun, correct?”

He seemed to be talking to himself, but also to Feng Feiyun at the same time.

Feng Feiyun asked:

“What prophecy?”

Everyone stopped their actions and quietly listened to Young Noble Flawless tell an old secret story.

“More than one thousand years ago, there was a great sage of the buddhist faith who prophesized that one thousand years later, there would be a person who wore a monastic robe yet not one of the buddhist faith. One hand holding a staff yet wasn’t the owner of the staff. He had come to take an item from the buddhist pagoda. This item was exceedingly important and only the person in the prophecy could take it. Anyone else who dared to rush through the seal would be struck by a thunderous disaster.”

Young Noble Flawless slowly spoke. Naturally, he determined that Feng Feiyun was the person in the prophecy.

It was apparent that the cultivation of this buddhist great sage was unfathomable since he could predict matters of one thousand years later. The most integral thing was that he understood the actions of the heavens. This far exceeded what ordinary people were capable of.

Feng Feiyun contemplated for a moment and asked:

“So you mean, your ancestors were the protectors of this mansion?”

“No, I was only being entrusted with this task and will not stay here for long.”

Young Noble Flawless answered.

“Who entrusted the task to you?”

Feng Feiyun continued.

“You shouldn’t ask too much. It was not someone from the Jin Dynasty. It was just someone like us from a small country. Even if I said it, you still wouldn’t know.”

Young Noble Flawless naturally didn’t want to talk too much.

“Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Eight wind-breaking sounds appeared. There were eight strands of air that came out from the golden palace and directly flew about, like eight sharp arrows.

Feng Feiyun waved his sleeve and gathered the eight lights into his palm. He opened his palm and saw that they were eight talismans.

“The Mortal Life Cavern!”

Feng Feiyun was ecstatic. These eight talismans were exactly the same as the one in his possession. It seemed that this was the key to enter the door to the buddhist pagoda, the key to take the Na Lan Buddhist Robe and Buddhist Jade Beads.

Under the guidance of a maid, Feng Feiyun headed towards the back courtyard of the mansion. Very quickly, he saw the nine towering pagodas.

The nine buddhist pagodas had a different architectural style from all the other temples in the Grand Southern Prefecture. One glance was enough to tell that this was an exotic buddhist structure. In conjunction with the story of Young Noble Flawless, it made others wonder whether Flawless was a grand character from another country.

Even though the Jin Dynasty was a monstrous existence that had an area that encompassed hundreds of thousands of li, it was also surrounded by many dependent small countries. Young Noble Flawless possessed an alarming and impeccable wealth along with a strange custom. This caused others to think of numerous associations.

“Why the need to think so much? Even if he is a prince of some country, it has nothing to do with me.”

Feng Feiyun used the nine Mortal Life Cavern talismans and directly walked towards the nine ancient trees in front of the nine pagodas.

From beginning to end, Feng Feiyun never saw Young Noble Flawless.

Inside the golden palace, a white curtain was lowered. A young woman who wore imperial clothing was bathing with Young Noble Flawless. He was laying in the hot spring amidst the lingering mists; one couldn’t see his appearance clearly.

The maid that brought Feng Feiyun to the buddhist courtyard also came back and respectfully kneeled next to the hot spring.

“He already went in?”

Young Noble Flawless asked.


The maid replied indifferently.

“As all nine talismans have appeared, then the buddhist robe and buddhist jewel will also appear. It seemed like the living dead in Jing Huan Mountain will truly come back to life. Even the Mortal Life Temple that sank to the ground for one thousand eight hundred years will truly rise again.”

“Such a big event will alarm all of the big powers of the Grand Southern Prefecture. Many stunning beauties will come — such a fun commotion, this Young Noble will definitely not miss it.”

Young Noble Flawless, even though he made it clear that he only wanted stunning beauties, the great change at Jing Huan Mountain would not be limited to just beauties. He also wanted the spirit treasures that had been buried for more than one thousand years.

This would be a great storm of dragons and tigers. Powers from everywhere would be on the stage.

“The eighth elder of the Feng Clan requests an audience. I beseech Young Noble Flawless to appear.”

A thunderous voice came from outside of the mansion, causing the golden palace to shake.

Young Noble Flawless acted as if he didn’t hear anything.

He was too lazy to speak even one word. In reality, he rarely talked to men. His words were only for women to hear.

The eighth elder followed Feng Feiyun’s presence to this place and he knew that Feiyun went inside this mansion.

The eighth elder already heard the rumors regarding this mansion. He knew that the owner was a mysterious character with a strong backing, so he didn’t directly rush in.

After a long time that was void of any answer, the eighth elder spoke again:

“Feng Feiyun is a traitor of our Feng Clan. Young Noble Flawless, to protect this traitor is not something you should do!”

The eighth elder of the Feng Clan was someone who always complied with his status so he rarely appeared. However, once he showed up, there would be numerous people to welcome him and he was never met with such a disappointing reception like today.

“In that case, this Feng will only have to offend.”

The eighth elder slowly walked forward and unleashed a fist. The black energy permeated from his arm and turned into a loop of wind that finally manifested into reality.

Seven Qilins of power!

Every qilin head were all several zhang high — like a small mountain. All seven of them flew out at the same time and broke through space. With the power of ten thousand troops, it could easily raze this mansion into ruins.

Seven Qilins of power was the power of six hundred and forty thousand jin. This also was not the eighth elder’s full strength.

With Feng Feiyun borrowing the strength of the Infinite Spirit Ring, he was only able to release a force of four Qilins, which equaled to eighty thousand jin. This difference in power was truly incalculable.


However, this seven Qilins of power didn’t even manage to reach the front gate before it was already destroyed by a palm from the golden palace, rending it into dust.

This palm contained an unbeatable power and broke through the Qilins and recklessly struck the eighth elder.


The eighth elder had to take three steps back to stand straight. He left a three foot long footprint on the ground.

“Tonight, this Young Noble is tired and doesn’t want to make a move. Your Feng Clan shouldn’t provoke me. Otherwise, I will start a massacre.”

The sound of Young Noble Flawless was vast like the mists in the clouds — completely unfathomable.

This Young Noble Flawless was still young yet his cultivation was already inconceivably deep. Even though the fist of the eighth elder earlier was not his full strength, the opponent was able to repel him. This was enough to speak of his true power.

It was not impossible to continue the offense, but that would lead to a life and death fight. If they offended the power behind Young Noble Flawless, then it would create another enemy for the clan. This was not worth it just for one Feng Feiyun.

The eighth elder analyzed the stakes at hand and slowly receded before he finally disappeared in the darkness.


A loud peal of thunder rang in the sky, followed by countless strands of interwoven lightning and a downpour of rain.

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