Chapter 789: Moving To Heavenly Kingdom

Wu Qinghua was as embarrassed as can be. She would have dug a pit and jumped inside if it wasn’t for the Buddhist Supremes restraining her.

They all had an unnatural expression. Others would just laugh the issue off but this wasn’t the case for the Buddhists who couldn’t lie.

“Pop!” Feiyun playfully smacked Little Demoness’ forehead and scolded: “You’re old now and should know better. Buddhist Supreme Wu was clearly joking with you, don’t bring this up again. She is a Buddhist and this has a negative effect on her reputation along with her sect’s.” 

All the Buddhist Supremes’ expressions slightly changed after hearing this. Yes, their reputation would go down if Little Demoness were to run her mouth after leaving Beastmaster Camp.

Little Demoness rubbed her forehead and said: “But I only want her to be my sister-in-law, she’s pretty and kind, nice to Whitey too, and plus, she likes you…”

“What? You must be blind.” Feiyun had veins popping up on his forehead.

“I saw her crying when you tried to help Beastmaster Camp by taking out the scripture. That means she likes you, right?” She said.

Feiyun became surprised and turned around: “Wu Qinghua, what does this mean?”

“Nothing.” Qinghua’s eyes were as cold as the stars, seemingly wanting to kill Little Demoness.

Tan Qingsu and the others discussed privately and eventually came to an agreement. Tan Qingsu conveyed the result: “I’ve talked to the Senior Aunts earlier and we’ve made a decision. Senior Sister, your heart still lingers in the mundane world. Your karmic ties and fate aren’t finished so you’re not suitable to cultivate Buddhism…”

“Tan Qingsu, you want to banish me because I threaten your position?” Qinghua interrupted.

Tan Qingsu only sighed in response. The other Supremes walked over and began talking to Wu Qinghua. They all had a serious expression, seemingly explaining to her the potential consequences to Beastmaster if she doesn’t leave the order. Moreover, she could also suffer qi deviation from emotional instability…

“Wu Qinghua, if you return to normal life, I might take you in as a concubine. You won’t be homeless at least.” Feiyun smiled.

“A concubine? Ridiculous!” Her eyes turned cold as she tried to lunge at him but the old nuns hurriedly prevented her from doing so.

“Sigh, your temperament. As a concubine, you’ll bully all the pretty maids in the house. Looks like you can only be a bed-warming maid.” Feiyun shook his head and sighed.

“Bam!” Wu Qinghua ignored him and got on her knees: “Senior Aunts, I only have Buddhism in my heart and have no intention of returning to secular life. If you continue to press this issue, I’ll have to prove my conviction with death.”

The hall became silent for the second time.

Feiyun was surprised, thinking that this was because he offered the position of a bed-warming maid. It looked like there was a chance for her to immediately follow him if he gave her the role of wife.

“Well, let’s not bring this up again since Qinghua’s Buddhist heart is so firm.” One Buddhist Supreme said as if nothing had happened.

“Our reputation is important but we need to respect her wish as well.”

“Benefactor Feng, you’re being unreasonable. She’s a Buddhist Supreme from Beastmaster and you want her to be a bed-warming maid? Sigh…”

“Hmm, being a concubine might not be that bad...”

These nuns cared about Wu Qinghua. Forcing her to leave the order was so that she would have a good life instead of being lonely here forever. However, she had made her decision and no one could change it.

Feiyun didn’t feel disappointed either because he didn’t have any concrete feelings towards her. He only found her to be relatively interesting. Romance wasn’t in the air for the two of them.


The group focused on the important matter first outside of Little Demoness who was still playing around. They talked about moving Beastmaster Camp into Heavenly Kingdom.

They have heard about this legendary world before - a place desired by all Buddhist cultivators.

After listening to Feiyun’s suggestion, three Supremes agreed right away, wanting to visit. The others were tempted as well but they tried to hide it. After all, they didn’t know the situation there.

They came to an agreement and then talked about the minor details, such as picking which disciples to teach Buddhism to the spirit beasts and setting up appropriate training grottos…

Thereafter, Feiyun opened the path and invited Tan Qingsu and the ten Supremes to the kingdom.

This was a boundless world, a hundred times larger than Jin. Numerous sarira floated in the sky and served as suns.

Massive spirit veins flowed beneath the earth; the place had an exuberant life force with paradises everywhere.

Just showing them the place for half a day convinced them of moving Beastmaster Camp here with haste.

One Buddhist Supreme found a flowery island and didn’t want to leave. She said that she wanted to establish her sixth branch here and be buried later in this place.

Wu Qinghua also found a great location beneath a cliff with spirit springs everywhere. She called it and would take on anyone who says otherwise.

The Buddhist Supremes looked like country-bumpkins who just got to the city for the first time. They picked their places and didn’t want to leave.

Only Tan Qingsu was reserved enough to travel with Feiyun. He could see that she liked several places but didn’t want to overstep the boundary.

“What do you think about moving Beastmaster here, Camp Master?” Feiyun stood on top of a black eagle.

It took him across the clouds to see the wondrous land.

Tan Qingsu rode a white spirit bird. Her Buddhist robe and hair fluttered to the wind. She smiled and asked: “Feng Feiyun, you really only want to help us survive this calamity?”

“You think I have ulterior motives?” Feiyun smiled.

“The world knows that you’re the demon’s son. Demonic blood and evil affinity flow in your veins while my sect consists of young beauties. Moving here is the same as entering your prison, no?” She said.

Feiyun nodded and couldn’t retort. His reputation wasn’t the best. Moreover, he indeed lost control of himself at times.

If he were to turn evil in the future, the girls here would all become victims. That’s why he didn’t promise anything.

“Two years ago, Miss Dongfang brought you to Beastmaster. Your demonic blood was violent back then. She pleaded repeatedly so I decided to save you despite the risks. However, your willpower was strong enough to suppress them. Can you guarantee that the same thing won’t happen again?”

“I can’t.” 

She sighed after hearing this.

“Do you have any other option?” He said.

“They rather die than leave this place right now, what option do I have?” Tan Qingsu didn’t fully agree with this decision but she had no other choice. This was the only way for her sect to survive the calamity.

He then brought her to see the three ancestral beasts in charge of the kingdom. They hurriedly asked her about the content of various scriptures. She easily answered all of their questions.

They became more respectful of her. More beasts approached and surrounded her. They sat on the ground to listen to her lecture. Time passed swiftly and night came but these spirit beasts still didn’t want to leave.

Feiyun then asked the Bi’an about the spirit stones in the kingdom. It was surprised at first before elaborating.

It turned out that the spirit beasts here only ate grass and fruits or absorbed the worldly energy. Only a few of them needed these stones.

That’s why though there were plenty of mines here, no one really extracted them. Thus, the kingdom had no ore and stone reserve.

Nonetheless, it promised Feng Feiyun that it would order all the beasts to start a mass-scale excavation and that it would have 3,000,000 spirit stones within three months.

This was indeed possible if all the beasts in the kingdom worked together. They could even find some rarer stones.

Just like that, Feiyun almost had half of his required number. This made him feel much better.

In the end, only he and Tan Qingsu left the kingdom. The other Buddhist Supremes have picked their places and didn’t want to leave.

Feiyun couldn’t believe it; he thought too highly of these nuns’ morals in the past.

Tan Qingsu needed to prepare the move while Feiyun didn’t know what to do.

He circled around the base of a peak because according to Tan Qingsu, Nalan Xuejian was living up there. He wondered if he should pay her a visit.

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