Chapter 788: Poor Wu Qinghua

5,000,000 spirit stones? How to conceptualize this massive sum?

For example, an ancient sect like Sun Moon would definitely not have more than 100,000 in their reserve.

Jin’s national treasury wouldn’t have 1,000,000 stones either.

It would be impressive for a smaller clan or sect to have one hundred stones. This would mean that they were the big dogs in the area.

The base amount was 5,000,000 True Mysterious Spirit Stones, equivalent to 500,000 Five Grains Stones or 50,000 Pill Spirit Stones.

The Evil Woman needed these three types. The higher-ranked ones actually contained more energy. For example, the fifteenth-ranked Darkblue Spirit Stone was comparable to 1,000 True Mysterious Spirit Stones.

The fourteenth-ranked, Boundary Spirit Stone, had enough energy inside as 10,000 True Mysterious Spirit Stones.

The thirteenth-ranked, Golden String Spirit Stone, had the energy of 100,000.

The Dragon Spirit Stone owned by the dynasty was at the tenth spot. It had the power of 100,000,000.

The Evil Woman had the Daomization Stone taken from Feng Feiyun. This one was at the seventh spot.

In terms of energy alone, just this Daomization Stone was enough. However, she needed more lower-ranked stones.

‘She must be using these stones to build an energy platform so that she’ll be able to recover quickly after reaching the next level in case of attackers.’ Feiyun concluded.

‘Five million goddamn stones! What an annoying number, where the hell am I going to gather them?’ Feiyun came out of the corpse city and stared at the horizon, thinking that this was hopeless.

This sum could frighten someone to death.

Feiyun had unbelievable luck when he found that Daomization Stone.

The dragon stone was amazing too but there was only one in Jin, gestated across the years. It was used to keep the providence of the dynasty. Who knows if it actually came from here?

The Golden String one was also extremely rare. Feiyun only found half of one, maybe that’s it for Jin.


In short, this mission was as hard as can be.

Three days later, Feiyun made it to Beastmaster Camp.

Their defensive formations were activated. One could see the beautiful Buddhist disciples and their beasts on patrol. A tense atmosphere could be sensed across the mountains.

He first went to see the camp master, Tan Qingsu.

The news of the destroyer has reached the camp. The upper echelon all knew about it so Tan Qingsu naturally did as well.

She has decided to come out to take a charge, still with a calm demeanor - at least on the outside.

This was crucial in order to maintain order. If she were to panic, it would be over before Yama’s arrival.

She enthusiastically welcomed Feiyun after hearing that he was coming.

“Thank you, Your Excellency, for helping us back in Bronze Cauldron Mountain. May I ask if you’re here to talk about the incoming disaster?” She rode a lotus platform, shrouded in Buddhist light, looking quite transcending.

Every man in the world would try to court her if she weren’t a Buddhist.

“Don’t call me that, I’m not the Divine King anymore. I no longer have anything to do with the royal clan.” He answered before getting to the point: “May I ask about your sect’s plan regarding this problem?”

She gently bit her lips with a gleam of worries in her eyes that was impossible to hide: “Beastmaster surviving the disaster ten thousand years ago was due to luck. There are numerous writings pertaining to this event. Yama is as destructive as can be, the land shattered and people died like insects. Eighty percent of Buddhist territories turned into empty plains. I don’t think we can be so lucky again.”

“I have a place that might be able to help your sect’s survival.” Feiyun said.

“Hmm?” She remained skeptical.

Feiyun pondered for a bit before deciding to tell her about Heavenly Kingdom and all the good things in there, especially the Buddhist beasts.

Tan Qingsu’s mind was always calm due to her high cultivation. Alas, she became astounded, overwhelmed with excitement and emotions.

This involved too many things and she couldn’t decide alone. She must talk with the ten Supremes first.

“It’s fine, you should think about it carefully before making a decision. May I inquire about your spirit stone reserve?” Feiyun smiled and said.

Tan Qingsu sent ten disciples to go inform the ten Supremes before answering him: “We’re an old lineage but do not have any spirit ores. I think we have less than 50,000 spirit stones.”

Feiyu nodded, this was more than his expectation.

He wasn’t afraid of these nuns taking over Heavenly Kingdom or conspiring something nefarious. They had strict guidelines when picking their disciples, especially when it came to morality. The calm Tang Qingsu or even the fiery Wu Qinghua were true Buddhists.

“Feng Feiyun, who gave you permission to come here?” Wu Qinghua was the first to arrive after hearing about his presence.

She directly flew into the hall. Her hair and sweet fragrance fluttered to the wind. She must have broken through a cultivation level due to her increased spirituality.

“Supreme Wu, I’ve missed you since our last meeting at Bronze Cauldron, it’s been a while and you’ve become even sexi-...” He said while smiling and staring at her breasts.

He didn’t know that she and Little Demoness had made a bet after he led the enemy away - that she would become his wife if he were to survive.

That’s why he had no idea what was going on in her head. She really wanted to kill right now and didn’t want to see him at all.

“Keke, Bro, I got good news for you.” Though the Buddhist hall was heavily guarded, Little Demoness still snuck in with her Whitey, looking as beautiful and elegant as before. She sat down next to him.

“Oh? I’ve been waiting for some good news.” Feiyun looked interested.

Wu Qinghua’s expression soured as she flew over and covered Little Demoness’ mouth.

“Ah… Sis-...Law… Let… me… spea-” Little Demoness’ fair complexion turned red since Wu Qinghua wasn’t holding back.

“Wu Qinghua, you can’t bully a little girl like this, especially in front of her Big Bro, very disrespectful.” Feiyun frowned.

Wu Qinghua’s hair was a mess right now but she didn’t let go, still covering Little Demoness’ mouth.

The latter looked like someone who was drowning, swinging her hands and feet. Her big eyes stared at Feng Feiyun while letting out muffled words.

He got enough of this and slammed the table before standing up: “Wu Qinghua, you’re out of line! I entrusted my Lil Sis to you yet you dare to treat her like this in front of me? How can you be so cruel?”

“Senior Sister, she’s only a child, please don’t be so physical even if you’re angry…” Tan Qingsu also joined in.

Two more Buddhist Supremes have arrived and saw Wu Qinghua trying to “kill” Little Demoness. They tried to convince her as well.

“Amitabha. Qinghua, a butcher can drop the blade and become a Buddha!” An old nun became worried.

“Junior Niece, the abyss of worldly suffering is endless, look back and return to the shore.” Another Supreme said.

It didn’t take long before the rest of them got here and saw this precarious situation - Wu Qinghua covering Little Demoness’ mouth. The two of them were standing in a corner of the hall right now.

Everyone else surrounded her, wanting to de-escalate. They thought that this was the reason why the camp master told them to come here - stopping a murder.

They also assumed that Wu Qinghua was experiencing a qi deviation, hence her extreme action.

“Wu Qinghua, don’t blame me for being impolite if you don’t let her go.” Feiyun forced Qinghua closer into the wall with a powerful momentum.

Qinghua was in a terrible situation. Little Demoness didn’t know how to keep her mouth shut. Letting go meant exposing the bet. What would she do in that situation…

“Whoosh!” Feiyun performed Swift Samsara and immobilized Qinghua before she could react then “saved” Little Demoness.

The other Supremes immediately leaped in to stop Wu Qinghua as well, afraid of her committing further mistakes.

Little Demoness was hiding in Feiyun’s embrace. Her white cheeks were red; her eyes looked tired and white.

It took a while before she regained her breath and cried: “Bro, Sister-in-law bullied me…”

“Sister-in-law? What?”

Little Demoness revealed the bet back in Bronze Cauldron without holding back. Everyone here became petrified while staring at the now-pitiful Wu Qinghua.

Wow, this mischievous girl. Feiyun swallowed his saliva while rubbing his chin, staring at Wu Qinghua like the rest.

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