Chapter 787: Evil Woman’s Prowess

Though Feng Feiyun escaped swiftly, the enlightened being still prepared a plan in case of this.

A faint figure materialized in space, looking exactly like her while possessing a monstrous aura.

“Feng Feiyun, you can’t get away.” She coldly uttered.

He was out of the ground by this point but the speed of this figure surpassed him.

“You left behind a copy?” Feiyun said.

This copy was still extremely powerful, stronger than a regular Enlightened Being.

“In case you try to run.” The copy unleashed a golden dragon the size of a river towards him.

“I’ve been tolerating you for a long time now!” Feiyun summoned his rod and angrily swung vertically forward towards the dragon.

The tomb shook continuously from their fight. Feiyun has been holding back his anger for a while now, using both his ring and vessel on top of wearing his gown and invisible cloak.

This copy was exactly the same as the original outside of having weaker cultivation. Even the copy couldn’t spot him and got ambushed two times, being pushed up into the clouds.

“Boom!” She predicted his third ambush and swung her hand, nearly ripping off his arm. Her fingers turned red from his blood.

Feiyun reacted quickly and also unleashed a palm strike on her chest at the same time.

She only staggered one step backward while he got blown flying; his arm a bloody mess.

“Just a copy is comparable to an Enlightened Being… so soft though…”

Her sexy and ample breasts filled out her dress completely. She felt that he purposely struck her chest just now.

“You’re a dead man!” She turned red, furious and embarrassed.

A golden plate condensed above her with dragons flying around it like lightning bolts. The area became sealed by her.

“She’s vigilant now, can’t ambush her again.” Feiyun grimaced, ready to escape with his vessel instead of fighting.

‘Why is this woman here?!’ Suddenly, he felt a chill and realized something.

Murderous energy came from behind him.

He quickly put away his vessel and turned back to see a girl in white standing on the horizon.

She had a pure aura like a fairy. Alas, her aura was especially cold, even colder than the empress’.

Evil Woman, Xiao Nuolan.

“Whoosh!” She waved her sleeve and sent out a white expanse, instantly crushing the golden plate.

She appeared next to him and stared at him to say: “Follow me.”

“Alright.” Feiyun nodded.

Though she was murderous, he felt that hanging around her was better than being with the empress. At the very least, it was easier to trick her.

Moreover, causing these two women to fight would be good as well.

“I missed you so much, Your Excellency! I told her I was your messenger but this wretched Unrestrained Enlightened Being doesn’t care about you at all. She said, what Evil Woman? She ain’t nothing. I can kill her with a single slap…” He began fanning the fire.

They weren’t nice people anyway. It would be best for Feiyun if they die fighting each other.

After refining the evil blood in the dragon vein, the Evil Woman became extremely holy. Her evil and death affinity were nowhere to be found. Her three bodies have started fusing by this point.

She was no longer a mindless corpse and could see Feiyun’s intention. She glanced at him and said: “I’ve been looking for you for a while now, follow me.”

“Stop, you think you can take him away just like that? I haven’t given permission.” The empress proudly said.

“He’s my follower.” The Evil Woman answered with a pleasant voice.

“Boom!” She flicked her jade finger and instantly destroyed the copy, turning it into golden smoke.

“Your Excellency, your cultivation is supreme. No one in the nine heavens and ten earths can stop you. That fucking empress or Unrestrained whatever being stood no chance.”

“Obviously.” She showed no sign of humility.


He followed her and left the tomb. Along the way, he wondered why she was looking for him.

He came to one conclusion - that it was definitely something bad. He felt as if he had just gotten away from the tiger’s jaws only to fall into a wolf’s lair.

She was no longer easy to trick too.


Half a day later, a thunderous blast exploded underground at the tomb. A golden dragon energy flew upward.

The empress floated in the air and coldly uttered: “Feng Feiyun, you underestimated me. Can’t trap me down there that easily. I have broken that formation on top of learning half of that defensive formation.”

Though it wasn’t a complete formation, it could still be considered the best defense in this land.

She closed her eyes and the copy’s battle entered her mind. She saw the Evil Woman destroying the copy while Feng Feiyun cheered on the sideline.

This infuriated her, causing her chest to heave up and down.

“You’re too arrogant, Evil Woman.” She wanted to kill this woman more than she did Feiyun.


Grand Southern Prefecture, a broken city.

This was the Evil Woman’s headquarters. The corpses around here have finished the third transformation and were intelligent enough to not damage the place.

Strangely enough, it looked like a paradise, completely different from the land infested with corpses outside.

“You drank my evil blood back in the dragon vein so you owe me one. A debt must be repaid, right?” She stood next to a beautiful lake. Her white dress fluttered; fog and mist floated around her body.

She had indeed changed. A while ago, she wouldn’t be speaking to him like this.

“Congratulations, Your Excellency. You have abandoned your evil corpse and have an immortal heart now, another step towards the dao.”

“I saved you from that enlightened being, so that’s two favors, no?” She continued.

“Your battle prowess is peerless, that enlightened being was no match for you. My admiration for you surges endlessly like the Jin River.” He said.

“I took care of your fiancee for so many years, teaching her how to train and her cultivation soared like the wind. This is the third favor. If you dare to leave, I don’t mind killing an ungrateful wretch.”

“Fiancee.” Feiyun sighed. He only had one official fiancee - Princess Yue.

Consort Ji held his hand and asked him to take care of her daughter as her last wish. How could he leave right now?

“Your Excellency, I will obey all of your orders as long as I have the abilities to carry them out.” He said.

“I want to start my fifth corpse transformation. You need to gather five million spirit stones within three months. One fewer and it’ll be your end.”

“The fifth transformation?!” He knew the significance behind this. In the case of success, she would become invincible. The two palace lords from Sacred Spirit would stand zero chance against her.

He hasn’t met these two before but was certain that they couldn’t beat a fifth-transformation Corpse Evil.

“Impossible, this place lacks resources and you won’t be able to gather enough energy for it.” Feiyun argued.

“That’s why I need five million spirit stones as a backup, they have to be True Mysterious, Five Grains, and Pill Spirit Stones. I have plenty of higher-ranking ones, just not the low-ranking ones that are better for replenishing energy due to the refinement speed. The five million stones and the billions of vitality from the citizens here in Grand Southern, the dragon vein and Daomization Stone as well, that should barely be enough.”

“The entire treasury of Jin doesn’t have one million. The best I can do is 300,000, that’s what I got from the underground gambling hall.” He replied.

“That’s not my problem. You just need to gather this amount for me within three months. I don’t care if you have to strip Jin’s treasury clean or the other five dynasties as well. A calamity is coming to this land and everyone will die. Gather the five million stones and help me break through then I will grant you my protection.” She answered.

“Very well, I’ll give it a shot.” Feiyun knew that time was of the essence since even the Evil Woman could sense the incoming calamity. That’s why she wanted to break through as fast as possible.

“Where is Cangyue?” He asked.

“She’s at the capital to find her mother.” She responded before disappearing by turning into white smoke.

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