Chapter 786: Seeing The Ancient Altar Again

“How can you throw it away? It’s mine!” Feiyun’s eyes turned cold.

He only plucked the moon so that the children would smile. Unfortunately, she threw his “moon” away.

He didn’t question her either. A prideful and arrogant person like her could throw anything away without caring. He wanted to go back to find it.

“Stop, I don’t have time to play with you. Your days are over once we find that teleportation altar.” The empress became aggressive, especially her cold eyes.

The area became sealed by her gaze with powerful pressure descending down on Feiyun, immobilizing him.

“Boom!” Ten thousand beast souls rushed out of his body and roared. The wildland became filled with their images. They attempted to break her suppression while he took out his Heaven-raising Rod to unleash a seventy-twofold attack.

“Hmph! You dare to rebel?” Two golden beams shot out of her eyes in the shape of two dragons. Their monstrous power crushed the beast souls.

He understood their power and used Swift Samsara to retreat. He turned into a phantom and flew deeper into the tomb.

She had a surprised look, not expecting him to be so fast.

Alas, the difference in cultivation was too great. He couldn’t escape and became wounded by her attack.

“Long Jiangling, the only thing you got is two thousand years more than me. If we were in the same realm, I could suppress you with one hand.” He had a terrible wound on his chest and would have been split in two without his powerful physique.

“Calling me old? Haha, the cultivation world is ruled by the strong, don’t use age as an excuse now.” She still looked like a sixteen-year-old beauty with perfect skin, bright eyes, and a slender waist. However, her aura was oppressive and unquestionable.

“Well said! If I survive today, I’ll pay you back double for this, old witch.” Feiyun coldly uttered.

Age didn’t really matter for cultivators. They could stay young despite being several thousand years old. 

He only called her an “old witch” in order to win the verbal contest and thought that she wouldn’t really care.

Unfortunately, contrary to his expectation, she became furious and gathered a massive seal in the sky.

Lighting and destruction coursed through the seal as she intended on destroying him

What the hell? How can she be so tempestuous at her age?! Feiyun ran again with his Swift Samsara.

“Boom!” The earth seemingly collapsed with cracks everywhere.

Life within a hundred miles ended just like that, replaced by a crater in the shape of a palm.

She pulled her hand back and regretted it. She hurriedly used her divine intents in order to find him.

Alas, he was nowhere to be found. Nothing was left beneath.

Dead? She began calculating but it didn’t work.

“Feng Feiyun, come out here!” She thought that she was too impulsive earlier, killing him before finding the altar.

However, there should still be some traces and clues if he was dead.

Someone’s helping him hide from calculations?

“Feng Feiyun, you think I can’t find you?” She snorted.

No answer came.

After a long while, she didn’t figure out anything. He’s really dead? Why can’t I see anything?


She crouched near a crack with a lonely glimmer in her eyes, seemingly thinking about something. 

“I, I found the ancient altar!” Suddenly, Feiyun flew out of a crack near her. He was covered in dirt from top to bottom; his hair was a mess.

She didn’t expect this due to her current mood and fell backward to the ground.

He didn’t expect this either and started laughing.

“Hmph!” She stood up and fixed her hair before sending him a death stare.

He felt a bone-deep chill and stopped laughing.

“You’re alive?”

“You wouldn’t really kill me before finding the altar. I would be dead if you were actually trying.” He responded.

This was indeed the case. Her attack was fierce earlier but it encompassed less than ten percent of her power.

Due to the scholar’s interference, she thought that she had killed him by accident.

“You said you found the altar? Where?” She was quite unsatisfied with him right now.

“Right below.” Feiyun wanted to destroy this altar but was too weak right now. Thus, he had no choice but to get her help.

The two of them went underground and sure enough, they saw a massive formational altar consisting of numerous boulders.

Her palm strike earlier hit right on top of it by accident.

“It’s a high-level teleportation formation, capable of crossing through several billion miles. Only a few Grand Dimensions would use these portals. Creating it required being at the Heaven’s Emergence level. Destroying it requires a high cultivation level as well, how many rebirths have you experienced?” He asked.

“You think I can’t destroy one formation?” She gave him the side-eye.

“Who knows.” 

She snorted, feeling as if she was being looked down upon. Her forehead released boundless golden light.

A gigantic golden dragon emerged, perhaps more than three thousand meters long. Just one scale was quite large.

Feiyun nearly got blown away by its aura. He summoned the ring and barely stabilized.

This old witch is quite strong. She didn’t go all out against the heretical king. He thought.

“Boom!” The dragon clawed the formation, activating it in the process.

The boulders sent out bright rays, culminating in a beam. It destroyed the claw.

The empress took three steps back and recalled the dragon. She took a deep breath and said: “A terrifying defense.”

“Obviously, this defensive formation is created by a Heaven’s Emergence cultivator to protect the main altar. You can’t destroy it so easily.” Feiyun said.

“You think you can?” She said.

He nodded and crouched down. He grabbed a stone and began drawing the outline of the formation on the ground along with the defensive activation method.

Next, he explained the concept and how to break it to the empress.

She was already a formation master on top of being quite intelligent. It didn’t take long before she understood this complex formation.

Her eyes flashed continuously as her questions were answered by him. She learned ten things from being taught one.

During this entire process, she figured out how to duplicate something similar - a formation at the Heaven’s Emergence level.

By doing so, she would no longer need to fear anyone in this area, not even the two palace lords.

Alas, fully learning the concepts and outline remained difficult, not to mention the materials necessary. It would empty the treasury of Jin.

“We have to enter the formation first before destroying it. Follow this path.” Feiyun pointed at the diagram.

She gave him a deep stare and thought that he was quite exceptional.

“Play nice and wait here for me. I’ll deal with you after destroying this formation.” She was very ambitious, wanting to both destroy the altar on top of copying this defensive formation. That would allow her to be unbeatable in Jin.

Foolish grandma, I led you here in order to use this defensive formation to take you down. Hmph, you’ll be the one waiting.

He immediately flew to the sky once she entered the formation.

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