Chapter 784: To The Tomb

He finally returned to Grand Southern after several years. The prosperous land was no more, replaced by a gloomy death aura.

The once magnificent city became ruins. Blood stained the walls; ominous clouds took over the sky; rivers overwhelmed with blood and Corpse Evils.

Feng Feiyun and Unrestrained Enlightened Being went to the sacred lake first. It was dried now with a cracked bottom, weeds all around the shores. 

She got off the palanquin; her black hair draped to her waist. Her golden robe reached the ground. A slender figure yet curves in all the right places. Even her back looked especially gorgeous, akin to that of a fairy in gold.

She stood next to the hollowed lake and gazed towards the sky with her profound eyes. Who knows what she was thinking? After a while, she returned to the palanquin and moved on.

To Mount Banda!

The altar on top of the mountain has flown away. The Evil Woman used to search for the dao there; Feng Chi also climbed out of it.

The place was still filled with corpses. The night here looked eerie and frightening. The howls of these creatures echoed.

She didn’t stop here and continued heading for the tomb. The two reached it on the same night.

This was a wasteland with black soil, blacker than the night curtain, looking like the hue of dried blood.

The cold gales blew by, resulting in an unpleasant coldness.

She recalled her palanquin and revealed her true form. She looked just like the descriptions in the old scrolls - a kingdom-toppling beauty, tall and thin with elegant curves - an elf under the night sky.

She closely resembled Long Luofu, the same with her aura. However, she was even more prideful and arrogant. Feiyun could see nothing but disdain in her eyes. She considered herself to be above all others.

It was as if Feiyun was her servant while she was the heavenly empress right now.

Of course, she used to be an empress. This instilled a proud heart in her, causing her to view everyone else as servants and followers. No one could be her friend.

“Feng Feiyun, you’re proficient at formations?” She said.

“Mmm.” He didn’t look at her to answer.

She grimaced, clearly dissatisfied. Her eyes turned cold with a lightning flash: “No one has ever dared to be so haughty in front of me before, are you not afraid of death?”

“I’m certainly afraid of death but that’s irrelevant in this case because you won’t let me go anyway. Why should I be polite towards you?” Feiyun responded.

“How interesting. I might have spared you if it wasn’t for the platform.” She actually let out pleasant laughter instead of becoming angry. Who knows exactly why she was laughing?

The two of them stopped talking along the way after her question. They didn’t try their best to find the portal either.

She seemed to be recalling the past.

Fire could be seen in the distance along with many people dancing. The sounds of shell horns and loud chants could be heard.

A bare-chested man danced around a campfire while an old man was kneeling in front of an altar, emotionally reciting some strange language.

Feiyun didn’t expect to see humans in this place. They were regular mortals as well, around three thousand or so. 

“They are the natives here, part of the Meng. The corpses have invaded all of Grand Southern but didn’t dare to come here, that’s why they’re still alive.” Unrestrained Enlightened Being said.

Thousands of tribes lived in Jin; only an emperor would purposely try to remember them. Feiyun continued following her without responding.

“Esteemed guests, today’s ceremony will last the entire night, those who participate in this celebration will be blessed by the god of fortune.” A gray-haired old man came over and enthusiastically greeted them.

Several younger tribe members stared curiously and also invited the two.

She had hidden her aura on top of adding a layer of fog on her face. The tribe members didn’t feel any pressure from her so they remained friendly.

“Very well.” She actually agreed.

The tribe members became excited. Their tribe leader called for people to slaughter some cows and deers for a feast on top of getting some wine jars.

“What a nice empress, interacting with your people.” Feiyun was as casual to her as can be. He sat down next to her after dancing with a tribal girl, finishing his wine in a clay pot.

In front of her was a stone table with a pottery plate. On top was a yellow ox leg. She gently tore off a piece and brought it to her red lips for an elegant bite.

“The Grand Preceptor taught that in order to become an empress, one must have the heart and mind of a ruler, loving your people yet capable of being ruthless. One emperor, the rest are subjects. One word to make all tremble in fear. That’s the only way to be an emperor.” She answered without looking at him.

“How tiring.” He said while looking up at the sky.

“An emperor will have loyal subjects, those who wish to take advantage, the envious and jealous ones, and those who curse under their breath…”

“What about a trusted confidant?” Feiyun said.

“Only trust yourself.” She shook her head.

“I’m curious about one thing. If there can only be one emperor in a dynasty, yours has three right now. If you return to the capital, who will be the sole ruler?” Feiyun smiled.

She didn’t respond and ripped off another piece of the ox leg, chewing quietly.

“Big Bro, go look for a machilus for Big Sister.” A seven-year-old girl came over and smiled innocently at Feng Feiyun, blushed. She wore a leather hide and carried a circular wooden case on her back.

“Little Sis, what’s a machilus?” Feiyun glanced at the enlightened being before patting the little girl’s braided hair.

“A really pretty, pretty flower, it’s the only one that can come out here, very rare. When a boy and a girl find this flower on a night like this, they’ll be blessed and will stay together forever.” The girl said with excitement.

“Well, I’ve been down on my luck recently. I’m sure this flower you speak of is the most beautiful in this world. Where can we find it?” Feiyun touched her cheek and said.

“Grandpa told me about it.” She blinked, not knowing the answer.

Feiyun realized that the innocent miss had only heard about the flower and never saw it before.

He looked around and thought that not to mention flowers, even a blade of grass couldn’t be found. This girl probably has never seen a flower before in her life. That’s why she came to an outsider to ask for it. She only wanted to see something pretty.

She stared at him with her round black eyes, waiting for the right answer.

However, how could Feiyun find a fairytale flower for her to see?

“Don’t disappoint the young lady, go find the flower for her.” Unrestrained Enlightened Being stood up and ordered.

Feiyun wasn’t interested in following this “decree” from her but he didn’t want to disappoint the girl either.

The three of them walked around the plain in order to find this flower named manchilus.

The girl seemed very happy. She held Feiyun and asked: “Big Bro, have you ever given Big Sis flowers?”

“No…” He said while glancing over at the enlightened being.

“Why not?” The girl pressed on.

“She doesn’t like it.”

“Big Sis, Big Sis, you don’t like flowers?” The girl ran over and held the enlightened being’s arm.

“Well, how can you not like flowers?” The latter responded.

“Right?! Flowers are so pretty! If we find a flower, I’ll definitely make Big Bro give it to you, oh, put it on your hair, Grandpa said that a girl with a flower in her hair is the prettiest girl, right?!” 


Feiyun was actually trying his best. He used his Minor Change Art just like a treasure-seeking master trying to find an ore mine. Suddenly, a mysterious ripple came from below.

He crouched down and dug three feet deep into the ground. Gentle white rays came from below, as bright as the moonlight.

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