Chapter 782: Five Classifications

“The five dynasties include Jin, Tianlong, Yuqian, Rakshasa, and Wudou. Quite vast and diverse. There are also many hidden realms and masters, but probably none on the same level as the two palace lords. Then directly below them, we do have two or three masters stronger than the heretical king and Unrestrained Enlightened Being. For example, the Grand Sovereign of the dragon temple, the lord deeper in Peakless Ghost Mountain.”

“The Grand Sovereign is actually stronger than those two?” Feiyun’s expression changed slightly.

Grand Dragon Temple had a supreme position in Long. The emperor there needed its approval before an official coronation.

Monk Zhi Zhang was one of the five temple Sovereigns there.

“The Grand Sovereign is definitely one of the oldest existences in this land. Very few in the temple have seen him. I myself have only seen him once, and only his dao avatar, not his true form. I heard that he was there during the times of chaos so he’s more than six thousand years old. However, he’s different from the palace lords. Those two weren’t from this land, he is. Thus, the upper echelon of cultivators considered him to be the strongest beneath the two palace lords. In fact, some believe that he can take on one of them. It’s just that they haven’t fought before.”

“Impressive.” Feiyun was truly impressed. An Enlightened Being usually only lived till three thousand years.

It was even harder in Jin due to a lack of resources. Getting to six thousand years was harder than reaching the sky. This was even more impressive than the two palace lords.

No wonder why the monk viewed the Grand Sovereign so highly. The heretical king and Unrestrained Enlightened Being were geniuses and have trained for two thousand years. However, they were just juniors before the Grand Sovereign.

The monk brought up someone else - the lord of Peakless Ghost Mountain.

Feiyun has never heard about this place so he asked for elaboration.

“Your dynasty has Endless Land to the south, a forbidden land. To the west of Long is a mountainous region even larger than Endless Land. It used to be named Boundless but was eventually changed into Peakless. I don’t know much about this mysterious lord. Rumor has it that he’s an undying specter, around since the Buddhist calamity. Some say that your first-generation emperor suffered injuries in a battle between the two. That’s why he died early at 3,700 years of age. Of course, these are only rumors, who knows?”

Feiyun memorized these two titles. But in reality, one couldn’t be sure if they were stronger than the heretical king and Unrestrained since none has seen them in action recently.

Fame didn’t necessarily mean strength. Being old didn’t either.

“So the first classification of masters includes the two palace lords. The Grand Sovereign and Peakless Lord should be in the second. Yang King, Yin Mother, Heretical King, Unrestrained, Rakshasa’s ancestor, Fire Master, Qian Emperor’s father, these should be in the third. Of course, there are the fourth and fifth too. I am among the last places in the fifth classification.”

“All in all, it’s just a sweeping generalization because Enlightened Beings in Jin are reclusive. Some don’t show up for centuries and might have had improvements in their cultivation. Some might have died already as well. Plus, they don’t truly fight each other. It’s hard to gauge their actual strength.”

“If Unrestrained Enlightened Being were to fight Peakless Lord, she might not actually lose. The same with the palace lords versus the Grand Sovereign. A few masters from the fourth classification might defeat those in the third too. That’s why these classifications aren’t that exact, just an approximation.”

“I’m curious about one thing, this place isn’t that vast for Enlightened Beings. There’s a serious lack of resources too. Why don’t they leave for greener pastures, for example, the sixth central dynasty?” Feiyun asked.

The five dynasties had plenty of talents despite a lack of resources. The top masters wanted greater challenges in order to improve. Thus, it was confusing for them to stay here in these barren parts.

The monk’s answer was outside of his expectation.

“Because there is only one path to leave and it’s in Sacred Spirit Palace. It’s the only place with the right portal. That’s why people like the heretical king don’t do it. They do not wish to submit to Sacred Spirit.” The monk answered.

Feiyun nodded, understanding the reason now.

Of course, some would directly fly out of the five dynasties. Alas, this journey took them to boundless and desolate areas. An Enlightened Being might fly for several years without reaching other dynasties, only to be lost eventually.

These areas were more dangerous than Endless Land. Many would be devoured by fierce beasts during their attempt.

Even the two palace lords from Sacred Spirit wouldn’t dare to do so. Crossing through millions of miles there was akin to courting death.

Thus, teleportation formations and spatial holes became the only ways out of this land.

On the other hand, Feiyun had no qualms about this issue. After becoming an Enlightened Being, he can use the vessel long enough to cross through the desolate land.

Right now, he could only use it for two hours. Leaving would be suicidal. He would only do so when there was no other choice.

“What about the goddess of Jiang? Which classification?” He suddenly thought about someone else.

“Hard to say. She was one of the four strongest cultivators ten thousand years ago. There are many historical scrolls about her, so in terms of fame, she’s on the same level as the two palace lords. When she returned, the Enlightened Beings in the third and fourth classifications assumed the role of juniors when paying their respect.” The monk pondered for a bit before answering.

“I heard that during their visit, Spirit Palace Lord stood shoulder to shoulder with her back then while the heretical king stood to the side as a junior. If the goddess were in her peak state, she would definitely be on the same level as the two palace lords or even stronger. But this is after the calamity, she was certainly wounded afterward. Her cultivation might not be the same as before.”

“What makes you say that?” Feiyun slightly frowned.

“Because if she were at her peak, she wouldn’t have come to Bronze Cauldron for the demonic treasury. Many speculated that she did so in order to find materials that can recover her previous cultivation.” The monk said.

This speculation was apropos and reasonable.

Feiyun knew that she was encapsulated in ice for ten thousand years. A regression was understandable.

“Let’s go to Ancient Jiang.” Feiyun stood up.

“You want to ask her for help? I think it’s better if you follow me back to Grand Dragon Temple.”

“Haha, that’s the same as handing Golden Silkworm over, I’m sure your Grand Sovereign will like that very much.”


Escaping wasn’t a possibility so he needed a backer. He thought that the goddess was the only person who could save him.

After all, he saved her once. It should be effective using her to deter Unrestrained Enlightened Being.

Plus, she looked quite friendly and kind. If this didn’t work, he would have no choice but to head to the desolate lands.


As Feiyun was heading for Ancient Jiang, the battle on the Southern Ocean also ended.

No victor was decided since the two were interrupted by Fire Master.

The latter rode a fiery cloud, seemingly incinerating the entire sky. He had crimson hair and a tough figure.

“Heed Spirit Palace Lord’s decree! Now that Golden Silkworm Scripture is out, the lord wishes to take a look. The two of you need to bring it to the palace within seven days.”

“I’m afraid I can’t be of use since it is in Feng Feiyun’s possession. This junior is incalculable; his whereabouts unknown.” The king landed back on his boat. His gray hair didn’t diminish his powerful vigor at all.

He didn’t care much about Fire Master and refused the decree.

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