Chapter 781: Top Experts Of The Five Dynasties

Feng Feiyun suffered serious injuries this time around despite having the spirit vessel protecting him. His body nearly got torn asunder as he was pushed by the dragon into the bottom of the ocean.

“Damn! Would have died without minor completion with the physique.” Feiyun coughed out bubbles of blood.

His spirit energy has depleted by ninety percent, unable to summon the vessel to run again. He put it away and decided to leave this place as fast as possible.

He gritted his teeth and focused up in order to run.

Suddenly, a beam of current surged towards him. It was the bloodied Xuan Wei using a palm attack.

“Annoying like a leech!” A soft white glow emerged as he used his weapon essence to create a rain of swords, destroying the current in the process.

“Boom!” His injuries were too much so he got pushed back for several miles.

“The heretical king was right to pay special attention to you, still alive after all of this.” Xuan Wei’s spirit energy condensed into battle armors. He turned the water nearby into an ice spear.

“Want the scripture? Come then.” Feiyun’s eyes turned cold. His weapon essence also became a spear with a flashing brilliance.

“Pluff!” Suddenly, Xuan Wei screamed as blood gushed out of him. An invisible slash had torn him to two halves starting from the head.

Feiyun became surprised. Who killed him?

Ripples appeared next to him and out came Monk Zhi Zhang. The blood on the monk’s right palm started to mix with the water.

“Amitabha.” He placed his palms together and chanted. This monk might be chanting but don’t forget the blood on his hand - definitely a dangerous fella.

However, Feiyun really liked him at the moment. Actually fighting against Xuan Wei could have been terrible given his current state.

“You’re almost on time.”

“I’m risking my life coming here when those two are fighting.” The monk said.

“No more wasting time, leave as far as possible from this place.” Feiyun felt his eyelids becoming heavy. No strength was left at all.

“People from Sacred Spirit are here along with a few old geezers hiding in the shadows, we do need to leave.” The monk blabbered before picking Feiyun up and ran for his life, no longer looking like an enlightened monk.

The speed of an Enlightened Being was no joke. They were 90,000 miles away from the ocean after two hours and entered the land of Earthchild. 

They decided to hide in a brothel inside a city with 3,000,000 inhabitants.

Feiyun sat on the bed with a Buddhist glow. His recovery was insane, gaining back 30% of his strength after another two hours. This was because his injuries were too serious. A regular injury would only take one channel of the scripture to heal.

“Amitabha. To hide in such a dirty place, I’ve been stained now and must go back to the temple and purify for three years.” The monk put on a respectful act while lamenting continuously.

“Who cares about a brothel? It’s fine to hide in a manure pit to stay alive.” Feiyun took a deep breath and sucked in more Buddhist energy. 

He didn’t need to actively heal any longer; the scripture would automatically do so now.

“So we’re safe now?” The monk’s muddled eyes became bright the moment he saw Feiyun end his session.

Feiyun shook his head, still as worried as before: “Unrestrained Enlightened Being is a top wisdom master. Though I’m incalculable, she can still find traces of me. It’ll be my doom once she finds me.”

“Who is she?” The monk became curious about her and the two’s relationship.

“It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, it’s that you probably don’t dare to know.” Feiyun glanced at him.

“I can deduce a few things. She’s definitely a member of the Long. In the last three thousand years, only two people have reached this level in that clan. One is dead two thousand years ago, the other one is training in their royal clan. I lean towards the former.” The monk was naturally intelligent.

Feiyun got off the bed and started thinking. He could hear the moans and waves of laughter from the prostitutes next door along with the heavy breathing and cursing of a man.

“So you’re dead for sure.” The monk said.

“Not necessarily.”

“How can it get better?”

“She can’t look for me if the heretical king kills her.” 


The moans and groans next door became louder and louder. The monk was as calm as ever, not blushing at all, despite hearing the noises.

Feiyun thought that this monk might normally go to these places. He looked honest but in reality, could be a real playboy.

“They won’t go all out at their level since that might destroy half of a prefecture. Moreover, they certainly sensed the people from Sacred Spirit too. One is Fire master, the other is even stronger, perhaps one of the two palace lords.” The monk said.

“Ah, Fire Master, the blacksmith from Sacred Spirit. Huo Yanyan’s father.” Feiyun slightly frowned. He had heard of this man back when he captured Yanyan.

“Yes, he’s definitely the best blacksmith among the five dynasties. Many Dominating Armaments came from him. His cultivation is frightening as well.” The monk nodded.

“Compared to the heretical king and Unrestrained?” Feiyun asked.

“I haven’t seen them go all out so that’s hard to say, probably not much weaker though. He is ranked fifth at the palace.” The monk said.

“So that’s why they’re so arrogant.” Feiyun smiled.

“Of course, their two lords are extremely powerful and rule the five dynasties. The heretical king and Unrestrained Enlightened Being might be the top dogs in Jin but not much in their eyes.” The monk smiled.

Feiyun thought that he had been underestimating this place. Maybe it was special in some ways, that’s why it produced so many brilliant characters.

“Looks like I can’t run from her, so might as well just sit here and talk. Tell me about the top masters of the five dynasties and Sacred Spirit.” Feiyun sat back down and said.

“I do know a few things or two about this.” The monk was an optimistic person. He smiled and said: “The five dynasties are actually quite mysterious and have produced numerous great characters. For example, Jin has ten great masters, all brilliant. Very few are still here in Jin though.”

“The strongest are definitely the two palace lords from Sacred Spirit, Sacred Lord and Spirit Lord. They’re mysterious as well, creating their sect six thousand years ago and ended the chaos here. They then secretly helped five different clans to form the five dynasties. In other words, they’re the real masters here.”

This was an old story that very few knew about.

“More than six thousand years old, huh? Not bad.” Feiyun nodded.

“Not bad? It’s heaven-defying. Have you heard of an Enlightened Being living that long? Three thousand years are already long enough. For example, your first emperor is brilliant but only made it to 3,700 years old.” The monk said.

“Not necessarily, each rebirth grants more lifespan, especially after the third one. Increasing lifespan by a millennium is very normal, so six-thousand-year-old Enlightened Beings are around, just very rare. Plus, there are many treasures that can increase lifespan, such as 10,000-year spirit fruits. Just one is enough to give 2,000 to 3,000 more years.” Feiyun smiled.

The monk thought that Feiyun was being too haughty and gave him the side-eye: “Sun Moon found a tree with 4,000-year-old spirit fruits in Bronze Cauldron. That’s the number one spirit root in your dynasty, or even in all of the five dynasties. That’s already rare enough, where are you going to find a 10,000-year-old fruit?”

“I saw one in Bronze Cauldron.” Feiyun smiled.

The monk took a deep breath, his eyes moved back and forth in contemplation while his heartbeat became erratic. He eventually shook his head because Bronze Cauldron was too dangerous now. One needed to be alive and get there in the first place to eat that fruit.

“So there is no one here who can fight those two palace lords? Let’s change the subject then, who is the strongest not counting them.” Feiyun contemplated before asking.

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