Chapter 780: Developments At Southern Ocean

Feng Feiyun didn’t know what the two started fighting. It must have something to do with the “cauldron”.

The king’s avatar was on the other end of the ocean, also just as tall as the empress’. It opened its mouth and took a deep breath - creating a black hole to suck in the golden dragons.

The terrible fight engulfed the entire ocean. Just their auras alone left the heretical lords at the conference trembling on the ground.

Only the top ones barely manage to stand. Of course, fear still overwhelmed them.

“Boom!” A golden dragon fell from the ground and hit an area a hundred miles away from the reef island.

It sank the island; numerous heretical lords were crushed by its energy, turning into fleshy bits.

This was only a remnant shockwave from the fight, not Unrestrained Enlightened Being’s direct attack. Moreover, it was also one hundred miles away from the island.

If it was a direct hit, only a few would have been able to survive.

“Run! The heretical god is fighting, this place will turn to ashes!”

“Clan Master! I can’t move, save me!” A half-step Giant was paralyzed on the ground while calling for help.

They started running for their life, not wanting to linger for half a second. Even the old geezers hiding in space all escaped as well.

Regular Enlightened Beings needed to flee from a fight between characters like the heretical king and the empress.

This was exactly what Feiyun wanted to see. It was time to escape.

He took out his spirit vessel and jumped on it.

However, he couldn’t get away since a spear energy thrust struck his vessel. This powerful force blew him off the vessel.

“The heretical king wants your life!” Xuan Wei pointed his spear like a death god at Feiyun.

His identity has been exposed by the heretical young lord by this point.

“I’m not interested in fighting you!” Feiyun tried to leap up to the vessel again since this was his best time to escape.

He poured energy into the vessel but Xuan Wei swung his spear vertically in between Feiyun and the vessel, splitting a part of the ocean in the process.

Feiyun gritted his teeth, furious. You idiot! Everyone is running right now, this isn’t the time to fight.

“So be it, I see that you’re suicidal!” Feiyun summoned the vessel and made it smaller.

He smashed it into the spear, issuing a loud bang and explosion.

He rushed forward with the momentum to kill Xuan Wei as fast as possible so that he could leave right away. Unfortunately, heaven wasn’t on his side.

Who knows if Unrestrained Enlightened Being was being intentional or not, but a golden dragon from the sky flew straight at him.

This image of a dragon still possessed immense power. One of them earlier nearly killed most of the heretics and sank the reef island.

Feiyun sensed this incoming power. He felt as if he was stuck in a quagmire, unable to move. He raised his vessel above for a defensive stance.

“Boom!” The energy smashed the vessel. 

300 miles of water sank down as if a meteor had just fallen there. This force was enough to destroy everything.

Xuan Wei had already run the moment he saw the golden energy. He made it sixty miles away but still got blown flying by the shockwaves. 

His armors exploded like a crushed spider. He fell into the water, as bloodied as can be.

He coughed out blood continuously. Fortunately, a defensive talisman from the heretical king saved his life or he would have died for certain.

He flew out of the water. Right now, his hands were covered in a layer of molten steel since half of his spear had melted.

“He’s dead. Wait, the scripture.” He didn’t forget about the king’s order despite his grievous injuries.

He flew back towards the area and saw lightning currents coursing through the water. Ordinary cultivators would be rendered to blood if they were to jump in.

He summoned a spirit basket and jumped inside. This treasure allowed him to search the water beneath.

Feiyun should be ashes now but the scripture will still be there, perhaps at the bottom of the ocean.

Meanwhile, many heretical lords have escaped. More have died from the shockwaves of the battle.

Only the top lords were present at the island for the conference. Their men waited by the shore, frightened by the battle above.

It looked like two gods were fighting.

Qian Qiusheng survived and made it back to the shore, murmuring: “It’s the heretical king!”

“The heretical king? Yes, he’s the only one with such frightening cultivation.” The ones nearby started discussing.

Some wanted to run even more in order to feel safe.

“Who is he fighting?”

“Gotta be another big shot.”

“Such powerful and domineering draconic energy, the previous emperor?”

“Yes, he’s the only one who can put up a good fight against the heretical king.”

Numerous dragons and black clouds could be seen on the horizon. Numerous spectators trembled in fear.

The members of Earthchild have finally arrived. They felt this terrible battle from ten thousand miles away, no longer daring to move forward.

“Halt, everyone!” The masters of the three large sects gave this order at the same time.

They came wanting to kill Yi Zhenfeng and even stop the unification of the heretical sects. However, this battle instilled great pressure upon them.

A man wearing a feathered crest was with Sun Moon. He looked around thirty years of age. He wore a silver robe, looking quite handsome as he gazed towards the ocean.

The sect master of Sun Moon treated him with great reverence.

“How interesting, the Long is a royal clan indeed, so many experts.” He sighed.

“I didn’t expect for them to have reached such a mighty level.” Fire Master Enlightened Being stood next to the man. Space nearby was being assaulted by high temperatures. He seemed to be fire incarnate.

“Impressive indeed.” The man seemed unaffected and casually said.

Fire Master knew that this was a very high evaluation. Few in history could earn such praise.

“This Long Jiangling is brilliant, even fooling us. Palace Lord, who do you think is stronger between those two?” Fire Master asked.

“Hard to say.” The man pondered for a bit before speaking.

“Ruixin is back.” White Moon Messenger came over and stood behind him. She had mixed feelings at the moment. 

She viewed this man as a god and Ruixin was their daughter. Even though many have been talking bad about her behind her back, she still had no regrets. It was as if being able to give herself to him was an honor.

“Is Ruixin doing well?” He glanced back at her and slightly recalled.

“She’s doing fine.” She paused for a bit before continuing: “So this love thief is actually the demon’s son.”

“Haha, another wily trickster.” Fire Master thunderously laughed.

“Feng Feiyun, huh? Not bad, able to escape from Bronze Cauldron. So many surprising things today. Jin has produced some incredible characters. What else still eludes our sect?” The man’s eyes became profound, seemingly amused.

This didn’t last long since they became aggressive and cold in the next second. He thought that he should take care of this problem and all hidden threats.

“Palace Lord, Golden Silkworm is on Feng Feiyun.” Fire Master said.

“Tell Long Jiangling and Beacon King to bring the scripture to Sacred Spirit Palace within seven days.” The man said and started leaving.

“And if they refuse?” Fire Master smiled.

“Then that shows that they no longer obey Sacred Spirit and deserve death. Their wings are strong now but I don’t mind breaking them.” The man disappeared from sight.

“I will tell them, haha!” Fire Master’s smile grew wider as he watched the fight.

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