Chapter 78: Young Noble Flawless

The middle city naturally was not considered the center of Violet Firmament Ancient City. However, its prosperity far exceeded the outer city and inner city. People inside the middle city were all extremely wealthy, and experts with amazing cultivations were as plentiful as the carps in Yangtze River.

Hidden dragons, crouching tigers, and experts as plentiful as the clouds were the phrases used to describe this place.

Tonight was truly a bit hot. There were many black clouds rolling in the sky. The pressure was increasing and created a suffocating atmosphere that was a little irritable.

This was a sign that a thunderstorm was approaching.

The rain would definitely not be light tonight. Black clouds covered the crescent moon and the cicadas were not singing, causing a somber sense of desolation.

“Clank clank…”

Feng Feiyun wore his exotic buddhist robe and carried his golden staff to a luxurious mansion. He looked up to see two lion statues, both of which were taller than humans, in front of him. They were majestic and powerful, like two lions of god. At the very least, they would weigh tens of thousands of pounds.

He took another look at the mansion and could faintly see the nine pagodas from afar. They were surrounded by a buddhist aura.

He nodded, then he stepped on the white ground terrace and used the bronze ring to knock on the front door of the mansion.

This was the mansion with the nine buddhist pagodas. They were located in the back courtyard, but a family was situated in the front. Seeing this atmosphere, it was clear that this place was not owned by an ordinary person.

Feng Feiyun did not directly rush in, he had some things to make clear of.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Three knocks on the door.

The red lacquer doors were soon opened by a little girl. She was around the age of seven. With a tender white face along with two knots on her head, she was very cute looking.

“Big Brother Monk, who are you looking for?”

The sound of the little girl was very soft and melodious.

Feng Feiyun smiled:

“I am indeed looking for someone, but I am not a monk.”

“Then who are you looking for?”

The little girl tilted her head and curiously asked again.

“Your master.”

Feng Feiyun answered.

“Our master is Young Noble Flawless! I’m afraid he will not meet with you.”

The little girl shook her head.

Feng Feiyun was covered in cuts and bruises. Plus, he was pursued by a large number of Feng experts and didn’t want to waste too much time. However, at the moment, it was impossible for him to be angry at such a lovely little girl, so he smiled and said:

“You didn’t inform him so how would you know that he definitely would not meet with me?”

The little girl said:

“Because he only meets with women, and only the beautiful ones at that. For a man such as you, he definitely will not want to meet.”

Feng Feiyun slightly frowned and diverged his hearing towards the origin of the noises. He heard the sounds of zithers and flutes as well as wonderful singing. There were also the sounds of dancing and smiles, all from women. Plus, the sounds were very soothing. One could only imagine the number of beauties inside. The number was definitely higher than the largest brothel of Violet Firmament Ancient City.

Feng Feiyun frowned deeper and deeper. If this was really the buddhist mansion of the Mortal Life Cavern, then why was the current owner so lustfully debaucherous.

In the end, one thousand and eight hundred years had passed. Even if the abbot of the temple used to have people to protect this place, so much time had passed that the owners of this mansion must have changed many times.

This Young Noble Flawless, what type of person was he?

Feng Feiyun naturally had to enter this mansion so he said:

“Little Sister, I still have to bother you to go tell him that I have a grand gift and I only want to meet Young Noble Flawless once.”

“No matter how many gifts you have, he still would not meet with you. There was a grandpa who came with a one thousand year old calamus, that belonged to the spirit grass rank, just to meet our Young Noble once. However, he couldn’t even see half of a shadow.”

The little girl squinted and said:

“So unless if it was a beautiful woman coming, no one could see him.”

Calamus had an outrageous value. Its medicinal power was even higher than a drop of spirit spring water.

Feng Feiyun still had two drops of spirit spring water, but these were life-saving godly medicines. Unless it was a last resort, he would never take them out. Could it be that it was impossible to see this Young Noble Flawless?

Feng Feiyun, naturally, could directly go to the pagodas behind the mansion, but there would be no result because the immortal buddhist robe would, in the end, throw him out and he wouldn’t be able to get what he wanted.

However, since the pagodas were inside the mansion, this Young Noble had to be related in some way. The mansion must be hiding something like a “key” to take the immortal buddhist robe.

If talking doesn’t work, then he could only use force.

“Young Noble Flawless, Feng Feiyun is here to pay a visit!”

Feng Feiyun jumped and his body flew several zhang high. He was a giant bird and flew to the roof of the mansion and looked down. There were bright lights within the mansion, luxurious and extravagant. There was a wine reservoir with beautiful women dancing about. There was a hot spring next to a wine reservoir that emitted white mists. Groups and groups of stunning beauties were bathing in the spring and quietly singing — this was like a mansion for immortals.

In the far distance, there was a palace built out of gold and was eight zhang and three meters high. It didn’t matter whether it was the walls or the rooftops, they were all made out of pure gold. Even the pillars, that were large enough to require five people to surround with their hands, were also made out of gold.

There were no words to describe it! Just this palace made out of gold was enough for all of the big families to marvel.

There were beautiful women everywhere, no less than three hundred. There was not a single one who wasn’t a peerless beauty. This would — no doubt — cause others to be envious of the abilities of Young Noble Flawless. Who knew how he collected so many beauties? This would truly drive people mad with jealousy.

“My place does not welcome men, especially men who climbed the wall to get inside.”

From the golden palace came the voice of a young man. It was seemingly very lazy as if he was still enjoying the gentle comfort of someone. Then, he spoke again:

“Yun Er, according to our rules, what should we do?”

“Remove his eyes and cut off his hands so that he would never look at and touch women again.”

This young woman was around the age of seventeen. She seemed very gentle and had bright eyes with curvy brows. Her skin was fine and tender and was probably delicate to the point where it would break with a single touch. Her gaze consisted of a brilliance that was filled with wisdom. A glance was enough to tell that she was not only a vase of decorative flowers.

She was holding a paintbrush to draw on a piece of fragrant silk cloth. Even though it was only half done, the soul of the painting was no less than the work of contemporary masters.

“Then, I will leave it to you!”

From beginning to end, Young Noble Flawless did not appear and his voice was still just as ponderous and lazy.

“Yes, Master.”

Yun Er happily smiled and paused her drawing. Her crescent moon-like eyes gazed at Feng Feiyun and saw that this young man wore a white monastic robe while he held a golden staff. He was just like a buddhist layperson.

His looks were quite handsome and had a godly and heroic aura, but Yun Er only took a short glance. She was more focused on the Invincible Buddhist Staff in his hands.

She slightly leaned inside the white mists of the wine reservoir. Her jade-carved white fingers were still holding an ink brush, that had not yet dried, and she gently waved it. The ink flew out and turned into a sword-shaped killing aura that directly rushed for Feng Feiyun’s left hand.

“This woman’s appearance is exceptionally good and comparable to a goddess. No matter where she goes, she would be able to charm countless excellent geniuses. Plus, her painting techniques are superb and her cultivation is not any less than characters of the elder rank. Such a woman, why is she willing to be a servant for Young Noble Flawless?”

Feng Feiyun could not understand the heart of this woman. Could Young Noble Flawless actually be so great and perfect?

Right, it had to be the riches inside this mansion. It could attract so many willing women. There were not many fearless ones willing to start their own successes.

Feng Feiyun still believed that there were girls willing to chase for fame and wealth. However, only relying on gold to collect so many talented women, and ones with exceedingly high cultivation at that, it didn’t feel very likely.

“I will not show mercy to a woman.”

Feng Feiyun waved his Invincible Buddhist Staff and released a golden light. It returned the sword aura to its original form, into ink that fell down to the ground.

Feng Feiyun landed from above and strode towards the golden palace as he said:

“You should let your Young Noble Flawless play with me in person!”

“Talk after you actually surpass my gate! Our Young Noble will not just fight against anyone, especially not men.”

Yun Er used her paintbrush as a sword and channeled her energy. The originally soft brush became sharper than a magical sword in just a second. With a gesture of her brush, sword auras penetrated in all the directions. The monastic robe on Feng Feiyun’s body was cut in three small places.

There were too many women inside this mansion. All of them were young and beautiful. Some were cold like ice, holding a sword while standing. Some were beautiful and alluring with clothings only hiding half of their bodies. There were some country-toppling beauties that were cute and charming and were playing the guqins.

And at this moment, they all turned around and smiled. Their fingers gently pressed against their lips as they watched Feng Feiyun being continuously pushed back by Yun Er — their laughter became even more pleasant.

Feng Feiyun had never stood in front of so many beautiful women like this before. He seemed a bit restrained and some of his hair was cut off by Yun Er.


Feng Feiyun did not hold back. He used the power of the Infinite Spirit Ring and unleashed a fist with four Bulls of power. It caused Yun Er’s entire body to shake and she had to take ten steps back. She was unable to stand straight. There was blood dripping from her arm, like gorgeous red plums on top of the white snow.


These other women noticed that Yun Er was not a match for Feng Feiyun so two more young women joined the fray. Their hands were holding pink peach blossoms. They flicked their fingers and numerous petals rushed out into the air, carrying a sharp power capable of rendering boulders into dust.

The cultivation of the two girls was not any weaker than Yun Er. Plus, they looked exactly like each other — a pair of identical twins. The two combining their power had resulted in an even greater power.

Each of them attacked one side of Feng Feiyun. Sweet fragrances filled the air. Feng Feiyun had to use his spirit energy to maneuver the Invincible Buddhist Staff and he swung it around like a windmill, creating many dragon tornados.

Yun Er regained her strength and with a loud roar, she once again joined the fight with her brush. She aimed straight for the center of Feng Feiyun’s forehead.

“These women are not only beautiful but also ruthless; all of them want to use assassination techniques. They are not easy to mess with!”

This was Feng Feiyun’s only thought at this moment. He became even more curious about Young Noble Flawless who hadn’t appeared. What the hell was this mysterious man?

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