Chapter 778: Taking Care Of Business Before Death

The branches and door closed after he entered. The carriage became hidden once more.

Yuji Manmiao dressed conservatively with several layers of silk, completely hiding her figure. She walked over and held his arm, pulling her face closer to his: “Why were you so reckless?”

“Would you believe me if I say that I was forced?” He smiled.


“Senior Sister, I’m really jealous of you. You fooled me as well, finding such a brilliant dao companion without letting anyone know.” Yuji Lanlan stood on a branch, still shrouded in mist.

Though Feiyun only fought the young lord for a short moment, their exchange let Lanlan figure out Feiyun’s true identity.

The number one genius of Jin!

Women didn’t only compare with each other, jealousy was part of it as well. The closer the relationship, the more jealousy.

Jealous women killed the non-jealous ones and live on. The non-jealous ones? Extinct since long ago.

All in all, competition and drive resulted in a higher chance of survival. That’s why the current women now came from the jealous and competitive branch. These feelings and emotions were embedded in their blood since birth.

“The heretical conference won’t end in peace, chaos will come when the experts from Earthchild arrive. You guys should leave now.” He said.

“You’re not coming?” Manmiao asked.

“I can’t. I’ll go find you if I’m lucky enough to survive.” He shook his head and put on a wry smile.

He then went to meet the princess from the Yang World, Liu Ruixin, Ye Siwan, Bai Ruxue, Mu Xirou, the wife of Myriad Laws Clan Master. He returned their soul fragments back.

He only wanted to use them as bait for the masters from Earthchild to interrupt the heretical conference. Now, the enlightened being ruined his plan. He had done all he could for Jin and didn’t owe the royal clan anymore.

He felt deep annoyance against this woman who wanted to kill him. Thus, he didn’t care anymore about stopping the heretical faction from uniting.

“You guys can leave now.” He maintained a smile instead of a miserable scowl.

“What are you trying to do?” All the women glared suspiciously at him.

Feiyun’s smile froze. He rubbed his chin and elaborated: “Thank you everyone for cooperating recently, you may leave now. In other words, your freedom is back. Liu Ruixin, you’ve been trying to escape, right? Now you can go, be excited. Little princess, be well-behaved from now on instead of wanting to kill all the time. Watch it or no one will want to marry you. Madame, I apologize, though I truly want to be a love thief and do some unsavory things to you, I don’t know if I can survive after today. We won’t be able to do our embarrassing deed then.” 

Lui Ruixin glared at him and pulled Ye Siwan’s hand: “Sister Yi, let’s go, forget this bastard!”

“Liu Ruixin, never speak about what you saw in the kingdom or I’ll be a real bastard towards you.” Feiyun said seriously.

She became frightened due to his gaze and naturally understood the importance of the things she saw there. Running her mouth might cause needless trouble or even death.

Plus, Feng Feiyun was so strong. Her sect might not be enough to kill him. Therefore, she obediently nodded.

“Bai Ruxue, will you stay?” He asked.

“Will you force me to stay?” She said.


“I choose to leave.” She said.

“Where to?” He asked because she was actually his woman, unlike the others.

“Probably home.”

“You have one?” He became surprised.

“Everyone has a home and family, I can’t?” She glared back at him.

“True.” Feiyun’s eyes became profound as he murmured to himself: “When someone’s tired, they’ll think about returning home first, and their family…”

Bai Ruxue was a smart woman who knew that there was no true love between the two of them. Staying with a man who doesn’t love her was a foolish course of action.

Feiyun felt bad because he had used them and ruined their reputation. Thus, reparation was necessary.

He gave them 10,000 spirit stones each. This monstrous sum was enough for them to cultivate for a lifetime. He even gave Bai Ruxue a spirit fruit.

Everyone accepted without reservation except Ye Siwan. She threw the stones on the ground like trash before leaving with Liu Ruixin.

He felt relieved after everyone was gone. Alas, he couldn’t forget about Ye Siwan’s eyes. They were filled with complicated feelings - pain, disappointment, hesitation, and maybe a reluctance to leave…

He knew that she was the only one among them who actually liked him. However, she liked the uncle back in Bronze Cauldron, not Feng Feiyun, so she chose to leave. She couldn’t come up with a reason to stay.

“I wish them well, just more passersby in life.” He thought to himself, aware that it would be difficult to meet them again.

For Ye Siwan, he might be a very important person in her life. Perhaps she would become the sect master of Sun Moon and never marry anyone because she can’t forget him.

However, she didn’t hold as much weight in his heart, only a favorable impression at best. Feiyun considered Jin to be a shallow pond, a stepping stone. He would soar even higher in the future.

He probably could still remember her appearance ten years later, some memories after a century. But after ten thousand years, nothing would be left, not even a single image in his mind.

The truth was that he could have gotten her to stay if he said something. Unfortunately, that would ruin her life.

The mortal coil resembled a dream. One person would meet many people who weren’t fated to be with them. It was better to give up instead of forcing the issue.

Absence could be a better option than caring for them.

Feiyun felt much better after thinking this through. He came back to Manmiao and told her to come back to the capital and find a woman named Yao Ji.

“Tell Yao Ji to help me take good care of Supreme Goddess’ soul.” He said before leaving the carriage.

He didn’t dare to say too much because Unrestrained Enlightened Being’s divine intents were watching him.

However, he knew that Yao Ji was smart enough to guess his current predicament.

He was truly free right now outside of worrying about the goddess’ soul. Nonetheless, he trusted that Yao Ji would be able to take great care of the soul.

He then entered the Lu Clan to find the cave where Lu Liwei was training at. He didn’t think much of her but they did sleep together.

It has been several years but she was still as gorgeous as ever. The night breezes blew her sweet fragrance far away.

Feiyun rode the wind and appeared next to her like a specter.

She was at third-level Heaven’s Mandate right now. This cultivation speed was quite fast for most but it was trivial by this point.

He used the invisible cloak to hide his presence from the masters of the Lu.

“You!” Lu Liwei didn’t attack him because it would be futile.

“Yes.” Feiyun smiled.

“What do you want?!” 

He simply used the weapon essence to cut the bracelet off her wrist. He then carefully gathered the drop of blood inside.

This was the sixth drop of blood. His task was finished so he put away the cloak and left.

Lu Liwei rubbed her wrist while watching Feiyun leave. She had thought about what would happen if they were to meet again, just not like this.

The guy was too cold.

“Hey! You’re leaving just like that?!” She said with indignation and unwillingness.

Feiyun thought that if his life wasn’t in someone else’s hand, he would bring her away even if he had to resort to force. This was the responsibility of a man.

Alas, this wasn’t the case right now.

“What is it?” He stopped and said.

“Have… you ever felt guilty and ashamed?” She asked.


“Very well.” She took a deep breath and said.

“I’ll give you one last thing.” Feiyun created a white dagger using his weapon essence then engraved his name on it. He then tossed it towards her.

“If you are ever in trouble, tell someone to bring this dagger to me, I will take care of your problem whether it be killing gods or Buddhas. I owe you a debt.” Having said this, he left without looking back, returning to the enlightened being’s carriage.

“Done with your arrangement?” She asked.

“You won’t kill me if I were to say no?” 


Feiyun sighed and stared at the sky. A near-dead man had many things to do but not enough time.

The night grew colder.

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