Chapter 777: Evenly Matched

A small group on the heretical side realized it sooner than the others because they heard “Brother Feng”. They glared at Feiyun with skepticism.

Feiyun didn’t know how the young lord recognized him but he didn’t let the guy have the chance.

He gathered all of his power to attack with the Pure Yang Mirror, shooting out a seven-colored beam containing geographic runes.

“Boom!” The heretics from Senluo were blown away. The weaker ones vomited blood, wounded.

The heretical lord’s sleeves were fluttering to the wind. He raised his hand and unleashed golden Buddhist energy encompassing 300 miles.

This energy engulfed the mirror, wishing to seize it.

“Whoosh!” Feiyun swung his sleeve and shot out blinding rays. They turned into a rain of swords.

This rain was made from his weapon essence, consisting of more than a thousand swords. They pierced through the young lord’s energy, intending on killing him and those from Senluo.

He needed to escalate the issues here!

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!...” More than ten heretics fell down. Their blood stained the ground.

Others were wounded; the sword energy continued to spread inside. They couldn’t move at all while focusing on suppressing this energy.

Everyone became afraid, cold sweat dripped down their forehead.

Outside of those who have figured out Feiyun’s identity, the others thought that Yi Zhenfeng had gone insane and wanted to kill all of the experts from Senluo here.

Feiyun raised his hand and started the second wave of sword rains against his foes.

“Hmph!” The young lord scowled and emitted waves from his body, pushing away the members of Senluo Temple.

A golden radiance appeared behind him. Inside was a large Buddha towering at ninety feet. It had 360 light spots, the equivalent of the 360 meridians.

“Rumble!” This statue seemed to have ascended and was extremely tough.

The weapon essence slammed into it and issued loud metallic clanking along with bright yellow spots.

The unstoppable weapon essence has been stopped!

“At least a fourth-ranked spirit treasure.” Feiyun’s eyes narrowed.

This young heretical lord was blessed by fortune. He had several unbelievable treasures such as this golden Buddha. It might have more power than a Dominating Armament.

Feiyun recalled his weapon essence and the thousand swords dispersed. It then turned into a white saber.

He held the hilt with both hands before unleashing a slash.

“Whoosh!” A white slash soared through the firmament.

The formations on the ground lit up before being devoured by the slash. The heretical lords retreated with haste, not wanting to be hit.

“Rumble!” The island was split into two halves starting at the center. Water from the ocean poured in and filled the gap.

This ended up adding a river several hundred feet wide with surging waves and billowing vapor.

Feiyun stood on the water surface and raised his voice: “I will not accept the heretical king as our leader because I believe Unrestrained Enlightened Being is more suitable for this position. Don’t agree with me? Come get it!”

His voice detonated like thunder in the area.

Unrestrained Enlightened Being was another top heretical lord. Though she hasn’t shown up for one thousand years, her fame still deterred the others.

The lords of Senluo sneered. One Giant at the seventh level said: “The enlightened being hasn’t shown up for more than a millennium. Even those from Mount Potala don’t know if she’s still alive, no one will accept this.”

Of course, some supported Feng Feiyun, such as the six clans of Potala, the assassin palace, and the slave auction house.

The master of Earth’s End spoke from an extravagant carriage with an old yet mighty voice: “I agree that Unrestrained Enlightened Being should be the leader of our faction. After all, the great heretical king was trapped in Bronze Cauldron for too long and might not be aware of the current situation as much.”

“Long Yi, you dare to oppose the heretical king?” The eighth lord of Senluo coldly uttered.

“Of course not, I have nothing but admiration for the king’s prowess and battle record. I simply think that the enlightened being is the better candidate.” The master calmly responded.

“Unrestrained Enlightened Being rules with virtue. Her prestige is well known, I’m sure virtually everyone will accept her as our leader. As for the heretical king, he has been missing for more than two thousand years. Though his momentum is great now, he might not be stronger than the enlightened being.” Another person chimed in - the clan master of the Yuwen.

He had lived for more than 700 years and had many friends. Others immediately voiced their support.

An ancestor from Lifeless Realm stepped out of the darkness while holding a walking stick. He tottered forward and said: “The heretical faction includes all of us. Mount Potala and Senluo are the two strongest sects but they only consist of five to ten percent of all heretical cultivators. In order to become our leader, the person must win the majority vote, so I think the enlightened being is more suitable.”

Feiyun successfully fanned the fire and retreated. These powers started fighting again.

Of course, some still paid attention to him because they have guessed his true identity correctly. However, they had their own plans in order to obtain the scripture so they kept their mouth shut, only ordering men to keep an eye on Feiyun.

Many old monsters would be looking for him after the conference.

“Not bad, pulling me to the front of the flames.” The enlightened being’s voice came from the carriage, sounding rather pleasant and clear this time instead of oppressive - similar to a gurgling stream.

One would think that this was a daughter from a noble clan.

Feiyun stood next to the carriage and stood up straight: “Isn’t this what you want? As long as you can defeat the heretical king, there will be no unification.”

“Elaborate.” She said.

“Senluo Temple will not accept this. In the best-case scenario, all of them will unhappily leave. The worst? They will fight Mount Potala until death. Either way, the heretical faction won’t unite.”

“You’re mistaken. As long as I’m around, the outcome of the battle doesn’t matter. The heretical faction won’t unite.” She confidently said.

Feiyun didn’t deny this since it was the truth.

“You’re smart and have good talents. Hand over the scripture and swear loyalty and I might spare your life.” She finally revealed her intention.

“As if. I’m a thorn pricking you as long as I have the platform, don’t try to use your court psychological stuff against me. After this conference, let’s go to the tomb. That should be my resting place. Before that, I want to prepare some arrangements with my friends.” He said.

She was willing to give up the throne in order to plan against the platform. He wasn’t stupid enough to think that she would spare him just because he was talented.

“And if I refuse?” She said.

“I’m the only one who knows how to destroy that ancient formation.” He answered.

“Then go take care of those arrangements. Remember, don’t tell them anything.” She pondered for a bit before agreeing.

She wasn’t afraid of him escaping since she had absolute confidence in her abilities. She could catch him in the blink of an eye so this was no problem.

Feiyun naturally understood this as well. He thought about using the spirit vessel to run away or hide in Heavenly Kingdom. 

Alas, he chose against these choices because she was both powerful and wise. Maybe she would be able to figure it out the moment he made his move, appearing in that split second to stop him.

Thus, he needed to wait for the best possible moment or he would only be accelerating his death.

Meanwhile, because of Unrestrained Enlightened Being, the other factions dared to oppose Senluo Temple, no longer afraid of the heretical king.

Amusingly enough, they still haven’t seen her and didn’t even know if she was alive or not at this point.

The conference became rowdy with fights everywhere. Most no longer paid any attention to Feiyun.

He took advantage of this and climbed up the carriage of Yin Yang Cultivation. Two branches in the sky spread out to reveal a door.

He entered and saw the beautiful Yuji Lanlan and Yuji Manmiao.

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