Chapter 776: Destruction Runes

The battle between Yuji Lanlan and another Enlightened Being didn’t last long, only noticed by a few people.

Others didn’t have a clue as they watched the fierce fight between the Love Thief and the Life Walker.

Feng Feiyun utilized the mirror to shoot out a seven-colored beam. It pierced through the firmament and destroyed the character created by Qiusheng.

The latter wasn’t deterred at all. He started writing a series of runes in the air, carrying a special dao rhythm.

They felt like they could be found on a turtle shell as part of a ceremonial rite to worship a god.

A thousand miles in the ocean had torrential waves carrying a cataclysmic aura.

Each character written by him contained a bleak dao of destruction, rending the sky and earth…

“Destruction Runes!” Scholar Heaven Calculating stood on top of a white boulder with a feathered fan in his hand. His eyes flashed with insight.

These runes belonged to a destruction tablet; each was brimming with this dao. Once enlightened, one would be able to use an incalculable level of power.

Only Sacred Spirit Palace had a scroll in Jin. It only contained a tiny portion of the tablet, not even 1/10,000th.

As for the actual tablet? Its location remained a mystery.

Some books in this library at Sacred Spirit have been stolen numerous times before. It wasn’t strange for Qiusheng to know these runes.

The incredible thing that he was able to understand the dao of destruction within them. This was indicative of his talents and great comprehension.

“Someone in Jin can actually learn these runes. Hmm, just a minor part but it’s not bad. Should we recruit him?” Xie Honglian asked.

“We can think about it.” The scholar pondered for a bit before agreeing.

He took out a list then a brush tied by his hair and wrote down, Qian Qiusheng.

Feng Feiyun’s name has also been written on this list long ago.


Feiyun also recognized these runes. He had seen the actual tablet before out of sheer luck. It flew away after a quick glance.

This was a divine artifact from the ancient era with numerous legends. Many races had different sections of these runes. According to the rumors, their ancestors recorded these runes using their blood.

After so many years, no one knew why these ancestors expended so much effort to copy a few runes. Was this a message for future generations?

The phoenix race also had a total of 18,000 pages consisting of these runes. This was still not the complete version.

Despite the incompleteness of Qiusheng’s attack, Feiyun still felt great pressure. The world of the mirror was on the verge of being annihilated.

Qiusheng was sweaty; his hands trembled. It seemed that writing each character took a part of his life.

Feiyun decided to go on the offensive and rode the samsara. He appeared on top of Qiusheng and unleashed a seven-colored beam from his mirror.

“Boom!” Qiusheng finally finished writing his runes.

Each of them became resplendent and swallowed the beam from Feiyun before rushing forward towards him like meteors.

Feiyun took a deep breath and jumped on top of these runes, using his Swift Samsara to dart back and forth while unleashing palm strikes powerful enough to shake the sky.

From below, people only saw his figure jumping from one rune to another.

“Rumble!” Eventually, the runes shattered and dispersed.

Feiyun landed on the ground, tumbling a bit with his chest heaving. His hands were bloodied.

He channeled his Buddhist energy and stopped the bleeding. He breathed deeply before speaking: “If you could have written a second page of these destruction runes, you might have been able to kill me.”

Qiusheng couldn’t finish the second page since the first had nearly depleted his energy. He backed off after staring at Feiyun for a bit.

He still had a few ace cards left but if these runes didn’t work, they might be useless as well. Retreating was the best choice because it looked good for him right now.

Feiyun was wounded while he was completely untouched. Not even his clothes have been damaged in battle.

Of course, the heretical lords here were discerning enough to know that Qiusheng was gassed. His defeat seemed likely if they had kept on fighting.

They started thinking that after today, Yi Zhenfeng’s fame wouldn’t be limited to Earthchild Prefecture alone. All of Jin or even the other dynasties would be shaken.

Defeating two walkers from Senluo on the same day. He seemed unbeatable in the absence of Enlightened Beings.

“Impossible, why is he so strong?” Yuji Lanlan was astonished.

She had met many people and rarely misjudged them. Now, this person had completely surpassed her expectations.

Manmiao expected this. She touched her chin and smiled: “It’s not strange for a historical genius to beat someone at a higher level.”

“He’s a historical genius?!” Lanlan quickly calmed down and smiled: “No wonder why your complexion is beaming recently, becoming even more beautiful, so you’ve found a good treasure.” 

“Indeed, haha!” Manmiao smiled but didn’t reveal her lover’s true identity or that he was actually at the peak level.

After all, good sisters could become enemies if they like the same man.

Manmiao was very cautious because her junior sister was superior in many aspects outside of… luck.

Right now, Manmiao felt that she could surpass her in time because she had a man full of potential. Her talents have become higher than Lanlan’s.

Women have been competitive with each other since birth. Even the best sisters would compare with regards to beauty, figure, men…

This competition actually drove them to be better and more beautiful.

From an evolutionary perspective, women, in the beginning, were divided into two categories - those who compare and those who didn’t.

The former continued to beautify themselves for more benefits. Thus, men loved them more. This type became more prone to produce offspring.

The latter? Their passivism led to elimination. As time went on during this primitive society, they became extinct. Survival of the fittest.

Therefore, envy and comparison drove women like Manmiao to become better.

Lanlan continued to stare at Yi Zhenfeng. She knew virtually every historical genius in Jin but Yi Zhenfeng was not one of them.

This might not be his real name? Who is he really? 

Manmiao’s mild response didn’t stop Lanlan from being interested in Feiyun. She closed her starry eyes and smiled, revealing her perfect teeth. Who knows what she was thinking?

“Junior Sister, your young heretical lord might be starting.” Manmiao smiled, hoping that Feng Feiyun would beat this young lord. That would utterly please her.

The atmosphere right now at the conference was awfully tense because of one man - Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng.

The other heretical lords from Senluo warmed up. Though the two walkers failed to suppress him, this didn’t deter their battle spirit.

One hall lord stepped forward, wanting to fight.

“Go back, Fengxian, you’re not his match.” The lord said calmly but no one would question his authority.

The hall lord glared at Feiyun before turning towards the young lord and bowing. He then backed off.

Everyone became respectful once their young lord spoke, the six hall lords included.

He stared at Feiyun for a while before clapping: “Incredible, simply incredible! Brother Feng, you are indeed a dragon among men, escaping from that barricade in Bronze Cauldron without anyone knowing. I am lost in admiration.”

Many furrowed their brows, not understanding his comment right away.

Brother Feng? Yi Zhenfeng?

But what does that have to do with Bronze Cauldron?

Everyone had a blind spot at times regardless of their intelligence. They didn’t get it right away.

Of course, they just needed a little more time. Eventually, their reaction became astonishment and disbelief.

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