Chapter 775: The Two Walkers

Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng dared to oppose the heretical king? The crowd thought that this was utterly impudent.

Yuji Lanlan and Yuji Manmiao were sitting in a bronze carriage up in the clouds. Numerous formations and runes were carved on the sides.

A divine tree outside had branches and leaves filled with chaos and energy was outside, completely shrouding the carriage.

The heretical lords simply couldn’t see them.

“Too reckless.” Manmiao’s pretty face looked worried with furrowed brows. 

Lanlan, on the other hand, pulled her sleeve and smiled: “No need to worry about him. He won’t publicly do this without a backer.”

She knew that her senior sister had started dual cultivating with Yi Zhenfeng, thus she understood Manmiao’s thought. When a member of their sect had a lover, they would devote themselves to this person.

Of course, she didn’t know that Yi Zhenfeng was actually Feng Feiyun.


“You won’t submit? So you will challenge the heretical king?” Death Walker Shi Taluo snorted. His specter-like green eyes glared at Feiyun.

Life, Aging, Sickness, and death were the four walkers of Senluo. The Death Walker was the weakest but still powerful enough to kill cultivators with a single glance.

“Why not?” Feiyun met his gaze; his eyes flashed with great brilliance.

“I’m afraid you’re not qualified to challenge him.” Shi Taluo grew three black wings on his back. The wings slightly flapped and he appeared before Feiyun in the next split second.

His fingers looked like iron claws with lightning currents surging through them. Space twisted as a result.

Late ninth-level Heaven’s Mandate. Feiyun immediately saw through his cultivation - stronger than White Moon Messenger, Violetsea King, and Huo Yanyan. His physical constitution was quite strong as well.

Feiyun could easily dodge the claw strike by using his Swift Samsara but chose against it.

His hands ignited as he directly fought back, issuing loud explosions. Lightning bolts shot out from the impact point.

Shi Taluo felt his arm throbbing from a powerful force, nearly breaking it. He leaped backward to his camp, staggering and struggling to stabilize. The pain made it nearly impossible for him to lift his arm.

So strong!

Taluo was an impressive character who had a mighty constitution thanks to his merit law. He rarely lost in a physical contest in this manner.

Though it wasn’t an ugly defeat, he was clearly inferior.

The crowd took a deep breath, clearly frightened by Yi Zhenfeng’s cultivation. That strike earlier could have sunk the island if it wasn’t protected by formations.

“Nice!” The chained Bi Ningshuai tiptoed and stretched his neck to watch the fun in the central area.

“Stop causing trouble!” Xie Honglian whipped him. “Bam!” 

Ningshuai groaned and jumped up from the pain, wanting to run away. Alas, he only got three steps away before she pulled the chain back along with him. He fell down next to her feet.

“Bam! Bam!” Two more whips for his trouble.

The scholar was nearby and shook his head while smiling. He then focused on the palanquin above Feiyun. The fingers in his sleeve started moving - a sign of calculation.


A green figure darted in front of Feiyun.

“Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng, very impressive. Let me try!” Life Walker Qian Qiusheng wore a green robe and cupped his hands in salute, slightly bowing his head.

When he looked up, a light shot out of his forehead as if there was a divine lamp within.

This man was powerful, far more dangerous than the Death Walker. Feiyun actually felt threatened.

As for the others, they viewed him as a wise master representing the light, truth, and belief. This was quite strange; many heretical lords couldn’t help wanting to prostrate as if he was a god.

Those in the audience were affected by his aura. Their heartbeat and breathing gradually fell into the same pace as his.

Feiyun only wanted to cause trouble here, not throw his life away. Thus, he became serious.


Qiusheng pointed forward; a beam descended from above like a sword connecting heaven and earth, aiming straight for Feiyun’s head.

Feiyun used his Swift Samsara to dodge while unleashing two massive energy dragons from his palms towards his opponent.

“Boom!” The beam crushed the formations below Feiyun, piercing through the island floor. It left behind a three-meter-wide hole with no bottom in sight. Numerous tiny cracks appeared around it.

This move didn’t have a large destructive radius because Qiusheng condensed the energy into a single point instead of wasting it.

As for the two dragons? He caught them with his sleeves.

His sleeves became larger and larger with draconic cries within. The dragons were still raging inside, resulting in loud explosions.

“Raa!” He finally opened his sleeves. Inside was a green radiance, looking quite mysterious. The two dragons were sent backward.

“A cosmo in his sleeve, star reversal!” This was a top technique learned only by those with incredible comprehension abilities. Moreover, he controlled that power so easily - a testament to his great cultivation.

Feiyun spun upward to unleash two massive seals, destroying the two dragons.

Qiusheng then took out a bronze pen with the color of a red phoenix, only around half a foot long. He held it with two fingers and swung it in the air, releasing a heavenly slash cutting through the night sky.

This was definitely an exceptional spirit treasure.

“Whoosh!” Some hair from Feiyun were cut off. They fluttered down before being crushed into dust by an invisible energy.

Qiusheng then wrote the character “lin” in the air. Clouds from several hundred miles came together and formed a gigantic “lin”, pressing down on Feiyun.

“So this is the leader of the four walkers.” Feiyun took out a seven-colored mirror with a crystallized surface. It shot out a blinding radiance with images of mountains and rivers, valleys, lakes, strange rocks…

The mirror actually contained a seven-colored dimension. This world spanning for several hundred miles came out of the mirror and resembled a floating continent.

“That’s my mirror!” The little princess from the Yang World blurted with an innocent tone.

Her spirit treasure was taken by him - a reason for vexation. She also clenched her fists and gritted her teeth.

“A treasure of the Yang World, Pure Yang Mirror!” A gray-haired expert recognized the mirror. Greed flashed in his eyes.

He joined the battle by reaching his dried and yellow hand into the void. Ripples came out along with a portal, wanting to seize the mirror.

However, his hand only got halfway out before someone else stopped him. A branch also came out of the air and bound his hand.

“Rakshasa King!” The old man spat out a red sword to cut the branch before pulling back his hand. He then decisively retreated.

Yuji Lanlan didn’t pursue and recalled her branch.

“Thank you, Junior Sister.” Manmiao slightly bowed her head.

“That Life Walker’s cultivation is at the limit of Heaven’s Mandate, only one tiny step away from Nirvana. Your lover can’t win even with that mirror. Only a historical genius will be able to compete. His physique is strong but that’s not enough.” Lanlan said.

Manmiao gazed at the man fighting the walker and didn’t tell Lanlan that she was also a historical genius now, moreover, at the most advanced state too. 

“He’ll definitely win.” She confidently said.

Lanlan didn’t say anything else. She shifted her focus towards the young heretical king. He was the reason why she came - the number one on the Upper Historical Genius List.

She thought that he was indeed special.

The young lord detected her gaze and turned around. Even though he was wearing a mask, she could see a smile in his eyes. He then nodded towards her.

Such frightening spiritual awareness! She became even more interested in him.

At her Nirvana realm, she could completely conceal her aura yet he still detected her due to her spying.

Someone like him only appeared once every few thousand years.

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