Chapter 774: Heretical Conference

There was another issue, one way more serious for Feiyun. He had refined the platform into his soulbound artifact.

If he were to meet its real master, the platform would be taken back and he would suffer a grievous injury. Thus, in reality, he and the enlightened being were on the same boat.

“Come with me to the Heaven’s Emergence tomb.” The enlightened being eventually said.

No one knows when the real master would come to Jin. Thus, she felt an incoming crisis and wanted to destroy this old formation first.

These top ancient formations used as portals encompassed a massive distance, requiring hundreds of millions of miles as the calculating point. Just destroying the formation here would make it quite difficult for that master to come.

Feiyun also wanted to destroy this formation but this wasn’t the time. He said: “That trip needs to wait, there is something else more important to do.”

“What is it?”

“The heretical conference.” 

They have been here for nearly five days so the conference has started. The fiends have gathered; an aura of death engulfed this ocean.

“Nothing is more important than the tomb, we don’t need to participate in the conference.” She asserted.

He shook his head in response. They have confirmed their stance so he didn’t need to be polite any longer: “Looks like I have to tell you something. As you can see earlier, the astronomy readings have changed, I know the reason why.”

“You do?” She snorted, condensing a massive palm that creates ripples in the sky right above him.

Feiyun ignored her palm seal and casually responded: “The destroyer of Buddhism is returning once more. This land will be gone.”

The wisdom master could calculate more after hearing this first part. He didn’t need to elaborate.

She recalled her energy palm and pondered quietly, looking a bit stressed despite her great cultivation.

“This information is at least 70% true, less than ten people know about it. I have already informed the current emperor as well.” Feiyun continued.

She stood there and her body became increasingly real - immaculate curves, fluttering long hair, and snow-white skin.

“We can’t let the heretical faction unify. Come, to the conference it is.” She eventually concluded.

This was within Feiyun’s expectation. After all, she was a member of the royal clan and would care for its wellbeing.

A united heretical front meant a battle with the royal clan afterward. The victor didn’t matter since both sides would suffer untold losses. They wouldn’t be able to deal with the incoming problem. Thus, she must stop this conference.

As for Feiyun, he wasn’t naive enough to think that he was safe. He believed that he needed to leave Jin as soon as possible.

This enlightened being still wanted to kill him. This was only a matter of time.


The heretical conference was taking place on a reef island a thousand miles or so from Mount Potala.

The heretical lords from all over have gathered here, giving excitement to this normally desolate place.

The waves at night continued to issue splashing noises.

Three flames floated in the sky just like three fiery mountains, illuminating this part of the sea.

It has been one day since the start of the conference once Feng Feiyun and Unrestrained arrived. 

They heard the sounds of battle near the central area. Formation runes flashed repeatedly. This place would have been torn to pieces without the defensive formations.

“Who are you?” Two heretical cultivators in black robes stopped Feng Feiyun, armed with a spear and had a badge hanging by their waist. Their eyes were shining; their aura oppressive.

These were two Giants from Senluo Temple responsible for keeping track of entry.

“Scram!” Feiyun wasn’t in a good mood and coldly uttered.

Behind him was the palanquin of Unrestrained Enlightened Being, carried by two ethereal figures.

The powerful cultivators could see that these figures had six arms with a crescent eye by their forehead - extremely powerful.

The two Giants didn’t expect for this newcomer to be so arrogant, daring to speak to them in this manner. They wanted to capture and finish him on the spot.

“Boom! Boom!” But Feiyun was even faster, unleashing two palm strikes and blowing those two away.

They exploded with blood splashing everywhere like beautiful roses.

The other lords in the distance became alarmed. One of them spoke loudly, enough to let the entire island hear him: “Yi Zhenfeng, you actually dare to come here.”

He was the tenth lord of Senluo, Lu Fengxian.

“Why not?” Feiyun was undeterred. He tidied his robe before moving forward; the palanquin was right after him.

He was determined to go big tonight and cause chaos. That’s the only way to get away from the enlightened being.

He saw more than ten corpses in the central area. It seemed that the conference didn’t go well.

The majority of the victims were from the three realms and Mount Potala. Senluo Temple had the upper hand.

They had six hall lords and two walkers in the audience. Their heretical young lord stood on the highest spot, still wearing a silver ghost mask. He looked gallant and unhurried.

The two experts who were fighting stopped. It looked like Yi Zhenfeng carried a lot of weight, enough to threaten most people here.

The news of his mess back in Earthchild has reached all of them. His fame was at an all-time high.

“Yi Zhenfeng, looks like you really don’t care about the heretical king’s order. You think we won’t kill you?” Lu Fengxian said.

“Hall Lord Lu, you’re a member of the Lu from Mount Potala yet you’re here to help Senluo Temple, those from Potala must be so disappointed. Unrestrained Enlightened Being won’t stand for this.” Feiyun said with disdain.

Mount Potala consisted of six clans - Lu, Yuwen, Chang, Xue, Ji, and Wang. It also had the Earth’s End Auction house and the assassin palace.

The lords of these factions had a cold glint in their eyes after hearing this, becoming more cautious towards the Lu.

Fengxian cursed Yi Zhenfeng in his mind for being so sinister. This diverted the attention of these lords while earning him more animosity.

“From today on, there won’t be Potala and Senluo, only one heretical faction.” Nonetheless, he was an experienced character and answered with a leisure smile.

“Is that so? So after this unification, there must be a leader. Who will be this leader?” Feiyun asked.

A different hall lord from Senluo stepped forward and replied: “Anyone can be the new heretical leader as long as he can convince the crowd of his might that he can lead us towards domination, becoming the ruler of this land.”

This ambitious response was indeed effective. Every heretical cultivator wanted this in the future, even those from Potala and the three realms.

“So you wish to overthrow Jin to start a new dynasty ruled by heretical cultivators?” Feiyun asked.

“That’s right!”

Feiyun felt a cold aura coming from inside the palanquin behind him. His lips curled into a smirk: “Then who are you all proposing to be this leader?”

“Who else is qualified but the heretical king?” Another hall lord snorted.

“Everyone feels the same way?” Feiyun raised his voice and looked around.

The crowd remained silent. Even those who disagreed didn’t dare to express it.

“People have the right to challenge. Some have tried and were beaten into submission.” Fengxian said.

Might makes right - this was a belief in the heretical faction.

There was someone who was fighting earlier but this person didn’t step up this time.

After all, Feiyun asked directly about the heretical king, not Senluo Temple. They were two different issues.

“So all of you are willing to let the heretical king become the next leader.” Feiyun smiled.

“That’s how it should be.” Fengxian said.

“I do not accept this!” Feiyun declared.

Many wanted to say this but didn’t dare to do so, including the old masters. Only Yi Zhenfeng went against the tides.

If he wasn’t convinced, they must make him.

Yi Zhenfeng was powerful but still not a big deal for the heretical king. They weren’t on the same level at all.

Thus, many thought that he was courting death.

Meanwhile, Monk Zhi Zang was hiding nearby, still wearing a black hat with a veil. He shuddered and wanted to run away.

What if Feiyun were to force him to fight heretical king? That’s suicidal. Though he was at first-level Nirvana, he was far from being the heretical king’s match.

The guy is insane! I have to stop associating with him!

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