Chapter 771: Unrestrained Enlightened Being

Bi Ningshuai moaned and groaned, completely chained. Alas, struggling was useless because he was tied up to a pillar.

“Brother Feng, after leaving Bronze Cauldron, you waited in a town named Baiyue by the border of Ancient Jiang for one night before rushing into Earthchild. You then came up with a fake persona, Yi Zhenfeng, to create trouble there, capturing Mu Xirou and killing Six Worship Clan Master. Then in the ruins, you fought against seven experts before obtaining a great fortune. Next, you captured the wife of Myriad Laws Sect Master in order to lead the chaos from Earthchild to Mount Potala.” The scholar put on a calm expression while speaking.

“You divined all of this?” Feiyun smiled.

“You think too highly of me, you’re an incalculable person. My current cultivation isn’t enough to do so, these are only speculations and indirect calculations. There are very few incalculable people in this world but everything has karma attached to them, therefore hints and clues. When a speck of sand is dropped into a sand table, no one can find it again. However, when dropped in a sand table filled with water instead, it’ll be easy to find its trajectory and location. As for a drop of water falling into a lake? It’ll disappear fast enough but during the moment of contact, one could still see the ripples.”

“A wisdom master can see everything clearly, from the seeds to the trees. There are many concealing techniques but nothing is perfect due to the karmic ties. I see, you have reached this level, deserving of the Heaven Calculating in your title.” Feiyun nodded.

“I’m not the only one at this level. Unrestrained Enlightened Being is as well.” The scholar said.

Feiyun understood why he made this comment. He was saying that if he knew all of Feiyun’s movements, so would this person.

Feiyun was slightly shaken. He thought that he was perfectly safe in Jin due to his incalculable nature. Who would have thought that these wise masters would be able to figure it out?

This was time to run while the Enlightened Being was still slumbering.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

A radiance suddenly bloomed in the room like a lamp being born in the primordial chaos. It issued ripples that eventually merged together into a faint figure.

“Feng Feiyun, Unrestrained Enlightened Being invites you for a visit.”

This faint figure had a terrible aura. It had six arms with a heavenly eye on the forehead with a solar glow.

Feiyun felt suffocated standing before this being with his current power.

The figure opened the void, creating a black portal. The two of them disappeared inside.

Silence returned to the room until Bi Ningshuai started laughing and gloating: “And here I am, lamenting my misfortune, who would have thought that someone else is about to get it worse than I am. The guy’s dead.” 


Feiyun was full of regrets for being too careless and underestimating the top experts of Jin.

The other side of the portal was a spirit mountain, completely separated from the outside world. Towering trees filled the area. White cranes played in the sky. The ground was full of statues of various forms and shapes, extremely well crafted. Some looked like mountains, others primordial beasts. One was as big as a fist - the sculpture of a pretty fairy.

Feng Feiyun stared at them while sighing approvingly. The sculptor had a good understanding of the heavenly dao, able to move its laws onto these sculptures. This resulted in meticulous and beautiful curves.

Each resembled a cultivation merit law. One would be able to understand some amazing techniques by looking at them.

Since Feiyun himself had a deep understanding of the heavenly law, he was only impressed. Another cultivator would be shaking right now and would never want to leave.

As Feiyun moved forward, he thought that he was climbing a great cliff with no peak in sight. After half a day, he still saw many more statues. Some were situated along the steep cliff, looking quite strange with more profound laws. Each curve this time around was a separate technique.

He made it through an alchemy slope and a violet bamboo tree before finally seeing the mythical Enlightened Being.

She sat by a spirit pond with flowers blossoming there and radiating light. The spirit energy here was frighteningly thick. This place was absolutely a top spirit spring. 

He was a hundred feet away yet still felt a powerful pressure just like a mountain. The ground was filled with formations consisting of stars depicting a galaxy.

He stopped and used his heavenly gaze to look at the yellow-robed woman. He only saw a faint figure with long hair, as ethereal as can be on top of being extremely dignified.

“Raa!” A golden dragon energy manifested into a claw and crushed Feiyun’s gaze. 

He didn’t expect to enrage the person just by looking and quickly used Swift Samsara to get away. Alas, he only took one step before being frozen. Even moving his hands became difficult.

“Raa!” He roared and activated his Myriad Beast Physique along with his seven bones. A powerful explosion destroyed the invisible barrier, allowing him to unleash a palm strike to stop the dragon claw.

“Boom!” The dragon claw crumbled along with the golden dragon energy.

He hurriedly retreated, feeling his bones grinding on each other. It was as if he had just blocked a hammer with his arm. He glared at the woman on the other side of the pond with hostility.

This woman was quite powerful. Just one strand of aura from her nearly took him down. Fortunately, he had reached the ninth level before coming here.

He thought about using the spirit vessel to escape if it came down to it. Alas, the possibility of success was tiny.

“Long Chuanfeng was right, you’re indeed qualified to be the Divine King.” Her voice was ethereal but still imposing, just like a king above the firmament talking to her subjects.

She just wanted to test my cultivation, not kill me. Looks like I’ll be fine if she’s connected to the royal clan.

Feiyun calmed down and cleaned a boulder before sitting down: “You’re right.”

Her aura became colder, clearly didn’t like his attitude.

“Boom!” An energy blast turned the boulder beneath him into dust. He was fortunate enough to jump away in time or his buttocks would be in pieces right now.

This Enlightened Being has a foul temper! This won’t be easy.

He evaluated before becoming more serious. It was better to play nice when dealing with someone stronger with a bad temper.

“Do you know why I called you here?” She asked. Her voice was still relatively pleasant.

“Please elaborate, Enlightened Being.” He said.

“The heretical conference is near yet you’ve caused great chaos in Earthchild. This chaos will be coming to Mount Potala, do you think I can forgive you?”

“I have zero regrets dying for the court.” He said.

“Seems like you’re loyal to the court indeed, but no one will know anyway if you die here.” She pondered for a bit before speaking.

“A loyal heart can illuminate as bright as the sun and moon. The royal clan treated me well and I can’t let the previous Divine King down, the same with the emperor. I have nothing to say now that I’m trapped here, do as you please. I will die as a proud Divine King instead of groveling for mercy.” Feiyun spoke with determination and fearless heroism.

She became quiet again for a bit before eventually said: “You may walk ten steps forward.”

He heaved a sigh of relief. Hell yes! I won the gamble!

The pressure around the spirit pond weakened. This was still enough to crush a regular cultivator but Feiyun could handle it.

He got a better look at the spirit spring. There seemed to be a lotus tree growing in the middle.

She stood by the shore, tall and slender with perfect curves. She had a draconic aura and seemed to be ethereal. He could only see the faint lines and started wondering if she was real.

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