Chapter 770: Sad News

Everyone in the hall was full of anticipation. After all, the daughter of the Lu had praised the man so much. This great prodigy might become their future son-in-law.

However, the majority became disappointed after he stepped into the hall.

This person was too… dark and couldn’t be described as handsome. His complexion resembled the bottom of a heavily-used pan. 

They started questioning Lu Yinyin’s taste.

Even Madame Lu frowned, not to the point of disgust but she certainly didn’t like him. After all, people put a big emphasis on visuals. This youth didn’t fulfill this requirement.

Bi Ningshuai didn’t mind at all, still in high spirits. He walked with his head held high, arching his chest and his butts. He stood in the middle of the hall and put on a bashful smile: “So many people here already, how fun. Don’t keep on staring at me, eat! Drink!”

The members of the Lu had dark lines on their forehead, infuriated. They glared unhappily at Lu Yinyin.

Another person among the crowd grimaced - Xie Honglian. Her eyes nearly shot out fire. The scholar sitting next to her was smart enough to shift to the side, not wanting to be caught in her rampage.

Bi Ningshuai felt something off about this atmosphere, especially when his eyes met with Xie Honglian’s. He could see some words clearly written on her face, “You’re courting death.”

He had goosebumps and tingles from top to bottom; his thighs started twitching since his body instinctively wanted to run.

Shit, what the hell is going on?! She can’t possibly think that I have something to do with this Lu girl?!

This ain't any of my business! Feiyun’s the one who left behind all of these romantic debts, I’m only an errand boy… stop staring at me like that death glare! Wait, is she moving closer… what’s that sound... Why are my teeth chattering?

His thighs twitched intensely, almost like a poor cow that had just slept with one hundred bulls - as exhausted as can be.

Feiyun was standing next to him, invisible. The guy had no intention of helping him while sending a mental message: “Run and I will tell Xie Honglian that you have spent beautiful nights with several prostitutes in that one brothel city.”

His body was already tilting backward, on the verge of running. Alas, he gritted his teeth and revealed a smile looking worse than if he were crying. “I’m here bearing bad news…”

He handed Lu Yinyin the badge, the one she gave to her benefactor. She caressed the badge, feeling something pulling on her heartstring: “Benefactor… he…”

“He died in Endless Land and I personally cremated him, this is all that’s left.” Bi Ningshuai took out a black jade urn from the bag on his shoulder. He put on a sad face then gave it to her before wiping off some tears, looking as sincere and sad as can be.

Lu Yinyin was also teary as she accepted the urn. He didn’t forget about me, but why must we meet again like this?

“During his last moment, he told me that he didn’t have many friends in life but you were special. It was as if he knew you from the previous life, that’s why he wishes that you’ll be the one to put him to rest so that he can at least have someone burn some paper money for him. He said… that you’re… his…”

Feiyun rolled his eyes since Bi Ningshuai was making up everything.

For his trip to Mount Potala, he only wanted to finish this karmic string with Lu Yinyin then get the blood from Lu Liwei and talk to the scholar. That’s why he let Bi Ningshuai use this excuse in order to infiltrate the place.

“I’m, I’m what of his…?” Yinyin was whimpering while biting her lip; her body trembling slightly.

“He passed away before he could finish speaking.” Ningshuai revealed with a regretful expression.

Feiyun got the urge to choke the guy for doing this to a girl.

Yinyin embraced the urn and sobbed for a bit before running out of the hall. The seniors from the Lu didn’t stop her because the majority of them loved her. Even her father who was very strict let her be. After all, all parents would find it unbearable to see their daughter stricken with grief.

Bi Ningshuai also ran out and caught up to her: “Miss Lu, the dead can’t come back to life, it’ll pass with time.”

“What’s his name?” Yinyin was still a cultivator and quickly calmed down. Albeit, her eyes were still wet.

“Bi Wochou, my second nephew. Poor boy, I’ve let his parents who entrusted him to me down. I watched him grow up, serving as both his father and uncle… only for this to happen, sigh.” Bi Niingshuai wiped his tears and snot for the second time: “Don’t worry about me, I’m fine, really now, I just need some peace for a bit.”

Madame Lu also came out to console her daughter. She then commanded the servants to prepare a nice place for Bi Ningshuai.

This was a quiet courtyard with numerous pavilions hidden among the clouds. It was meant for esteemed guests outside of the main sect. Many heretical lords were waiting here until the conference.

Inside one of the jade pavilion was a room with a cauldron oozing out incense.

“Is your heart made out of stone? Don’t you see how much she cried? My heart was aching for her. She clearly cared about you a lot.” 

“You’re really cruel, you know?”

“She is definitely a beauty, gentle and elegant too, her figure… is not bad. Okay, even if you don’t want her, you can still trick her away from here then hook me up with her! I just can’t bear to see a girl cry, sigh!”

Ningshuai sat in a chair while slapping the table and complaining incessantly. Who knows if he was mad about Feiyun’s emotionlessness or his lack of fortune with romance.

Feiyun sat on the other side and calmly responded: “Don’t mess with good girls if you don’t plan to marry them. It’s better for them to be sad for a short time rather than prolong it. These karmic ties end here.”

“Bullshit! Don’t try to be all righteous with me, you knew that she was a good girl yet you still teased her enough for her to like you. Now, you made someone else make her cry like this. Fuck, how come I didn’t notice how perverted you are? Don’t tell me you got hurt before and want revenge on the rest of the world now?” Ningshuai became curious.

Black lines appeared on Feiyun’s forehead, ready to slap this guy flying into a wall.

“You must have been toyed with before and got traumatized, now your heart is all twisted, that’s why you’re doing this to girls.” Ningshuai didn’t let up.

“If you don’t close your mouth, I’ll close it for you, permanently.” Feiyun threatened.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed about, if you play around enough, you’re bound to be bitten back eventually, it’s normal, okay, okay, fine, I’ll, I’ll stop…” Ningshuai was lifted up in the air and shook back and forth by Feiyun.

“Boom!” Feiyun eventually let the guy down; his eyes flashed with memories: “You’re right, I had an unpleasant past with a woman. She pierced my heart so I lost confidence in all women. However, I’ve changed for the better, just like how all people would change depending on their experiences. I never thought about taking revenge on other women, no need for that.”

Ningshuai put on a serious expression as if he was a proper senior brother. He eventually nodded and patted Feiyun’s shoulder: “Mmm, well said, well said! This sad story isn’t bad at all but it’s missing a lot of content and details. It’s hard for people to believe you with just this. But since you’re so capable, getting the sect master of Yin Yang to sleep with you in just one day, I’m sure you can create an even better sad past in order to trick inexperienced girls and win their sympathy.”

“Boom!” Feiyun sent him flying with a kick.

He calculated the time perfectly since as Ningshuai was flying through the air, the door opened and Xie Honglian came in.

Ningshuai fell right into her chest and couldn’t run away. She quickly tied him up with iron chains, going as far as adding a shackle on his neck.

Feiyun knew that Xie Honglian would be visiting, the same with the scholar.

“Brother Feng, you’re growing stronger at a rapid pace. You can go anywhere in Jin now without fear.” The scholar had a faint smile as he walked in.

“I’m here today to find you.” Feiyun smiled back.

“You wish to know Unrestrained Enlightened Being’s identity?” The scholar closed his eyes, already knew what Feiyun wanted to ask beforehand.

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