Chapter 77: The Eighth Elder

This person only looked around fifty years old, but he carried along an extraordinary vicissitude. His real age was definitely not below one hundred.

He definitely could be considered an old man!

Because of his high cultivation and the usage of spirit energy to control the speed of aging, others only felt that he was around fifty.

“I didn’t expect you to make it this far. It seems like your potential was greatly underestimated.”

He was still sitting in the chair. Even though the waves of people were still moving on the road, it was as if he was sitting in his own garden — it was completely natural.

Feng Feiyun felt an enormous pressure from this person. Even though they were still one hundred zhang apart, it felt like he was very close to him. Just a slight movement would allow him to get in front of Feiyun.

This was a signal of danger!

The storm and clouds had begun to move in Violet Firmament’s middle city. The Feng Clan sent many experts after Feiyun throughout the city. It was a complete siege in all directions.

Even if there was a giant mountain in front of him, he had to break through it to get past it. Otherwise, if he became encircled again, he wouldn’t be able to run, even if he wanted to.

“Who on earth are you?”

Feng Feiyun knew that the opponent had recognized him so there was no use in denying it.

“The eighth elder of the Feng Clan, Feng Weiting.”

He faintly smiled:

“I already know your matters very well. Offending the fourth young miss of the Yin Gou Clan isn’t a big deal. As long your talent is truly excellent, even if the clan has to spend a fortune, we would still help you settle this matter. Feng Feiyun, the fact that you were able to defeat Feng Ling Ji shows your peerless talents; your future achievements will not be mediocre. If you follow me now, then it is not too late to reserve this matter.”

The Feng Clan was an enormous clan and could be considered a tyrant in the Grand Southern Prefecture. It was established for more than one thousand years and had a terrifying heritage. Characters of the elder rank numbered in the hundreds.

Characters of the elder rank were all competent actors that could uphold one direction by themselves.

The person ahead was ranked the eighth out of several hundred elders, his cultivation must be at an extraordinary and incredible proportion. His position in the Feng Clan must be quite high and definitely not under the current clan master of the Feng Clan by any means.

The weight in his words was naturally very heavy.

If there was not the matter of the son of the evil demon, then Feng Feiyun might have trusted his words. However, at the moment, even if all ten of the top elders appeared before him, he still wouldn’t believe them.

Feng Feiyun took the black cloth off of the Invincible Buddhist Staff, revealing the bright golden brass rings. Then, he smiled:

“I’m afraid you guys only want to get the evil demon blood from my body to refine the demon robe my mother left behind; this is probably my most valuable contribution to all of you.”

The eighth elder gently rubbed his forehead and sighed:

“Your way of thinking is too paranoid. Even though the evil demon blood flows in your body, there is also the blood of our Feng Clan — of the direct branch. How could we bear to actually kill you? The things we did were all for the outsiders to see, as well as the Yin Gou Clan. You have to trust me on this.”

‘This person not only has an exceedingly powerful cultivation, but he also has a very meticulous mind. It is no wonder the Feng Clan’s upper echelon sent him to deal with me.’

Feng Feiyun said:

“How could I trust all of you? You already imprisoned my grandfather and two uncles, and even sent people to sanction my father in Spirit State City. Are these the methods used to deal with one’s own?”

“Sigh! Who did you hear all of this from?”

The eighth elder said.

“Who I heard it from is not important. What is important is that these are all truths.”

Feng Feiyun carefully gazed at his eyes. As he saw the elder’s lack of denial, he immediately knew this was the truth.

The eighth elder didn’t say anything else because he knew words were useless at this point.

Feng Feiyun also stopped speaking because he knew any more words would only be nonsense.

He could not avoid going into the middle city. If the eighth elder had to be here to block him, then he could only bring him down.

“If you can take three steps forward, then I will let you go through this gate. However, if you can’t, then be a good boy and come back with me to the Feng Jian ancestral hall.”

Even though the eighth elder didn’t understand why Feng Feiyun wanted to enter the middle city, this didn’t affect his decision.

He was truly worthy of being the eighth elder of the Feng Clan. He was extremely arrogant and dared to bet with Feng Feiyun that he couldn’t take three steps forward. He was too confident with his own cultivation.

At this moment, the two were still one hundred zhang apart, which was around a bit more than three hundred meters. The speed of sound would require close to one second to travel. One second to someone with the speed of Feng Feiyun… Even thirty steps would not be difficult.

Feng Feiyun accepted that he was not his match, but not being able to take three steps forward was simply too much.

“You were the one who said this.”

Feng Feiyun was talking when he suddenly took a leap forward as his spirit energy channeled into his two feet. His speed was indeed reaching its limit.

However, his first step had not settled when he immediately felt that he had stepped on a whirlpool. It felt like it was a misstep, like he was falling down into the depths of the abyss.

The eighth elder’s finger gently knocked on the chair and twelve strands of spirit energy went into the ground. They were as sharp as a blade and able of destroy everything in this world.


Feng Feiyun’s foot was one inch from the ground. Then, his shoe and trouser leg was completely minced. If he didn’t retreat in time, then his whole leg would have been crippled.

How strong was he?

Feng Feiyun believed that earlier, whether it was his speed or reaction time, they were extremely fast. However, the eighth elder still forced him to go back — this was too humbling.

Despite this, his heart naturally refused to accept this outcome and he slammed the Invincible Buddhist Staff into the ground, wanting to shatter the killing energy underground.


However, he was still underestimating this power too much!

The power of the Invincible Buddhist Staff was too strong. Under normal circumstances, it would be able to create a couple-meter-deep pit in the ground. However, this time, it was bounced back by the other source of energy and almost caused him to be heavily wounded.

“Bzzt bzzt!”

The staff violently trembled in Feng Feiyun’s hand and created shaking sound. Feng Feiyun’s hand felt like it was pricked by a thousand needles and wanted to break apart.

The cultivation of this eighth elder was truly sickening. He was simply not on the same level as the other law enforcement elders. They were one hundred zhang apart yet Feng Feiyun simply couldn’t take one step forward.

Without a doubt, if he wanted to kill Feng Feiyun, he only needed one move. He absolutely didn’t need to use a second move.

This was the gap between their strength. The difference in cultivation was simply not a matter that external forces could make up.

The eighth elder was still sitting on the chair while holding the ancient book. One hand was stroking his beard as leisurely smiled:

“Young one, you should give up on your courageous struggling. In front of the Feng Clan, you are still too tiny. In the Feng Clan, there are more than ten people stronger than me. Even if you could get by my gate, you still wouldn’t be able to pass on the road ahead.”

Feng Feiyun’s gaze was still resolute and he would not retreat. The Dragon Horse River Diagram qi image dashed out from his body. His aura raised yet again and he thrusted forward.

The eighth elder slightly sighed and shook his head:

“Since you won’t be captured willingly, I can only make a move.”

This time, he actually took action. However, the speed didn’t leave behind any shadow and no one saw his hands.

He flew from his seat and his figure continuously turned into shadows. One finger rushed for the dantian of the Feng Feiyun.

His action was like the wind, not leaving behind the slightest trace. Feng Feiyun, in front of him, was like a piece of paper. Even though he could see him approaching, he couldn’t go on the counter offense. Even moving was impossible.

“His cultivation is so high, my life is over!”

Feng Feiyun knew that it was not because he couldn’t dodge, but because the opponent was too powerful. This was not a competition between people of the same level.

Even if he wanted to fight and his heart was willing, his power was not capable of competing!


The eighth elder bellowed loudly and his finger exploded into a bloody mess. His whole body was forced back by a mighty power.


The eighth elder was struck, flying away, directly into the wall of the middle city and created a multi-meter deep hole while issuing a severe noise.

“You… What is that in your dantian?”

The eighth elder originally wanted to destroy Feng Feiyun’s dantian with one finger, but his finger was shattered by an azure light. If he didn’t notice early, that there was something wrong and immediately withdrew his hand, his entire arm would have been shattered.

Feng Feiyun felt the blood in his body boiling and his internal organs were shaken. An uncomfortable sense aroused within his chest and he couldn’t help but spurt out a mouthful of blood.

Dantian? Inside the dantian… Wasn’t the ancient spirit vessel inside his dantian?

Feng Feiyun only felt that his dantian was encompassed by an azure light. It was no different from the mysterious sea and the ancient spirit vessel was wandering in there while emitting a godly bright light. It was much more brilliant than the light of Feng Feiyun’s immortal foundation.

This was the time!

Feng Feiyun didn’t think too much and used this time, when the eighth elder was knocked away by the spirit vessel, to directly rush into the middle city.

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