Chapter 769: The Lu

The Lu Clan Master and Lu Fengxian sat in the main position. To the left was a group of black-cloaked heretical experts, clearly the members of Senluo.

One of them was quite exceptional, adorned in full armor. He was Lu Fengxian’s favorite disciple, Yun Yang.

Lu Yinyin remained calm in the presence of these experts, not deterred at all. Her style remained fitting of a daughter from a great clan. She got on her knees and let everyone hear her beautiful voice: “I wish Father, Uncle, and fellow ancestors good health.”

“Everyone is present for the banquet tonight yet you’re late.” Her father put on a stern expression.

Her mother had a court dress on. She looked unhappy with her husband and instantly defended her daughter. She clearly doted on Yinyin.

“Cousin, it’s only a feast, no need to be so serious. Get up, Yinyin. You’re a beauty now after only a few years, I think all of the prodigies in Mount Potala are racking their brains in order to court you, haha!” Lu Fengxian laughed.

Alas, this smile didn’t last long. He recalled something sad and sighed: “I’m ashamed of what happened to your little sister. However, the culprit has been trapped by Senluo in Bronze Cauldron Mountain. We’ll capture and flay him if he ever comes out.”

Everyone had an ugly expression after Feng Feiyun was brought up. Lu Yinyin had nothing but hatred in her eyes. She stood up and found a seat.

The clan master first socialized with the heretical lords, a way to give everyone face.

“I heard about an amazing love thief recently, causing chaos in Earth Child.” A man wearing a half-metallic mask said. He was a heretic at the eighth level.

“Amazing indeed.” Yun Yang nodded in agreement. He was a man of few words, seemingly treasuring each one.

“Just a rapist, how amazing can he be?” A white-beared ancestor from the Lu snorted.

“People say that he fought against seven masters in the ancient ruins alone, I don’t buy it. He had an Enlightened Being from the Buddhist doctrine helping him, so his fame is nonsense, probably isn’t even as strong as me.” Someone chimed in.

This person was a heretic prodigy named Yuwen Tao, ranked tenth on the Upper Historical List. He was the only historical genius present in this hall.

“Fool, the hall lord under the order of the heretical king sent many experts and still couldn’t catch him. A junior like you dares to question his abilities? Do you question the hall lord’s abilities as well?” Yun Yang thunderously scowled with enough force to make people dizzy.

Yuwen Tao turned pale from the pressure. Blood rushed all the way up to his throat but he managed to swallow it down.

He was a prideful person but couldn’t retort due to the disparity between his and Yun Yang’s cultivation. He was completely suppressed, unable to move at all.

Yun Yang saw Feiyun in action and respected the guy’s abilities. He glared at Yuwen Tao and sneered: “I saw Yi Zhenfeng kill Violetsea King by the shore with my own eyes on top of repelling fifteen venerables from the Yang World. You’re too inexperienced, junior.” 

Boom! This news was too shocking. Some of the heretics heard this for the first time.

Killing that king? This would require a frightening cultivation level.

Fortunately, they didn’t hear about how he defeated White Moon Messenger and captured the wife of Myriad Laws Sect Master or they would be more shocked.

Lu Yinyin had a frightened expression. Though she hasn’t seen this legendary love thief, she imagined a monstrous villain with incredible cultivation after hearing these descriptions. He was a nightmare for all women.

“Yi Zhenfeng must have obtained a great fortune in the ruins so his cultivation soared.”

“Perhaps the legendary Buddhist artifacts or the sarira of an Enlightened Buddha.”

“What a nuisance, I hope another shameful era won’t start.” Someone recalled a dark era for women due to a peerless love thief.

The sects back then didn’t want to record these events down in history.

“People better start hiding their wives and daughters.” Another glanced over at Lu Yinyin while thinking that this might be the reason for the banquet.

After all, Yi Zhenfeng was at the shore and would definitely come here. Lu Yinyin was the pearl of Mount Potala. The pervert wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

His speculation was quickly confirmed.

“Yi Zhenfeng’s current cultivation level remained a mystery. The guy is worse than heretics like us, if we don’t eliminate him soon, Jin will have to face another humiliating era.” The clan master said.

“The heretical king had sent out a second order for the Life and Death Walker to go kill him before the heretical conference. Gentlemen, will you help?” Lu Fengxian said.

Everyone here knew about the two walkers. Was there really a need to send out a hall lord and two walkers against this rapist?

However, they remembered the death of Violetsea King who was a top dog in Jin.

No one dared to say no to an official order from the heretical king. They naturally announced their intention to help.

“I have long heard of your fame and peerless wisdom, Scholar Heaven Calculating. There is nothing you don’t know, so do you know who Yi Zhenfeng is?” Lu Fengxian turned towards a scholar dressed in white. He had a smile this time instead of an awe-inspiring expression.

This ordinary-looking man was actually the legendary scholar?!

People didn’t expect this at all. They all stared at him - one of the three top wisdom masters in Jin.

Now, with the death of Wisdom Master Jing Feng, Jin only had the scholar and Unrestrained Enlightened Being left. The latter stopped showing up so the scholar became the paragon of wisdom and knowledge in these parts.

He had the same pose as before - both hands hiding in his sleeves. His hair was tied up in a traditional bun for scholars; his white robe didn’t have a single stain.

“The will of heaven and fortune can’t be revealed for they are purposely shrouded or lifespan will be lost. Thus, I’m afraid I can’t say.” He smiled and said.

Xie Honglian was present as well, representing the second hall of Senluo. She slightly frowned in rumination, aware that the scholar always spoke with finesse. So this Yi Zhenfeng is actually someone important?

“He must have a powerful background with a mighty protector behind him…” Lu Fengxian speculated.

“Certainly, he had an Enlightened Buddha with him before, there might be even stronger characters on his side.” Another heretical lord grimaced.

The scholar’s comment ruined the mood in the hall. Everyone started wondering whether they should participate in the hunt or not since it might be disastrous.

A middle-aged man quietly entered the hall and whispered to Lu Yinyin. Her expression suddenly became ecstatic. She stood up, wanting to leave.

The clan master naturally saw this and said: “The feast isn’t over and the seniors are still here. How improper.”

“A friend is here so I must leave, please excuse me, Senior.” Yinyin was in a rush, afraid that her benefactor might leave after waiting too long. Who knows when they’ll be able to meet again?

She was quite emotional and impatient by this point just like a young girl in love. No one would be able to stop her from meeting her crush.

“Ridiculous!” The clan master angrily shouted, forcing her to stop.

Her legs turned weak from the pressure, akin to having nine mountains pressed down on her shoulders. She couldn’t move an inch.

“Yinyin, this friend you speak of, is he the benefactor who saved you in Endless Land?” Her mother immediately jumped in.

Ever since Yinyin got back from Endless Land, her mind was up in the clouds, acting crazy, giggling randomly or murmuring to herself. Her mother knew that Yinyin might have found someone she likes.

“It is him indeed, he’s extremely talented on top of being an expert at alchemy and formations. He saved me twice there, proving his characters.” Yinyin nodded.

The clan master and the seniors pondered. They watched her grow up and knew that she was very picky and prideful, never cared about any genius before until now. This made them very curious.

“Oh? There’s an exceptional youth like him around? I want to meet him.” Lu Fengxian smiled.

“Yinyin had told me about this, he’s very talented indeed.” Yinyin’s Second Uncle went with her to Endless Land and knew about this.

“Sigh, you can’t keep a daughter around forever. They forget about their parents after meeting a man right away. Fine, bring him here, I want to see just how amazing he is.” The clan master lamented.

Meanwhile, the geniuses here became competitive with prideful eyes and surging battle spirit.

A fierce competition always existed among the young generation.

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