Chapter 768: To Mount Potala

The warm sunlight along with the refreshing morning dew welcomed a new day to the old town.

Feiyun was in a great mood, brimming with power. Daoist and Buddhist light shrouded him. Each of his movements was accompanied by spirit energy.

‘Only early ninth-level Heaven’s Mandate, looks like dual cultivation isn’t enough because my understanding of Golden Silkworm is too low.’ Feiyun was quite unhappy because he really tried his best last night at “cultivating”.

Others would be stomping their feet furiously if they were to hear him. At the Giant level, everyone would wish they could improve as fast as this shameless and infuriating guy.

He felt his power becoming more complete. He could hear the sounds of the grand dao and even see the door towards Nirvana. He should be unbeatable now without an Enlightened Being around. Thus, he was a Supreme Giant.

Of course, Yuji Manmiao was more shocked than anyone else. She had reached peak historial genius talent in just one night, looking more spiritual and enchanting than before. Boundless potential existed within her now as she became one of the most talented women in these parts.

Feiyun was also amazed at the Dao Scripture’s magical property. No wonder why it was on the same level as Golden Silkworm. This dual cultivation art was only the second chapter in there.

He recalled Manmiao’s embarrassed expression as she left like a fox that had just stolen some honey. She naturally knew who Feng Feiyun was now after obtaining her new talent level and became quite emotional.

She really picked up a nice treasure this time. In the beginning, she thought that he was Yi Zhenfeng and wanted to use dual cultivation art to trap him, not allowing him to sleep with anyone else and bring him back to her sect.

However, this idea was short-lived. Now, she knew that Yin Yang Cultivation was too tiny for someone like him.

Moreover, because of her improvement, she was no longer satisfied with stagnation. Her future became brighter than ever before so she thought about bigger plans.

‘A man’s ambition correlates to his ability.’ Feiyun thought about this line before going outside.

He saw Bi Ningshuai waiting with a strange smile: “How was last night?”

“How do you know?” Feiyun smiled.

“Please! The entire pavilion saw Yuji Lanlan’s senior sister left your room. That’s the famous love thief for you, so fast, the two of you only met yesterday.” 

“Keke. She’s the sect master of Yin Yang Cultivation.”

“What?” Bi Ningshuai didn’t expect this and contemplated with a glint in his eyes. His lips slightly opened but he held this thought.

He clearly figured out Yuji Lanlan’s real identity. This thief was quite smart.

Feiyun left Bai Ruxui, Liu Ruixin, Mu Xirou, Ye Siwan, and the lady of Myriad Laws to Yuji Manmiao. He and Bi Ningshuai then headed for Mount Potala.

Bi Ningshuai hung the badge of the Lu on his waist before walking around town for a bit. Someone quickly noticed and at the end of noon, a middle-aged man came to find him.

They were taken to a hidden ferry and rode a single wooden ship towards the center of the Southern Ocean.

Mount Potala was located in this ocean but only the members of this sect could find it.

The boat was made from an unpolished branch spanning for more than seven hundred meters with a width of fifty meters, carved into the shape of a boat. On the surface were many formations empowered by spirit stones as big as a head. 

This spirit boat had other heretical lords and Bi Ningshuai. These lords had some ties with the six clans in Mount Potala so they could come early.

Feiyun was also present on the boat but no one could spot him due to his invisible cloak. He found that when he added spirit energy into it, the stealth effect improved.

An ordinary person could hide from a seventh-level Heaven’s Mandate at best. With Feiyun’s current cultivation, he could even hide from Enlightened Beings.

He was confident in ambushing Enlightened Beings and even injuring them right now with the help of the cloak.

Enlightened Beings were the title of cultivators at the mysterious Nirvana Realm. This was divided into nine levels. Each was difficult, unlike the previous realm.

Nirvana referred to a cycle of birth and death. In other words, each level of Nirvana required death. Only those capable of coming back to life would be able to live again. Failing meant true death.

The latter levels actually belonged only in the legends. The majority of people would try to reach Heaven’s Emergence by the time they got to the fourth or the fifth level of Nirvana. Lingering in Nirvana was too dangerous.

Those who could make it to the sixth level were all brilliant heroes. The seventh level? Extremely rare. These were the true masters.

As for the ninth level of Nirvana? Only the saints from the ancient eras could do so. It simply didn’t occur in modern times.

For example, Monk Zhi Zang was at the first level, the weakest of Enlightened Beings. His life-or-death ordeal wasn’t overly dangerous. It only required learning the grand dao of this realm and had a seventy-percent success rate once qualified.

Of course, even the weakest Enlightened Beings were still considered monsters compared to Giants. They were legendary characters in the eyes of normal cultivators.

The next level allowed for a great increase in power. Unfortunately, the danger level increased as well. Thus, most Enlightened Beings chose to stay at the first level.

This was the case for nearly all the Enlightened Beings in Jin. Very few made it to the next.

Feiyun meditated next to Bi Ningshuai, using all of his time to learn Golden Silkworm.

Meanwhile, the middle-aged man that brought Ningshuai here occasionally chatted with him. He seemed to be investigating the youth - asking how he met their First Lady or why she gave the badge to him?

Ningshuai only smiled and dodged the issues while asking questions himself. For example, how many medicinal fields does Mount Potala have? Or about their old ancestors and the locations of the tomb… He said he wanted to go visit to pay his respect…

The middle-aged man had nothing but disdain for this youth. He wondered why his First Lady would know someone who isn’t handsome nor powerful. Moreover, the guy had an untrustworthy face, seemingly wanting to dig out other people’s graves. All in all, there was nothing good about him.

He could only sigh, there was nothing he could do since the First Lady liked him. Their Second Lady has been ruined by the demon’s son. Who knows if she would ever come out of her cultivation session?

Thus, the First Lady became the jewel of the clan, the successor of the Lu.


Mount Potala.

The First Lady was naturally Lu Yinyin, a heaven’s favorite. She was lucky from a young age and found a Darkblue Spirit Stone. This allowed her to create a Darkblue Eye, allowing her to see through many things. Thus, it made sense for the clan to let her become their next clan master.

Alas, she wasn’t in a good mood right now while standing in a stone garden filled with mists and fog. Around here were countless alchemy herbs and grass with pleasant fragrances.

One would cultivate much faster here. Only members of the main branch were eligible to train here.

Her mind was up in the clouds, thinking about the benefactor who saved her in Endless Land. That was her first time liking a man.

It wasn’t only because he saved her. His graceful and scholarly aura, each of his moves - all left a deep impression on her.

She tried her best to find him after returning to Mount Potala, exhausting both manpower and resources. Alas, this benefactor seemed to have disappeared from thin air, no longer showing up in Jin.

‘Did he die in Endless Land?’ She shook her head. ‘No, no way, he was so in charge and calm, no one can kill him.’

“Lady, the clan master requests your presence.” A maid standing faraway bowed and said.

“What happened?” Lu Yinyin asked.

“I heard his older cousin is back so nearly the entire clan is greeting him.” 

‘Ah, First Uncle is back, no wonder why Father wants me to come.’ She thought.

First Uncle Lu Fengxian was a brilliant big shot, just as strong as her father. He also had a frightening position - the tenth lord of Senluo.

Yinyin entered the main chamber and saw many reclusive seniors there. Everyone was laughing and chatting. She seemed to be late.

There were a few unfamiliar faces - proud geniuses or heretical lords with frightening auras, seemingly shrouded by a great sun.

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