Chapter 767: Dual Cultivation Art

The wide bed kept on creaking. The gilded curtain fluttered continuously as well.

Her supple and elastic buttocks pressed downward, quite a beautiful sight to behold. Meanwhile, Feiyun’s lower-part felt something warm and narrow. 

He felt a slight obstruction but easily pierced through it. He heard her moan quietly once, resulting from both pain and pleasure.

Her long legs slowly moved up then down and eventually, the speed became faster and faster - nine shallow and one deep, to the left three times then right three times…

Feiyun removed the sweet dudou on his face and opened his eyes to see a sexy woman with soul-catching eyes and long eyelashes. Her long, black hair was a mess now. Her red lips continued issuing moans.

She rubbed his chest while moving her waist nonstop before giving him a kiss and asked: “Are you disappointed?”

“How can anyone be disappointed to have a beauty like you, Miss Manmiao.” He grabbed behind her neck and smiled.

This woman moving up and down on Feiyun was Yuji Lanlan’s senior sister!

Manmiao was nearly as pretty as Lanlan but in terms of sexiness and from a sexual perspective, many men would pick her over Lanlan.

She smiled and twirled her finger on his chest: “I thought you would have guessed that it’s my junior sister.”

“I want both!” Feiyun suddenly sprung up and got on top of her, becoming wilder than before!

The woman beneath struggled for breath; her teeth chattering and fingers curling. It didn’t take long before she started having a spasm and drenched the bed.

Manmiao became afraid. She came here after witnessing the fight between Feiyun and the venerables. He showed a powerful physique on top of amazing talents. He might not be a historical genius but shouldn’t be inferior to any of them.

Thus, she wanted to dual cultivate with him, passing this art to him tonight. She would gain a similar talent to him and he would also benefit greatly from this.

Alas, the start of the encounter left her immersed in pleasure to the point of squirting. She completely forgot about cultivation.

This was a terrible development since she lost her virginity tonight. Being obsessed with sex instead of cultivation would ruin her. If this continued, she would become his slave and no longer be able to cultivate.

This was the number one taboo of disciples from Yin Yang Cultivation. Many female disciples couldn’t resist the temptation of the flesh and became slaves.

Manmiao has seen this too many times but didn’t expect herself to potentially become one of them.

Feiyun didn’t relent and moved at a rapid pace, causing her to struggle for breath and beg: “Yi… Yi Zhenfeng… stop, stop a bit, aa-aaa…”

He didn’t stop. A golden glow appeared around him along with a ruminating flash in his eyes. He went even harder.

“Please… stop just for a bit, aaa-, I… beg…” She started begging with tears in her eyes. Her body twitched for the second time and another flood came out.

He knew that she came here with a goal in mind. Otherwise, a pseudo Enlightened Being like her wouldn’t just sleep with any man, especially since it was her first time.

Of course, he couldn’t let her down either, forcing her to feel uncontrollable pleasure. Her eyes were all white but she still maintained a sliver of consciousness and continued to pitifully beg for mercy.

It wasn’t until she went all soft before Feiyun slowed down and caressed her cheek while speaking softly: “Answer three things and I might spare you.”

“A-ask! Ugh…” Manmiao’s waist trembled incessantly; her white face turned red. She was sweaty from top to bottom like a fish in a pond.

“Who is Yuji Lanlan?” Feiyun asked.

“She’s… the king of Rakshasa.” Manmiao grimaced and eventually answered.

“And you?” Feiyun nodded happily.

“The sect master of Yin Yang Cultivation.” Manmiao was still panting but her sanity had returned. She stared at Feiyun with a complicated look.

“I see, no wonder why the two of you are so strong. Lanlan is your junior sister? So she trains in the sex arts too?” Feiyun pondered before answering.

“Please don’t be disrespectful, Yin Yang dual cultivation is a holy merit law of the daoist doctrine, purer than anything else. Ours refers to a pair in harmony to reach the grand dao, not the wretched draining art from one affinity to another.” She glared at him.

“I meant no disrespect.” He said.

“So you harbor thoughts about her? Forget about it. Though she has cultivated for less than a century, the help of the dynasty allowed her to become an Enlightened Being, far beyond your reach. She’s also proud and arrogant on top of being at the historical level. Very few men can earn her respect, that’s why she still doesn’t have a dao companion yet.” Manmiao said.

“You’re arrogant and proud too but still laying beneath me right now, no?” Feiyun grabbed her waist and smiled.

“It’s because my talents aren’t as high as hers so I need a dao companion. Your talents and cultivation are about the same as mine and I’m in a hurry, that’s why I picked you, lucky pervert.” She glared again.

“About the same?” Feiyun chuckled. Their cultivation was even indeed; he might be a bit weaker too. However, there’s no way she was on the same level as him in terms of talent. He was at the peak of the historical level right now.

“You should be a peak heaven-defying genius, one step away from being a historical genius. Your Earth Tribulation probably brought eight waves of lava, right? Same for me. However, your physical constitution is unreal so you aren’t weaker than any historical geniuses.” She said.

Feiyun only chuckled and touched her nose: “You’re in a hurry to find a dao companion? Why?” 

“Because the end of my lifespan is coming.” She revealed.

“Ridiculous, you are not even five hundred years of age, it’s so far from now.” Feiyun disagreed.

“Are you aware of the phenomenon where longevity is reduced for solitary yin and yang?” She shook her head.

He nodded.

“Dual cultivation focuses on harmony between the yin and yang to prolong lifespan and increase cultivation. Normally, our disciples live longer than ordinary cultivators, that is under the circumstances of dual cultivation.” She elaborated.

“And you haven’t found a suitable dao companion so there is too much yin and not enough yang. This reduces your lifespan.” Feiyun mused.

“Yes, so that’s why you got lucky.” She looked as enchanting as can be after relaxing. She leaned on his chest, giving him a soft and pleasant sensation.

“So this dual cultivation of yours is beneficial for men too, how come I haven’t gotten anything?” Feiyun stroked his chin and said.

‘You already took everything and you have the audacity to say this?’ She thought in her mind, infuriated.

“I still haven’t taught you the arts since you were too occupied in torturing me, nearly making me fall into lust.” She enjoyed touching his chest with her fingers.

“Fine, since you have been so obedient, I’ll let you have what you want.” Feiyun touched her chin.

A light entered his head and turned into an unfolding scripture. The content was sexual yet holy and righteous.

“Dual cultivation; the harmony of yin and yang. Reach towards the dao; desires are mere secondary…”

This scripture was the apex of dual cultivation. Only the sect masters of Yin Yang Cultivation were lucky enough to learn it.

Feiyun believed that this came from the second chapter of one of the three great scriptures in Jin - the Dao Scripture.

This was obviously good stuff and he got a beauty on top of everything. Might as well try it.

His comprehension was something else and quickly learned the essence of this art. Plus, he wasn’t the one leading either. Manmiao was a master after researching for several hundred years. He just needed to follow her lead.

The two of them quickly joined together and performed numerous positions…

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