Chapter 766: Late Night Game

Did Feiyun really forget about Lu Liwei? Not necessarily.

At the very least, he knew that she had a bracelet with Nangong Hongyan’s blood in it. This was his actual goal for coming to Mount Potala. The heretical conference was secondary to this.

All in all, the unification of the heretical faction didn’t matter to him, more of a side objective since he would be there anyway.

“Five more days till the conference so we’ll set off tomorrow to Mount Potala. I must see Scholar Heaven Calculating before the conference.” Feiyun had a dignified appearance with a dazzling glow just like the statue of a god. This was from cultivating Golden Silkworm.

Bi Ningshuai gave back the badge and said: “It’s not hard to get in Mount Potala with this badge, I’ll go with you tomorrow.”

“Perfect.” Feiyun smiled. 


The cold chills at night blew away specks of dust and sand, issuing strange noises in the air.

The old town had nothing but rubbles now. Only the pavilion made out of jade in the center remained perfectly intact, still golden with flowers and phoenix decorations. It looked like the fortress of a wealthy man after the apocalypse.

The other heretical lords have left to stay at the nearby town. Thus, the once-lively town became deserted and peaceful.

One lamp was still lit late at night; its light pushed outward like water ripples or a lover gently caressing the air.

Feiyun had ordered two rooms at the pavilion but everyone had left including the owner and workers. Thus, everyone had their own room.

He had Liu Ruixin wash his face and feet before meditating on a bed made out of red sandalwood. He closed the gilded curtain and began researching the second diagram once more.

It had a total of 18,000 transformations and Feiyun had only learned 400, not even one-tenth.

The seven-inch Buddha floated above the bed while exuding a blinding radiance. The image of a young silkworm kept on changing - lifting its head, laying down, wiggling around…

Feiyun activated his phoenix gaze. The ocular bone became bright and shot out auspicious flames in order to hasten his enlightenment.

However, tonight was destined to not be peaceful. His wish of learning the scripture got interrupted.

“Whoosh.” Feiyun’s formations around the room have been touched.

Although the opponent was quite skilled in this regard on top of possessing a powerful cultivation at the same level as Feiyun, they still caused enough ripples for him to notice.

He opened his eyes and put away the scripture. A cold glint flashed in his eyes as he spoke: “Who is it?”

A sweet and elegant breeze answered him, akin to a night orchid blooming in the room.

Feiyun slightly smirked and relaxed before answering: “Miss, don’t go into the wrong room at night. This is a very dangerous matter.”

The person didn’t respond.

“Click, click.” Soft footsteps could be heard outside the curtain, following a natural order with great profundity and capable of causing a mental harmonization.

He saw a slender figure walking closer. It didn’t take long before she was next to the bed.

“Guess who I am.” She let out graceful laughter.

“Not easy at all.” Feiyun didn’t use his phoenix gaze since that would be cheating and uninteresting, not very fair to her.

Her smile became brighter. She removed the mist around her and her scent became more scintillating. Her voluptuous figure was now pushing against the curtain, painting out some sexy curves as she said: “How about now?”

The clearest parts sticking out were obviously her ample breasts. People couldn’t help wanting to indulge in their softness.

“Still not enough.” Feiyun shook his head.

“Try touching them then.”

Feiyun paused for a moment before answering: “That’s a good idea but I don’t like being limited to only using my hands, not very fun, no different from a perverted hoodlum on the street. It’s not the proper way to treat a lady like you either.”

“Sounds reasonable. Then what should we do to match my status?” The woman nodded with her long and skinny neck.

“How about this, I’ll close my eyes and you’ll undress and touch me however you please. I’ll try to figure out who you are, judging by your method.” Feiyun said.

“Haha.” The woman let out sultry yet non-lascivious laughter.

“You really won’t open your eyes?” She tried to play coy.

“Absolutely.” Feiyun lay back down, resting his heads on his hands then closed his eyes. 

He heard the curtain opening then soft noises - she had climbed on the bed. He could feel her soft figure as she playfully touched his cheeks.

A pair of long and supple legs were touching his own - quite a stimulating sensation.

She slowly untied his belt and loosened his outer robe. It didn’t take long before he only had his inner shirt on.

“Very skillful.” Feiyun sighed.

“Haha, this is my first time undressing a man. I suppose I’m talented.” She blew softly by his ears, enough to make people go numb.

“Really now?” He smiled.

“You can’t accuse a woman of being slutty just because she can take clothes off well. In fact, women’s clothing is ten times harder to take off than men’s. Women have no problem taking their clothes off, so isn’t it normal for us to be able to take men’s clothes off fast too?”

“You’re right.” Feiyun conceded.

She was indeed talented in this regard. He was stripped naked in no time at all, revealing his rather perfect and masculine figure.

Her soft hands traced his chest while her firm and upright breasts rubbed against his stomach. She kissed his chest softly yet loud enough to make seductive sounds.

“Do you know who I am now?” Her breathing became heavy.

“Almost, just a little bit more.” 

She glanced at him like a pouting lover, blinking with her long eyelashes. She continued to kiss him, from his chest down to his stomach, leaving behind a shiny and enticing liquid.

Suddenly, Feiyun felt something cool grabbing his hard and tough lower-part. It grew more thanks to the help of her soft hands. She issued a surprise clamor before gently stroking it.

Her hands were indeed magical. A comfortable and stimulating sensation coursed through him from top to bottom. He couldn’t help letting out a moan.

This was only the beginning.

“Do you know now?” She held his thick and solid member with both hands while gently moving her fingers.

“Still not enough, more.”

“Men are just too greedy.” She let out a warm puff from her sexy lips before kissing the tip of the fiery rod. Her lips then swallowed half of it - wet, soft, and even a bit tight. Her smooth tongue iniside stirred around, licking up and down.

She has never experienced this before as she held the base while moving her pink mouth up and down.

Her delicate nose was having a hard time getting air; her long hair draped on his waist and legs.

Feiyun gently caressed her head and played with her hair with a satisfied smile.

After a while, she finally looked up and gasped for breath before spitting out something.

She continued to grind against him as her breasts nearly burst out of the dudou. There was a clear liquid streaming down the corner of her mouth.

“How about now?” She asked.

“I would be a fool to make a guess right now. Keep going and I’m sure I can make the right guess and others won’t consider me a fool.” Feiyun chuckled.

“You’re really too greedy.” She still acquiesced and took off her peach blossom dudou, gently placing it on his face.

She fully revealed her bewitching figure with spirit energy coursing on the surface, just like a fairy sculpture made from jade.

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