Chapter 765: Sisters

Yuji Manmiao wore a sexy dudou with peach blossom embroidery. She was nearly as pretty as Yuji Lanlan - possessing an incredible figure, voluptuous breasts, slender where needed to be.

“Junior Sister, his body is tougher than a metal god from the Yang World. I find myself more and more interested in him, haha!” She laughed and said.

“I’m afraid you can’t handle it.” Yuji Lanlan slightly raised her brows before smiling softly.

“It’s better that I can’t handle it rather than him.” Manmiao smiled while bashfully covering her mouth. Her shy act showed that her bewitching abilities were better than Lanlan.

Lanlan had a pure yet flirtatious style while Manmiao could take someone’s soul away.

The Love Thief’s cultivation was impressing everyone, going against more than ten venerables while using the pot.

He turned the world into a devilish cauldron of blood. Six venerables have been seriously wounded, unable to fight any longer.

Meanwhile, Bi Ningshuai took out a second Dominating Armament - Ice Severer.

This used to be the defining artifact of the Beiming. Who knows how he got his hand on it?

It poured down numerous strands of cold energy to protect the pavilion, akin to adding a layer of glacier.

“Boom!” Feiyun activated his Swift Samsara and moved like a shadowless phantom while attacking with the pot.

It smashed into two venerables like a bloody mountain, blowing them hundreds of miles away - their fate remained unknown.

The entire town has been turned into ruins outside of the pavilion. Not one piece of brick was left intact.

He withdrew the pot’s power after beating the final venerable. He looked battered and bloodied despite showing off his prowess. Nonetheless, it only took one sweep of golden energy to recover back to eighty percent or ninety percent.

The little princess on her chair stared cautiously at Feiyun while clenching her seven-colored mirror: “Don’t, don’t come over here.”

Feiyun went over and grabbed her before walking back towards the pavilion. He smiled and said: “Venerables of the Yang World, go back and tell your king that this princess is too rude, I will help him educate her for a bit, and feel free to come to Mount Potala and find me if he doesn’t trust me.”

The heretical lords and wounded venerables were cursing inside. Trust you? Hell no.

Letting a pervert educate the princess? Who knows what she’ll grow up to be like?

The venerables left despite their injuries. Feiyun didn’t want to kill them since the Yang King’s cultivation was unfathomable.

Feiyun was far from being his match, at least right now. The feud would be irreconcilable if Feiyun were to kill these men right now.

“Give my mirror back to me, jerk!” The princess grabbed Feiyun’s hand and opened her cherry lips, wanting to bite his finger.

However, she didn’t manage to hurt him at all. Rather, one of her teeth fell down to the ground.

Ningshuai came over and picked up the ivory tooth and laughed: “Keke! You need to brush more.”

“That one was loose already and needed to fall off anyway.” She retorted.

“This is definitely a treasure that can be auctioned off for a high price.” Ningshuai carefully observed the tooth held by two fingers as if it was a millennium pearl. He stroked his chin while murmuring: “Not bad, not bad.”

“You are infuriating! Give me back my tooth!” The princess ran over and wanted to take her tooth back.

“No way, don’t even think about it.”

Yuji Lanlan shook her head but didn’t comment. The girl was young yet had a murderous heart. It was better for her to suffer some setbacks.

She eventually brought the princess with her. After all, it seemed inappropriate for a little girl to stay with two men.

The others from Yin Yang Cultivation also left, leaving behind only Feiyun, Bi Ningshuai, and the five women. The latter stood in the corner and didn’t say anything.

Feiyun added a barrier to separate this pavilion from the outside world. A golden barrier surrounded the walls and windows.

Bi Ningshuai became alarmed and sat upright. He cautiously said: “Brother Yi, I’m not handsome nor am I wealthy, don’t do anything now.”

“I want to meet Scholar Heaven Calculating.” Feiyun got straight to the point.

“I… don’t know who that is.” Ningshuai grimaced and felt the urge to run. However, he saw something that stopped him. His face changed from a look of fear to all-out laughter, causing him to hold his stomach.

Feiyun’s face was changing; same with his aura. His original form returned - long, swordlike brows, aquiline nose, and amber-color eyes.

Bi Ningshuai smacked the table and laughed: “Damn, and here I thought there was another badass. So it’s you, not bad at all, not bad at all, you got out of Bronze Cauldron.”

The women finally saw Feiyun’s real appearance with the exception of Bai Ruxue. They stared carefully, especially at his eyes. Its temptation swooned half of the women.

“This… this guy is this handsome…” Liu Ruixin touched her skirt bashfully; her cheeks turning red.

Yi Siwan felt complicated as well. She found herself not understanding her “uncle” more and more. There was a sense of loss but she didn’t know why.

Mu Xirou was also shaken but hid it better than Liu Ruixin.

Huo Yanyan contemplated while touching her lips - so this is the greatest genius in Jin, Divine King Feng Feiyun? In other words, the scripture is on him right now.

Feiyun naturally couldn’t see their expression beneath their veil. Of course, he didn’t give a damn either.

Bi Ningshuai asked how he ran out and why he chose this new persona. Feiyun only smiled and put on a serious expression: “I have important business with the scholar. I know that you can find him.”

“The scholar has been invited by Clan Master Lu in Mount Potala, he’s there.” Bi Ningshuai noticed his expression and stopped messing around.

“When is he returning?” Feiyun asked.

Mount Potala consisted of six ruling clans that have been defeated by Unrestrained Enlightened Being. They were massive, only second to the four great clans.

“He can’t return before the conference but we can use someone smart like him there.” Bi Ningshuai smiled and said: “I heard the Lu has two pretty daughters, maybe the clan master will betroth one of them to him, keke, the two of you will be family then.”

“Family? What?” Feiyun chuckled.

“I’ve seen many irresponsible men but none as blatant as you, have you forgotten about Lu Liwei, the beauty from the tenth hall?” Bi Ningshuai sighed while relaxing in his chair.

He was afraid that Feiyun had really forgotten and reminded: “The demoness that you slept with back in Grand Southern.”

“I do recall something like that…” Feiyun rubbed his temple and said.

“I guess you still have a little conscience in you. So Miss Lu Liwei is extremely intelligent and quick-witted on top of being beautiful. Any man would be so lucky to marry her so she had plenty of suitors. Unfortunately, she herself had terrible luck and fell to a beast… ahem! I know that you were affected by your demonic blood and didn’t want to be so brutal… but, the reality is that the pure miss was still defiled by you. She hasn’t smiled ever since returning to Mount Potala and had entered the Specter Cave there to cultivate. It has been three years now, sigh.” Bi Ningshuai went on.

“However, since you do remember her, you better go to that cave and apologize and that you won’t do it again… ahem… yeah, don’t do anything stupid again just because she’s pretty, you need to be reserved and gentlemanly this time around.” He added, looking like a wise old man teaching a junior.

“I’m not talking about that, I just remember her older sister, Lu Renren. We met back in Endless Land and I saved her life, she nearly repaid me with her body and gave me a badge of the Lu, telling me to go there and see her.” Feiyun took out a badge.

Ningshuai hastily grabbed it and confirmed its authenticity. He then closed his eyes before screaming at the sky: “You slept with the little sister first then the older sister?! Is there no justice in this world, you beast?!”

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