Chapter 764: Fighting The Venerables From The Yang World

Feiyun sat on the pavilion with his sleeves slightly fluttering from the light breezes, looking as gallant as ever as he took a sip of wine from the bronze cup.

Swallowing noises came from his throat; his face was drowned in enjoyment.

Ningshuai glanced at him and wasn’t afraid either: “Brother Yi, why are you still here?”

Feiyun put the cup down and gestured for Ruixin to pour him another. He then answered: “Miss Yuji still hasn't left and I’m no coward.”

Yuji Lanlan was indeed still here and didn’t leave with the heretical lords. No one could see her face due to a layer of pink mist. However, she was clearly laughing now - a sound as beautiful as the fireworks during summer.

“Yin Yang Worlds are two monstrous powers that have been around for who knows how many years. There are creatures there that have lived for more than ten thousand years. Each world is just as strong as Sacred Spirit but there are constraints there. The three stranges and three evils can’t leave freely under the rule of the Yang King and the Yin Mother. That’s why they aren’t as famous as Sacred Spirit. Unfortunately, that’s also the reason why I can’t be as heroic as Young Noble Yi and help you, Brother Bi. Going against their little princess is the same as involving my sect. Thus, the best I can do is to cheer the two of you on from this balcony.” She said.

“Miss Yuji, you’re far more likable than those lords, no need to be ashamed. I can take responsibility for the troubles I’ve caused.” Bi Ningshuai stood up and patted his chest, trying to act cool.

“I have no clan or sect to drag down the mud so I can help you.” Feiyun had a graceful smile on his face.

Their conversation was interrupted by a woman landing on the balcony - a sexy woman from Rakshasa.

She was Yuji Manmiao, Lanlan’s senior sister. She asked Lanlan to leave instead of lingering with these two and implicating their sect in the process.

Alas, Lanlan refused and said that she was only here to drink, not to offend the Yang World. There was nothing she could do if the Yang World were to take offense at this.

Her fierceness earned her a favorable opinion from the two guys.

There were plenty of beauties in this world. One could find a handful with a single reach. However, a beauty with principles? That’s as rare as can be and was worthy of respect.

“Bi Ningshuai, Yi Zhenfeng, you bastards. Hand over the pot or I’ll massacre this entire town.” The fierce voice of the little princess came from below.

The heretical lords wiped away their cold sweat, thinking that this little princess was too brutal. She would definitely be a monster after growing up.

“Long time no see, lil’ sis, still remember me?” Bi Ningshuai opened a nearby window and peeked out with a smirk.

“Red, kill him!” The princess uttered coldly.

The five-meter-tall man in crimson armor roared loudly enough to make dust scatter. He leaped forward like a cannonball before reaching for Bi Ningshuai’s head.

“Shit!” Ningshuai jumped back from the window and a white figure darted past him from behind.

Feiyun had come out and unleashed a punch strong enough to repel the armored man. On the other hand, he was also pushed back into the air before landing on the roof of the pavilion.

The man staggered backward on the street, causing the buildings on the sides to quake violently. He made it to the end of the street before managing to stabilize his huge frame.

Astonishment appeared in his large eyes. He looked at his fist then at Feng Feiyun and said: “Little pervert, you’re quite strong. Again then.”

He stomped on the ground to gather momentum before leaping into the air for the second time, completely surrounded by thick runes and gales. These affinities gathered around him in the shape of a bronze bell.

“Boom!” Feiyun leaped forward as well for a direct attack. 

The two fists slammed thunderously like two metal pieces hitting each other. The two figures were blown back into the clouds.

They then fought in the air all the way to the Southern Ocean, causing large tides to form. They then returned to the town and destroyed half of it in the process.

Finally, they leaped into the air once more and unleashed dragon force energy.

Feiyun didn’t expect this man to be strong enough to contend against his physical prowess. Both of them were strong enough to unleash true dragon force power. These draconic images and roars shocked the nine firmaments.

Little did he know that the man was even more astounded. He was a ‘metal god’ type of the Void Strange, made from five-element metal naturally formed in the yang world. This metal eventually gained sentience then a body. He also cultivated for more than seven thousand years, far older than Enlightened Beings.

His physical power was enough to kill a Giant with a single punch yet this youth seemed to be even stronger than him.

His hands started to crack with extreme pain. He gritted his teeth and wouldn’t believe that he was inferior to a human in terms of physical constitution.

“Boom!” Feiyun activated his seven phoenix bones so they became resplendent.

His vertical kick managed to hit the man’s shoulder and pressed him to the ground. He then kicked again and sent the guy flying.

He smashed into the ground, resulting in a huge pit.

“Cough! Not bad…” He coughed out golden blood and was helped up by two other venerables from the Yang World.

Feiyun’s hands were aching as well but he tried to act cool while standing on top of the pavilion. He looked down and said: “Want the pot back? Tell the Yang King to come himself.”

“I am the daughter of the Yang King and can take it back for him.” The princess’ voice sounded cute because of one missing tooth causing air to fly through.

“I don’t know if you’re really his daughter? What if you’re a fake?” Feiyun said.

Bi Ningshuai was laying on the window frame, seemingly enjoying himself: “That’s right, it’s not that I don’t want to give it back, I just don’t want to give it to the wrong person.” 

“I’m really the princess of the Yang World, the daughter of the king, why won’t you believe me…” The princess started turning red and became impatient.

“Little girl, your little trickery can’t fool your grandpa, haha! I can tell everyone that I’m the Yang King’s adopted son but who would actually believe me?” Bi Ningshuai laughed loudly, clearly looking for a fight.

“Two wretched, infuriating bastards, I will kill you!” The little princess gritted her teeth and stomped the ground with her snow-white foot before giving the order: “Go together, beat them up then off with their head.”

Her servants with the exception of the wounded armored man all rushed forward. Each of them was just as strong as the latter.

The pressure felt akin to ten mountains pushing down, causing everyone to suffocate. The five-floor pavilion was as feeble as paper before their might.

The spectators were naturally scared out of their mind. A maelstrom of power was gathering by these experts from the Yang World.

“I’m lending you the pot again.” Bi Ningshuai viewed Feiyun as a stronger backer and tossed the pot out again.

Feiyun accepted and channeled his energy into the pot. A nefarious expanse in the form of bloody clouds gathered.

This Dominating Armament was activated and engulfed an area of 800 miles.

The heretics started running and didn’t feel safe before they were at least one thousand miles away.

“Boom!” The pot made the sky turn red just like a churning ocean of blood.

A crimson wave rushed out and cut one of the abnormalities with two metallic tails. The bloodied victim fell to the ground in his own pool of blood, no longer able to fight. His powerful cultivation saved him from being dismembered just now.

“Rumble!” The pot’s power destroyed the buildings nearby. Even the walls and bricks were reduced to powder.

This was the power of a Dominating Armament. It left gigantic cracks on the ground, some were large enough to extend all the way to the Southern Ocean. Water started pouring in.

“He’s this strong?” The wife of Myriad Laws Sect Master couldn’t believe it. She lifted a corner of her white veil to reveal her fair skin, looking outside in astonishment.

Yuji Lanlan’s eyes were rippling with autumn waves. She stood by the red lattice near the window, seemingly quite calm like a night orchid: “The pot is one thing but fighting a dozen venerables alone? Not even a pseudo Enlightened Being can do this. His physique might be stronger than most historical geniuses.”

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