Chapter 763: Princess Of Yang

The heretical conference drew near so the town next to Mount Potala became filled with people and chaos.

Fights and murders happened on a minute basis. This was unavoidable in a gathering of numerous heretics.

The bright lights dazzled while everyone drank in the pavilion. Yuji Lanlan’s topic was only an interlude.

The three realm lords quickly got to the point. An ancestor from Lifeless Realm stood up and poured Feiyun a cup.

A smile appeared on his wrinkly face as he said: “This heretical conference is nothing more than an attempt for Senluo to unite the heretical factions, to appoint a new lord. This role won’t belong to anyone but the heretical king.”

Everyone became serious and stared at Feng Feiyun and Bi Ningshuai, whether purposely or not.

Feiyun had prepared for this before coming, aware of these lords’ intentions. He had shown powerful cultivation after killing Violetsea King and became a candidate for recruitment.

The three realms were old and powerful but Senluo Temple was a rising sun. The three combined weren’t enough so powerful allies were essential.

Yuji Lanlan and Yi Zhenfeng were two potential targets. However, they didn’t expect her to come to see the young heretical lord. They couldn’t quite ask her to join now.

“The heretical king might not be the new lord. I heard there is a powerful cultivator in Mount Potala, there’s no way that this person will let Senluo do whatever it wants.” Feiyun took a sip before putting down the cup.

“You’re talking about Unrestrained Enlightened Being. Yes, a great character indeed. It’s just that this figure hasn’t shown up in Jin for nearly a millennium now. People say that this figure might be dead or had left Jin already.” An ancestor from Nether Realm said.

Feiyun didn’t know much about Mount Potala. However, Heaven Calculating Scholar had said that the previous Divine King had deep ties with this figure. This meant that this figure should still be alive.

Feiyun had also gone over this with Long Luofu and believed that this figure might be related to the royal clan, perhaps a senior there. In fact, Feiyun even thought that it was their best emperor in history - Empress Long Jiangling. Luofu refuted this so he stopped thinking about it. [1]

“Is Unrestrained Enlightened Being a man or a woman?” He asked.

“People at this level are hidden dragons. We only know that this great figure created Mount Potala and only needed one thousand years to make it a top heretical power.” 

“The enlightened being definitely shocked Jin one thousand years ago, subduing the six biggest clans outside of the four great ones. No one dared to disobey back then. Now, these six clans are even stronger than the past but still don’t dare to rebel.”

“The prestige of this figure remained, still unquestionable as ever.”

“I don’t think anyone knows whether the enlightened being is a man or a woman. We weren’t even born yet when the enlightened being dominated, haha.” 

These lords couldn’t help but praise.

“If Unrestrained Enlightened Being is still in Mount Potala, that should be enough to contest against the heretical king.” Dark Realm Lord concluded.

“It’s because you haven’t seen the heretical king, Brother Ji. I saw him back in Bronze Cauldron, his cultivation has reached a height beyond our speculation. Even the Spirit Palace Lord and Divine Witchcraft Goddess treated him as an equal. Unrestrained Enlightened Being might not be as strong.” Lifeless Realm Lord shook his head.

“The heretical king was already the number one expert in Jin 1,800 years ago.” 

Some here considered the heretical king as their enemy but they were still respectful of his cultivational achievements.

“Listen up, hand over the Blood-being Exalted Pot or all of you will die.” A rather innocent and melodious voice echoed in a penetrating manner.

‘All of you will die’, in particular, instilled chills deep into the bones.

The heretics nearby gathered on the dark street and saw a nine-year-old girl standing on a large bronze chair placed right outside the entrance of the pavilion. Three layers of rugs were placed on top of the chair, quite expensive and extravagant.

The girl’s skin was white and dazzling; she wore a light-yellow dress. Her face had the shape of a duck’s egg.

This was the appearance of a sweet loli with one tooth missing. The threat seemed out of place coming from her. [2]

“Little lady, do you know the people sitting up there? Yi Zhenfeng who had killed Violetsea King and the three realm lords. You better stop or they’ll boil and eat you.” A half-step heretic smiled and said.

“Eat me? Why would they do that?” She looked so cute while standing on the chair barefooted. She had a seven-colored spirit mirror; her eyes round with astonishment.

“Because you’re white and soft, very tasty.” The half-step heretic took out a severed arm and took a bite.

He then leaped forward towards the lady with his bloody mouth open. He’s the one who wanted to eat!

She flipped her mirror over and it shot out a seven-colored beam, directly pushing this heretic down. The result was a pit with blood splashing outward.

The girl stroked her chin and pouted: “I’m too cute to be eaten…”

“You dare to kill my junior brother, little brat? I’m gonna fry you!” A black-cloaked man with a red spear leaped forward.

Two beast souls appeared behind him as he landed, leaving two deep footprints on the street.

This was a Giant with a spear resembling a blood dragon. It issued roars, viewing the girl as a serious enemy.

“Boom!” Another combatant towering over five meters tall and wearing a crimson armor appeared with the ferocity of a tiger. He unleashed a crimson palm strike and instantly killed the black-cloaked heretic.

He then stomped down and crushed the guy to a pulp before beating his chest plate while shouting: “You courted death for disrespecting the princess!”

“Red, play nice, don’t shout at night or you’ll wake people up.” The little girl said.

The man instantly kneeled on the ground, breaking the bricks below: “Please forgive me, Princess.”

“Rise.” The girl said cutely.

The heretics in the vicinity became frightened. Princess? Who the hell was she? A man capable of crushing Giant still kneel before her?

How unbelievable!

They became even more startled in the next second. More than ten servants appeared from the shadow and kneeled around her.

These servants looked quite weird. One had three eyes with two metallic tails. Another looked like a monkey crawling on the ground.

All were extremely strong, similar to the tall combatant earlier.

Even a few heretical ancestors became alarmed. They tried to guess who this powerful group was.

The ones in the jade pavilion became silent as well. All had a serious expression while staring at Bi Ningshuai.

Ningshuai had an unnatural grimace; his black face became even blacker: “That’s the daughter of the Yang King, the little princess of that world.”

The ones in the room couldn’t believe it - the daughter of the Yang King? This might be a messy situation.

Of course, they knew about the background of his weapon. However, they thought that he was the Yang King’s successor or a descendant of that branch. That’s why they tried to recruit him.

Now, it looked like he did something illegal to obtain it. Who would dare to stand up for him now?

“I forgot about an important matter tonight, I must take my leave early.” Dark Realm Lord and his men left the room.

“I heard there is an auction in town tonight with a 200-year-old treasure I’m interested in, I can’t miss this chance.” Lifeless Realm Lord and his men also left in a hurry.

“Brother Yi, Sect Master Yuji, Brother Bi, we have to go prepare for the conference, I’m afraid.” The ones from Nether Realm also got up and left.

They came up with various reasons to leave in a decisive manner, clearly not wanting to get involved in this mess.


1. This is why I had to use ‘figure’ instead of he/she. The sex is unknown.

2. Loli is the direct translation of the raw text, not my localization

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