Chapter 762: Yuji Lanlan

The atmosphere became slightly strange and quiet. Feiyun flicked his paper fan with amusement in his eyes, becoming more interested in Yuji Lanlan.

She looked bashful, slightly trying to avoid his gaze. This made her look quite cute.

‘What a pervert, he keeps staring at her.’ Liu Ruixin touched Ye Siwan’s finger and sent a telepathic message to express her unhappiness.

The stare lasted for a while before Feiyun laughed and said: “Lanlan surely isn’t only a top ten expert in Rakshasa. I’m sure she is the number one beauty in the dynasty too.”

“Haha, I can confirm this, Miss Yuji is definitely number one.” An ancestor from Lifeless Realm wore a golden robe. He spoke without looking at Yuji Lanlan, seemingly afraid.

“You’re too kind, Mister Yue.” Lanlan’s pink mist slightly dissipated, revealing her elegant and impeccable facial features.

Meanwhile, Bi Ningshuai had put away Mo Taigong’s corpse, wanting to sell it for a high price at the heretical conference. He also went up the floor and became astounded after seeing Yuji Lanlan. Blood gushed out of his nose as a result.

The heretical lords here knew that Bi Ningshuai wasn’t simple since he took out a Dominating Armament. Some got up and told him to come in.

Ningshuai wasn’t shy at all and chose to sit close to Yuji Lanlan while still having a nosebleed.

“I heard Rakshasa is located to the east of Jin. Conflicts are unavoidable for years due to sharing a border but your army isn’t weaker than the divine army at all, a few wins and losses after several campaigns.” Ningshuai acted like a scholar, seemingly having a good grasp of Rakshasa.

Yuji Lanlan’s figure remained shrouded in mist. She smiled and said: “The divine army of Jin is still a bit stronger.”

“The ruler of Rakshasa right now is a woman with incredible talents. She reigns with an iron fist despite her young age, sweeping through the enemies while consolidating the army. I believe she’s at a frontier fortress right now, wanting to personally take charge of an invasion to take back three thousand cities.” He said.

Lanlan started contemplating and guessing his identity. Why did he know so much about Rakshasa down to the military plans? Did he purposely say this to provoke me? He looks more like a perverted idiot than an intelligent person.

Feiyun has been secretly using his heavenly gaze to watch the changes in her eyes while drinking with the heretical lords.

The latter naturally heard Bi Ningshuai as well. Everyone has been paying attention to the chaos in Jin, not expecting another dynasty to be mobilizing soon. This wasn’t good news for the cultivators here.

“In terms of talents and schemes, your new emperor is even more amazing. Only a few years yet she had picked the right officials while removing the opposition. Rakshasa Emperor required decades to do so.” She misdirected the conversation.

“It’s a shame that there is chaos everywhere now. She won’t be able to save her dynasty regardless of her abilities.” Feiyun smiled.

“It’s the momentum of the heaven that is causing this, she’s doing a great job. Anyone else would have failed long ago.” Lanlan said.

“Haha, right. I heard Rakshasa have many capable women, you and your emperor are the prime examples.” Feiyun stared deeply at her before smilingly praised.

“I am a girl despised by others, you can’t put me in the same sentence as the emperor.” Lanlan shyly responded. [1]

“People say that Yin Yang Cultivation is a top sect in Rakshasa. The women there are respected and hold a high status. Once they find a man they like and dual cultivate with him, they’ll marry him and will never have a relationship with another man.” A heretical lord helped her.

“I also heard that the women in your sect prefer not to marry within the sect. They take pride in finding a talented dao companion or marrying into a powerful clan or sect.” Bi Ningshuai became emotional.

“This is actually true. One key principle of a dual cultivation sect is gathering the grand dao in the world for mutual benefits. Desire is secondary to this, so the women of our dao chase after love, not purely physical attraction. Moreover, after finding a talented dao companion, we will gain greater aptitude after dual cultivating together. On the other hand, a weaker dao companion will also lower our talents. As for the powerful clan and sect, yes, marrying into them will also increase our sect’s influence.” She nodded and smiled beautifully.

“I have impeccable talents and a monstrous background, if you don’t have a dao companion yet, you should take me into consideration, Miss Yuji.” Bi Ningshuai hurriedly recommended himself.

“Are you not afraid of being chased by that beauty in pink again?” Her laughter was as pleasant as the sound of a silver bell.

Many saw him being chased by Xie Honglian. An expert like Lanlan naturally took note.

“So do you have a dao companion yet?” Bi Ningshuai’s expression became bitter, on the verge of tears. He still didn’t give up.

“Does it matter?” She said.

“If you already have one, I’ll be very sad.” Ningshuai put on a pitiful look.

“My purpose in coming to Jin is to find a historical genius as my dao companion.” She revealed.

Everyone nodded in agreement. Lanlan had talked about the magical property of dual cultivation. If she were to cultivate with one, she would reach a similar level of talents.

The daoists talked about the harmonization of the yin and yang. Yang takes the lead and yin follows. That’s why the women from her sect were very serious about picking a dao companion, unlike the men. 

The women actually looked down on those who choose to marry within their sect instead of finding the strongest possible companion. That’s an indulgence and being irresponsible. They wouldn’t be able to reach the highest level possible.

Jin suddenly had nearly twenty historical geniuses in this generation so as the sect master of Yin Yang, she naturally wanted to pick a dao companion here. This would give her more choices.

“That’s good to hear, so you still don’t have one yet… Hmm, do you have anyone in mind already?” Bi Ningshuai suddenly felt better.

All the men looked over. Earning Lanlan’s favor was definitely a great honor for three reasons.

First, she was the prettiest in Rakshasa so no need to elaborate on her beauty. She’s definitely a prime target for the male geniuses.

Second, her cultivation was high on top of being the leader of a sect. She possessed both power and authority.

Third and most importantly, women from Yin Yang Cultivation were loyal. The moment she picked a dao companion, she would love them until death.

The mist dissipated enough to show her red lips slightly opening. She looked a little shy but in a natural manner, not faking it one bit. 

“There are two candidates, yes. One is the first of the Upper Historical Genius List, the young heretical lord. Rumor has it that this person is extremely powerful and intelligent with a peerless aura, his talents  are above Li Xiaonan of Sacred Spirit Palace. Dual cultivating with him will give me his talents on top of Senluo’s backing.”

Many people nodded; others lamented secretly.

“What about the second?” Feiyun asked.

“The so-called number one genius of Jin, the demon’s son Feng Feiyun who gathered thirteen rivers of lava during his Earth Tribulation. Moreover, his physical constitution is second to none due to being a mixed-blood. He’s also the Divine King despite his young age, brutal and decisive, willing to become the public’s enemy for the sake of his lover. He also has the court behind him.” Yuji Lanlan revealed.

Feiyun started feeling pretty good; he didn’t know he had so many good points.

“Haha! I’m sure he won’t say no if you go find him.” Bi Ningshuai laughed so hard that he needed to hold his stomach from the pain.

Feiyun’s smile froze. Liu Ruixin was laughing as well but stopped after sensing hostility from him.

“His talents are certainly second to none but unfortunately, he got something he shouldn’t have and is stuck in Bronze Cauldron Mountain, perhaps for the rest of his life.” Dark Realm Lord snorted.

The atmosphere became heavy after Feng Feiyun was brought up. Everyone had a different expression.

“Yes, so really, my true goal is to meet this heaven’s favorite, the heretical young lord.” Lanlan smiled and said.

1. She says this because yin yang dual cultivation is controversial. All girls from a sect like this are considered promiscuous

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