Chapter 76: Great Danger Everywhere, Nowhere To Go

It seemed like the Feng Clan truly wanted to make a move and take care of this expelled disciple.

This unreasonable scene caused others to be disappointed. In order to deal with a junior, they had to deploy five characters of the elder rank. Today, if Feng Feiyun could escape from the encirclement, then he would definitely be renowned in this world and become an excellent hero in the future.

Many people present felt that it was unfair for Feng Feiyun, but in the end, this was a clan affair and others couldn’t interfere. Plus, no one wanted to do such a thankless deed.

Feng Feiyun stood on top of the high wall. Even though he was young, his shadow carried along a resolute initiative to fight for fairness.


The Evil Suppressing Dragon Banner was even stronger than Feng Feiyun’s imagination. The banner was a dozen zhang high and was made from silk strings that were bathed in beast blood. Even the Invincible Buddhist Staff couldn’t easily break through it. Of course, this was because Feng Feiyun’s cultivation was not enough to active the spirit and power of the staff.

Feng Feiyun swung his staff in one hand while he released palm strikes with his other. Inside these palms contained a part of the Infinite Spirit Ring’s power. Each palm released the image of four qilin heads, around eighty thousand jin. This caused one of the elders to take many steps backward.

The Infinite Spirit Ring was also a spirit treasure, but it could only be considered one at the lowest rank. At this moment, Feng Feiyun was only channeling a strand of its power. He essentially didn’t dare to show the entire power of the spirit treasure.

Only when he was desperate would he use all of his power to activate the spirit treasure to kill the five elders. With his current cultivation, at best, he could only unleash one strike. Then, all of his spirit energy would be depleted. Even though it was possible to kill all five elders, he definitely couldn’t block a second move. Most likely, he wouldn’t even be able to stand straight.

Feng Feiyun was hoping for a way out, not a blocked path. This foolish action — naturally, he wouldn’t do it.

With one palm releasing four qilin heads, the majority of God Base cultivators wouldn’t even be able to do this. This was a symbol for pure power, it was able to move the mountains. One palm was enough to render someone into grounded flesh.

With the Invincible Buddhist Staff and the Infinite Spirit Ring, and even with the qi image along with the energy aura of the earth, it still couldn’t make up for the absolute gap in cultivation. Under the siege from the five elders, Feng Feiyun’s battle space became increasingly smaller. There were many wounds on his body caused by the Evil Suppressing Dragon Banner.

Although the wounds weren’t deep, blood was quickly flowing out from them!

The blood in his body was black, like a thick squid ink, giving others a spooky feeling.

“Hmph! Truly the son of an evil demon, even the blood in your body is different from others.”

An elder lifted his arm, like a white dragon crawling out a heart, and clawed Feng Feiyun’s right shoulder, revealing four ferocious wounds — revealing his white shoulder bones.

This move was quite ruthless!

Feng Feiyun unyieldingly suppressed his pain. He was sneering in his heart and didn’t bother to explain anything to them. The Invincible Buddhist Staff in his hand broke through an opening of the banner and murderously went forward to strike the left chest of this elder. It created a bloody hole around the size of a fist.


The elder, who was still from laughing earlier, bellowed and didn’t dare to fight again. He staggered two steps back and maintained a safe distance. Then, he escaped to the side in order to heal his wound.

Feng Feiyun unexpectedly went on the offensive and managed to wound an elder. However, once again, he was struck by the banner and his back had a very deep wound. It stretched from his neck to his waist and almost split him into two halves.

This battle was truly horrifying as blood stained the wall; both red and black blood existed side by side.

With a pair of white wings on Dongfang Jingyue’s back, she floated in the sky and observed the fight below. Her eyes were very calm and silently gazed at Feng Feiyun, who was crazily fighting with an undying battle will. It caused her to be very emotional.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun was very different from before. It was as if he was a completely different person. He didn’t had a shred of the image of a careless playboy. He was more like an invincible heavenly general, surrounded by ten thousand troops.

She acted like the other spectators and didn’t take advantage of this situation against Feng Feiyun. This was a private matter of the Feng Clan. As an outsider, she didn’t care.

She was more curious about the great sage. One of the reasons why Feng Feiyun was chased by the experts of the Feng Clan was because this great sage spoke some nonsense.

To be called a great sage, it would absolutely be a character that was respected. Why would such a character make things difficult for a Feng junior and cause Feng Feiyun to be cornered? What was most important… was that she was also pulled into the vortex.

Either this man was idle with nothing to do, or he absolutely had a devious plan.

“From now on, I am the son of an evil demon. I will not show mercy when killing people!”

Feng Feiyun’s presence pierced the sky. He rushed nine steps forward and directly knocked the head of an elder flying, separating it away from his body.

This staff was merciless and had great power. After the head of this elder flew away, it exploded into particles of flesh and blood.

Only the body below the neck was still standing on the wall. After a “bang”, it shot out a crimson fountain of blood.

The five elders fought together but Feng Feiyun was still not dead, they even lost one with another being wounded. This was truly shocking! Was he actually able to fight against the encirclement? There were many experts in Violet Firmament Ancient City that had a major interest in this fight, including cultivation masters, but they were not very optimistic about Feng Feiyun. At the end of the day, the power of one person was limited. To oppose an entire clan… The power and secret details of Feng Feiyun was far too lacking.

Plus, Feng Feiyun’s power was greatly consumed. Even though it was a great feat in battle, the wise noticed that the majority of spirit energy in his body was depleted and he was only relying on a surge of willpower to fight back.

On top of this, there were wounds all over this body that were trickling with blood. At any moment, his body could give out and he would fall down.

Once he fell, the experts of the Feng Clan would never allow him to stand up again.

The evening sun was setting to the west as the sky was painted red.

A red sun lingered above the far mountains. A lonely smoke in the midst of the green mountains rose, causing others to feel the bleakness of the twilight.

The red sun directly shined onto the wall of the ancient city and illuminated Feng Feiyun’s face with a red shade. This, along with the red killing intent in his gaze, created a frightening killing aura.

It was getting dark and many people frowned. However, the heaviness in Feng Feiyun’s heart was lifted because the night curtain was his only chance to escape.

“Hurry up and become dark. Once the night curtain falls, then hiding inside the middle area of Violet Firmament Ancient City would not be too difficult.”

Feng Feiyun naturally knew that the experts from the Feng Clan who were here were not limited to just the five elders. Even five of them were only a part of this group, the rest were hiding in the shadows. Once he wanted to escape, these people would immediately block his path.

This was a beast trapped in a cage!

Because of this reason, Feng Feiyun didn’t rush to escape, but instead, wanted to wait until it was dark.

It finally became completely dark!


Feng Feiyun suddenly unleashed a final palm strike and the shadow of four qilin heads tremblingly suppressed the area in front of him. At the same time, he suddenly retreated and jumped down from the inner city’s wall and quickly headed straight for the middle city to escape.


The three elders from the Feng Clan easily used the banner to destroy the four Qilins of power and gazed towards Feng Feiyun’s direction of escape. They could only coldly snort:

“Still, this brat is quite smart. He was aware that by running to the outside, there would be a chance of escaping Violet Firmament Ancient City, but that was a dead end. There were four experts in that direction; it was like opening a bag just to wait for him to jump inside.”

“However, even if he escaped towards the middle city, his results would not be any better. The eighth elder is guarding the entrance to the middle city; there is no chance of survival if he goes there.”

The three elders still continued to chase. Even though they knew Feng Feiyun was already a fish inside a basin, catching Feng Feiyun was still a great contribution that they didn’t want to miss.

Feng Feiyun directly crossed through nine big streets and ten small alleys into a house. He took off the blood stained clothing on his body and put on a large gray robe of a servant.

His drooping hair was now covered by a cap. In a short amount of time, he underwent a great change and became like a street candy vendor that walked on the large road.

In order to avoid suspicions, he used a large black cloth to hide the Invincible Buddhist Staff. Then, he left the house and headed towards the middle city.

He was going to the middle city in order to find the Na Lan Monastic Robe and the Buddhist Jade Beads. Time was running out so even if there were many traps everywhere, he still had to rush in.

Under the genuine plea of someone else, and with Monk Jiu Rou reminding him a million times, it was clear to see that this was not a simple matter. If he didn’t find the two buddhist treasures, then there was a chance that there really would be an earth-shattering disaster.

Even though Feng Feiyun changed his appearance, his heart was still heavy. He knew that if he hid in a corner tonight, he could temporarily hold on to his life. However, by searching for the Buddhist courtyard, then it would truly be nine parts death and one part life.

The wall of the middle city was even larger than the inner city. It was made from ten thousand jin boulders that were polished into a smooth fit. Even a sword wouldn’t manage to get inside the cracks.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun was outside the middle city gates. There was a man around the age of fifty who sat there. This man was in the middle of the walking crowd beside the gate. He was very calm and orderly, with an ancient book in his hand. He was meticulously reading and enjoying the taste of life.

The chair under him was around three meters long and situated in the middle of the gate — it was truly a bit inconvenient.

However, the black armor guards standing not-too-far from there didn’t dare to chase him away. His position must have been very great.

Not to mention reading in front of the middle city gates, even if he killed people at the gate, no one would dare to stop him.

The moment Feng Feiyun was one hundred zhang from the gate, he felt an ancient aura sealing his body. It was as if there was a poisonous snake gazing at him in an unavoidable manner.

This strange feeling came from the ground and the air and surrounded him, wanting to touch his body. An expert of this level was too frightening. He truly didn’t allow anyone to escape.

Where was this person?

Feng Feiyun gazed towards the front and the man who was reading in the middle of the gate also lifted his head. The time was quite coincidental, the two people gazed at each other at the same time.

It was him, who is he?

The man blocking the path that Feng Feiyun wanted to go through closed the ancient book in his hand. He smilingly observed Feng Feiyun and continuously nodded his head. It seemed like he had been waiting for a long time!

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